Put your money where your mouth is at Weight Loss Club

See? Healthy food is fun!

See? Healthy food is fun!

The UK is no longer heading for an obesity crisis: we’ve already arrived! If you’re not sure where you stand, take the NHS quiz, How Are You? With luck, you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

… and if not, Tufnell Park School’s annual New Year’s Weight Loss Club begins again on Monday 9th January at 8pm in the Nursery.  Come along and get inspired.  Weight loss can be hard and (let’s face it) dull, so we try to make it interesting with:

Great tips for healthy eating, delicious recipes, decluttering your food cupboard and preparing better food for a fussy family – all from nutritional therapist Amber Silverman, who supervises the club every week.

Authoritative weekly speakers on subjects related to health, weight loss, nutrition and feeding a family. This year, we’ve got:

Finally, remember that all donations made by and to Weight Loss Club members are spent directly on healthy activities for the children at our school: this year, the continuation of gardening lessons with a specialist teacher.  Even if Weight Loss Club is not for you, please donate online via the link below – and help the next generation of children grow up to be fitter adults:


Start farming… there’s a feast to come

Kids will be gardening all next term - and parents are invited to get in on the action, too.

Our kids will be gardening all next term – and now parents are invited to get in on the action, too.

Sunday 20th March, 1:30-4:00ish-pm, is Family Farming Day at Tufnell Park.  Everyone at school is invited to come along in warm/ waterproof/ doesn’t-matter-about-the-mud clothes to plant the crops that we’ll harvest and eat at the end of July (the Feast).

There will be cake, hot drinks and other refreshments to help keep us cheerful, whatever the weather: do come, and help the children kick off a fantastic, term-long gardening project that will involve them all.  If you missed the leaflet on World Book Day, take a look at it here:

Family Farm & Feast – download flyer here

We need to make room for a LOT of potatoes this year.

We need to make room for a LOT of potatoes this year.

This Friday, a team of 20+ volunteers from the workplaces of two Tufnell Park parents are giving their time and muscle to get the school grounds ready before the project begins. Raised beds will be mended, new ones introduced and low-maintenance irrigation systems put in place to help keep veggies watered over the weekends and holiday breaks.

All this costs money, in addition to the grant from Santander raised by the HSA. If you’d like to contribute, you could sponsor this year’s Weight Loss Club, which has already raised almost £1,000.00 towards gardening and healthy eating at Tufnell Park.  There are just 24 hours left to make your donation before the website closes….


Weight Loss Club shrinks so our kids can grow

"Where there's muck, there's brass!" Your donation to Weight Loss Club will help fund a really great gardening project this year at Tufnell Park.

“Where there’s muck, there’s brass!” And vice versa.  Your donation to Weight Loss Club will help fund a really great gardening project this year at Tufnell Park.

The triumphant finale of this year’s sponsored Weight Loss Club was on Monday night. Congratulations to the nine determined participants, who all stayed the course and between them lost a truly impressive 34.7kg – that’s five and a half stone – over  four weeks.

Nothing says “Well done! I’m so glad I didn’t have to do it myself!” like good, cold cash: please donate now at https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/weightlossclub4.  All money raised goes towards a wonderful gardening, growing and international cooking project for children and families at the school, starting this March.

And massive thank yous to all the speakers who gave their time and expertise to help make Weight Loss Club so successful yet again: Amber Silverman of Nutrition for Health, whose annual support is invaluable, Professor Chris Bonell of UCL Public Health & Sociology, Diabetes UK, Naomi Clark for exercise advice and the three Tufnell Park staff who inspired the group with their own successful weight loss stories.

Back on track with TPS Weight Loss Club

Don't despair! Come along to TPS Weight Loss Club and get all cleaned up.

Are you eating the cakes or are the cakes eating you?

