All around the World Book Day…

Our bold leaders set the tone for a fantastic fun Book Day.

Our bold leaders set the tone for a fantastic fun Book Day.

What a day it was! The classrooms thronged with characters sprung from an enormous range of reading materials. Everywhere there were children comparing notes on who they were and where they came from. Talking about books… it’s the whole point.

The after-school poetry and music event zig-zagged through the world from England through Bangladesh to Turkey, Somalia to Columbia and Wales to Georgia, returning only for pretzels from Germany and an English jam tart.

If you’d like to delve deeper into our twin themes of world food and language, take the time to go and examine the wonderful, witty food-related art displays in the hall that were created just for the occasion.

And thank you, everyone who contributed snacks for the international snack sale, which made £196.93.  That’s a Tufnell Park Snack Record.

Before we close the cover, let’s flick once more through the day’s events…

Let’s put the world in “World Book Day”

World Book Day 2016 colour poster for websiteWe know Tufnell Park’s a magical place, right?  But even so, it’s not every day that you meet Pippi Longstocking, Pocahontas, Aladdin and an Oompa Loompa before you even reach the school gates. THAT only happens on World Book Day.

Great characters have been created in every language: let’s see how many our children recreate when they arrive at school on Thursday.

This year, we’re using World Book Day to celebrate the variety of literature, language and culture available to our children through their own school community. There will be a mini-festival after school with children and families reading poems and songs in languages from around the worldplease contribute if you can (contact us in advance, or just turn up ready to read).

Lawrence of Arabia, you are massively welcome here.

Lawrence of Arabia, please come again this year!

The snack stall at the event is also going global in celebration of our community’s multi-national roots (and frankly, ‘cos Tufnell Park LOVES an international feast!). Again, please donate snacks or finger food if you can.  The money raised will be used for a gardening and international cooking project for children and families during the summer term, and you’ll hear more about that on Thursday afternoon, too.

Remember World Book Day: photo gallery

Donations from all that dressing up went to a good cause.

Donations from all that dressing up went to a good cause.

Well done, Tufnell Park! Today we received our certificate of thanks from the Rural Libraries project for the money you raised on World Book Day.

To celebrate, we’ve posted a new gallery of photos from World Book Day and Bring a Parent/Carer to School week, back in March. Click here to have a browse.

And remember there’s a second Bring a Parent/ Carer to School week from 8th-12th June.  Keep an eye out for the class visits timetable in due course (a copy will be posted on this site).

Our World Book Day really is about… world books

Let's share our love of reading with children across the world.

Let’s share our love of reading with children across the world.

Tufnell Park School is reaching across the world on World Book Day, 5th March. While celebrating the books we love, we’ll be raising money for the Rural Libraries Project in Cajamarca, Northern Peru. Our very own Ms Heery will tell us more about her involvement at a special assembly on Thursday morning – where she will, of course, be addressing a hall full of Hermiones, Beast Quest Toms and other well-known characters. The money we raise from voluntary £1 donations for dressing up, and from our after-school cake sale (please donate!), will help pay for a newly-translated book for the children of Cajamarca, dedicated from the children of Tufnell Park.

To find out a little more about the community we’ll be supporting, follow the link below to a trailer for a prize-winning documentary about the region (worth seeing for the stunning landscape alone!):

We’re also celebrating language and literature closer to home, with a parents-and-children poetry reading in many languages.  That’s in the school hall after pick-up: so come along, buy a cake, let your children have a go at talking about their book character at our “Just a minute” character challenge, and listen to some poetry in the amazing range of languages we boast at Tufnell Park.

Go home replete with sugar and the marvel of words.

Cupcake, it's for you.  The perfect end to a perfect afternoon.

Cupcake, it’s for you. The perfect end to a perfect afternoon.

Bring us your books! (Your cakes and snacks, too)

"Your imagination is better than any film!" Ms del Pozo gets passionate about the power of reading.

“Your imagination is better than any film!” Ms del Pozo gets passionate about the power of reading.

Bring a parent / carer to school week” kicked off this morning with an assembly launching BookShare – where every child at the school is invited to bring in a favourite book to talk about and share. A specially-printed review card for each book will allow all readers to share what they thought of the book, too.

This morning, the teachers showed us how it’s done, telling the children about books that mattered to them as they were growing up – and clearly matter still, to judge by their presentations.

So please, do encourage your children to bring in the books they’d like to share – maybe something to think about while they’re planning who to dress as for WORLD BOOK DAY on Thursday.

Don’t forget we need donations of cakes (and other snacks) on Thursday, too!  About which, more shortly…

What the HSA Committee talked about…

…on Monday 9th February 2015.

Yum! We just couldn't wait for next International Evening to eat it all again...

Yum! We just couldn’t wait for next International Evening to eat it all again…

Family bingo is definitely going to happen! It’s a fundraising event planned for Thursday 19th March, 5:30-7:30pm (the second-last week of term), and it’s going to be something of a feast too. We know from our International Evenings what delicious fare our school community can cook up, so we’ve put the word out for donations of dishes from around the world to feed bingo night, too. Many families have already responded with an enthusiastic, “Yes, of course!” Please contribute if you can.

As a further celebration of our community and its food, we’re putting together a cook book of recipes from International Evening. The plan is to sell copies at bingo night, so you can run home and recreate the fantastic food you’ve eaten. If you’ve got a recipe and need our form, download it here: Cook Book recipe form – print out and bring to school.

