Indoor picnic for the new arrivals

An editorial team never rests... even during picnic time.

The editorial team never rests… even during picnic time.

The great outdoors – so over-rated, right?

All was cosy and calm at the Welcome picnic for Cygnus and the Nursery today… driven into the school hall at the last minute by a rainstorm over Tufnell Park from precisely 15:20-15:50. You can probably still find the odd tie-dye patterned balloon hanging in Dalmeny Park, missed by the organizers as they fled…

Nonetheless, with blankets and floor mats, colouring pens, loads of lovely food and balloons to kick about, there was plenty of fun to be had.  Thanks so much to everyone who came: it really was great to meet you.

Come again on Friday 9th October, 3:45pm for the HSA AGM in Andromeda Class.  That’s the way to have your say.

Welcome picnic in Dalmeny Park, Thursday 24th


We can’t guarantee the sunshine… but there are ALWAYS balloons.

This year’s nursery and reception children are all at school by now, and it’s time to welcome them with the annual picnic at Dalmeny Park.

If you haven’t got a child in Cygnus or the Nursery, you can still help… a lot.  By all means feel free to:

  • Lend a hand setting up (from 2:30/3:00) or clearing up
  • Come along with some food or drink
  • Steer any lost-looking newcomers towards the park, and, of course,
  • Say “hello” to the new parents.

It looked like rain last year and we got brilliant sunshine by 4:00pm, so let’s hope for a repeat! If the heavens do open, we’ll picnic in the school hall.

Cygnus & Nursery: warm welcome in Dalmeny Park

Surely there could never be an UNwelcome picnic?

Surely there has never been an UNwelcome picnic?

Fingers crossed, it looks like the sun may continue to shine on Thursday afternoon for the new starters’ Welcome Picnic

All children in the Nursery and Reception classes – aka Pegasus and Cygnus – are invited to bring their families and carers to Dalmeny Park after school for cakes, snacks and fun. It’s a chance to meet each other, and your children’s teachers and teaching assistants, with a bit less time pressure than at school drop off and pick up.

If you want to, bring some food and drink as well as something to sit on.

Last chance to pretend it's summer...

It may be your last chance to pretend it’s summer…

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