Happy New Year with all its good intentions.  Because, you know, sometimes dreams do come true…

On Monday 11th January, Tufnell Park School sponsored Weight Loss Club kicks off for a fourth successful year, and runs every Monday for the first half of term. You don’t even have to be at the school to join: everyone in the community is welcome. So if you really want some help making changes to your eating, come along to the Nursery at 8:00pm for a discreet weigh-in. We will never shout out your weight to the room!

The club is supervised by qualified local nutritionist Amber Silverman of Nutrition for Health, who donates her time to help the school. This year, after months of heroic research involving literally kilometers of spiralized courgette, Amber is also able to offer specific advice – including recipes – to support the 5:2 method.

We try to keep our members entertained – and even inspired – with a range of high-quality information, including guest speakers, and emphasize healthy eating and exercise rather than any particular diet product.

You can throw away your badge now.

You can throw away your badge now.

Finally, there’s no charge for the club but it IS a fundraiser for Tufnell Park School HSA and has raised almost £3,000 for school projects since January 2013.

Donate whatever you wish at the club or on https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/weightlossclub4. Or, if you’re feeling brave, motivate yourself by getting sponsorship for your weight loss from family or friends. It works.

Bingo Ker-chinggo!!

The cash registers are now shut to further sponsors of this year’s Weight Loss Club. Congratulations to our healthy eaters, who brought in contributions of £710.50. With Gift Aid, that represents a total donation of £825.63 towards materials for our soon-to-be revamped lobby and corridor.  Thank you so much to everyone who donated.  We also owe a massive thank you to the lovely Kim in Cygnus, who has sourced Jewson’s vouchers worth £400.00 to buy paint for the project.

And the fundraising fun goes on…  Anyone with a child at the school should find a flyer in their PACT folder today, looking a lot like this:

Fun and food for all ages after school this Thursday.Come along! There are prizes for adults and children, plus parents and families across the school are donating delicious international fare so that we can provide a plate of food for every ticket holder. There’s even a small kiddie-craft area for those children who aren’t Bingo fans.

As if all that weren’t enough, you’ll have the chance to sneak preview the Tufnell Park Family Cookbook, to which so many of you contributed recipes from around the globe. Bring cash and order your copy on the night (kerchinggg!): perhaps you’ll be cooking Tadjine Zitoune with Yorkshire Pudding by morning.

And all that lovely cash? It comes back to our children in the end, of course, so everybody wins.

Put on ££s for the Weight Loss Club

The Tufnell Park School Weight Loss Club has done it again, with nine participants clocking up a total loss of 29.1kg in just four weeks. That’s a whole lot of healthy eating (and healthy not-eating) in aid of our “Love Your Lobby” project at school.

Oh, don't eat it!  Please don't eat it!

Oh, don’t eat it! Please don’t eat it!

Ah, but look at her now!

Ah, but look at her now…  Tufnell Park School Weight Loss Club works its magic.

To congratulate the participants for their heroic self-control – and to help us buy paint, brushes and materials for this year’s wonderful Give & Gain project – please make your donation at https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/tufnellparkschool6.

Go on.  Think of all the cakes they didn’t eat.

Worth their weight in cake

Spare a thought this week for the participants in this year’s Weight Loss Club, who will not be indulging at the Aquila and Heracles cake sale this Friday, 23rd January.  In fact, spare more than a thought: give them some encouragement with a donation at https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/tufnellparkschool6. The money received will go towards this year’s Give & Gain project, which involves the whole school in the re-design and re-decoration of the school lobby and main corridor.

We didn't last long... the first cake sale of 2015 is next Friday.

We didn’t last long… the first cake sale of 2015 is next Friday.

There’s some good news for the Weight Loss Club already. For the third year, the Cecil Rosen Foundation has offered to sponsor the group £5.00 for every kilo lost.  If you missed the first session but you’re still prepared to squeeze your belt to raise funds for our kids, we need your lost kilosCome along this Tuesday (20th Jan) at 8:00pm and join us.  After that, we’ll have to close the club to new participants.