Other events, closer at hand, were high up on the Committee’s agenda. Straight after half term, on Tuesday 24th February, we’ve got a wonderful Learning Treat that’s been dubbed the Big Think. The Philosophy Man is coming to school for the day, working with every class and with teachers, too, to get everybody thinking.

Posters are going up after half term, and look out for the schedule in PACT folders, too.

Posters are going up after half term, and look out for the schedule in PACT folders, too.

Then it’s Bring a Parent / Carer to School week (2nd-6th March), and HSA co-chair Fiona unveiled a week’s worth of related activities: special assemblies on Monday 2nd and Wednesday 4th March (come if you can), plus World Book Day on Thursday 5th.

Children are invited to come dressed as a favourite character and talk about it after school at our “Just-a-Minute Character Challenge” in the hall, where there will also be a cake sale. Parents get their chance to speak, too, at a multi-language poetry session. If your native language is not English and you’d like to take part: let us know.

Both the cake sale and the dress-up day will raise money towards the Rural Libraries Project, providing books for children in Peru. Ms Heery will tell us all about it at assembly on World Book Day.

Other items on the packed agenda were: discussions about the music Learning Treat we hope to provide this year, an update on our Give & Gain projects, some new fundraising opportunities and, yes, a very hopeful look at some fresh options for that whole-school Trip of a Lifetime! It really is going to happen, and there will be news soon.

Next HSA Committee meeting: Tuesday 10th March.



Meet with us – Monday 9th February

"Say, BINGO!" Come and discuss this term's family fundraiser at the meeting on Monday.

“Say, BINGO!” Come and discuss this term’s family fundraiser at the meeting on Monday.

HSA Committee meetings are open to all members – that is, all parents and carers of children at Tufnell Park School.  You just need to let us know you’re coming.

The committee is meeting this Monday – 9th February – at 8:00pm, at a member’s home in Tufnell Park. Contact HSA secretary Lucy for the address.

There’ll be an update on activities for World Book Day on Thursday 5th March, as well as the whole of the school’s Bring a parent/ carer to school week (2nd-6th March). And we’ll be thrashing out plans for a family bingo evening with international food before the end of term – a simple little event that’s already spiralling into something of a bonanza.

To keep up to date on all HSA projects – and to have your say about what happens – come along.

What the HSA Committee talked about…

… on Wednesday 14th January 2015.

Ursa put on a great display for World Book Day last year. In 2015, we're hoping to have even more to do.

Ursa put on a great display for World Book Day last year. In 2015, we plan to have all this and more…

The Committee gave a big thumbs up to taking on World Book Day on Thursday 5th March and making it even more of an event this year. Co-chair Fiona will lead with TPS parent and writer Ros (mother of Ruby), working with Helen Heery at the school. We’ll be using the day not only to emphasize the importance and joy of books for all of us, but to raise money to support literacy for a school in the developing world.

Please note that the Nursery and Orion cake sale planned for 6th March will be rescheduled.

As World Book Day falls during the first (of many) “Bring a Parent / Carer to school” week, the school will be picking up the literacy theme throughout – a nice evolution from the subject weeks funded by HSA Learning Treats last year.

There will be plenty of this kind of thing going on once design gets underway (although actually, they'll probably be using SketchUp, not a blue pencil).

There will be plenty of this kind of thing going on once design gets underway (although actually, they’ll be using SketchUp, not a blue pencil).

Speaking of Learning Treats, the premises improvement project discussed in October has evolved into a double Design plus Art Learning Treat involving two parent leads: an architect and an artist. Spring this year should see the unveiling of a newly-refreshed lobby area and long corridor leading to the Juniors’ classrooms. You’ll be hearing a lot more about that project, “Love your Lobby”, in the weeks to come.

The children’s designs for the lobby and corridor will be carried out by volunteers on Give & Gain Day 2015, which falls on Friday 15th May. Please consider booking time off work if you’re at all able – we’ll need many hands.

The Committee also discussed the possibility of running a family bingo event towards the end of this term, and yet again turned over options for the Trip of a Lifetime for which we raised funds last year. Any ideas for £10 per child? Please get in touch…

Would you like to come to a meeting and have your say? The next one is scheduled for Monday 8th February at 8:00pm; then Tuesday 10th March at school in the afternoon. Contact HSA Secretary Lucy who will confirm details nearer the time.




Cygnus on the move

It was a busy week for Cygnus! While the rest of the school dressed up for World Book Day on Thursday, both Reception classes took to the road, rails, cables and waves to experience first hand this term’s topic: transport. It was an extraordinary itinerary, and in the words of one four-year-old reviewer: “It was GREAT!”

They didn’t miss out on dressing up, either – for pictures of that, click here. And thank you to Miss Tizard and Miss Williams for the selection below. It was quite a crowd you were shepherding round London: how DID you get all those parents to behave themselves?

How many Hermiones?

Tufnell Park School embraced World Book Day with gusto, and here’s the evidence from Ursa class. (Thank you, Miss Singleton, for the great photos!) We’ve still got Cygnus’s costumes to come tomorrow, so please send over any photos you’d like to share.  Did anyone think to document whatever was going on with Mr Baldwin’s feet?

Ursa underline what it's all about: L - i - t - e - r - a - c - y!

Ursa underline what it’s all about:
L – i – t – e – r – a – c – y!