We’re also able to confirm two more Weight Loss Club speakers for our great line-up this year:

Tuesday 3 February, ex-Tufnell Park parent and current girls’ football coach, Naomi Clarke, is coming along to advise on incorporating more movement into your life.  Personal trainer Naomi will talk about how to keep moving even when you’re not in peak physical shape, and demonstrate a 7-minute workout that everyone can do at home daily, no excuses.

Tuesday 10 February, therapist Heidi Cohen will discuss the psychological and emotional factors that can lie behind overeating and make sustained weight loss so hard.

Everyone else, feel free to smother those winter blues in a pile of baked goods at the cake sale on Friday. Cake and biscuit donations are, as always, welcome – indeed, essential.

“Every day in every way…”

Ah, January!  Month of steely resolution and broken dreams…

This Tuesday, 13th January, stop dreaming and take action.  Come to the school Nursery at 8:00pm and sign up for the third annual Tufnell Park School sponsored Weight Loss Club. You’ll get five weeks of motivation and support towards a fitter, healthier lifestyle, with the goal of losing up to 1kg per week and leaving you 4kg (approx. half a stone) lighter by half term.

Had enough yet?

Had enough yet?

Qualified nutritional therapist Amber Silverman donates her time and expertise to the club, so there’s always sensible, health-related food information on hand (note for those who want recipe advice: Amber’s a great cook and not averse to bringing in samples…).

If quinoa and chia seeds aren’t your thing, don’t worry!  This year’s line-up of weekly speakers is looking as tempting than any protein-based snack. We’re very grateful to all of them for coming along for free and helping us to remember why losing weight matters:

Week One, an ex-Tufnell Park parent talks to the group about her impressive sustained weight loss over 18 months since Summer 2013.

Week Two, Dr Andrew Wragg, consultant cardiologist at Barts & The London NHS Trust (described by The Guardian as “the stunning Dr Andrew Wragg, no doubt a distant relative of George Clooney” – not that we care) discusses weight loss, exercise and heart-health.

Week Three, Dr Rebecca O’Connell, Senior Research Officer of the Thomas Coram Research Unit, UCL Institute of Education, explains her team’s findings about family nutrition and its impact on children’s long-term health.

Weeks four and five focus on the psychology of over-eating and practical ways to incorporate exercise into a busy life.

No time to chat?  Just come along, weigh in and go: it’s up to you.

Nervous about coming alone? Bring a friend or relative who’s interested – you don’t have to be at the school to join.

Because – finally – the Weight Loss Club is a sponsored group which aims to raise money.  Make your donation via https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/tufnellparkschool6.  Better still, get others to support you. There’s nothing like it for keeping you on track to meet your weight loss goal.

Losers are winners at Tufnell Park…

…but you won’t notice them, because they’ve almost vanished.  At the final meeting of Weight Loss Club last night, the participants clocked in a total of 14.4kg lost in just four weeks – in time to buy treats at the football club cake sale on Friday. To congratulate them on their effort, or just to donate to Learning Treats in the aftermath of our fabulous Maths Week, click here and give the gift that goes on giving…

Upside down

“It ALL looks good from here!”

Meanwhile, Ursa class were taking the upcoming development of the Infants’ Playground seriously, with some intensive research in the field. Our dedicated testers went in search of play landscapes and equipment in Whittington Park, and will be feeding back to Jackie Herald, the award-winning designer who’s working on the project.

Can Jackie make the sun shine in our playground, too?

How did they find a sunny day?

How did they find a sunny day?

"We'll take 10 of these..."

“We’ll take 10 of these…”

"...and here's a nice tall one for the 4-year olds!"

“…and here’s a nice tall one for the four-year olds!”

It was a dark and stormy night…

…and the last thing she wanted was to leave her warm home and venture out to the closed, locked school for Weight Loss Club – in the Nursery on Tuesday at 7:00pm. But she was so glad that she did!  Free nutrition and cooking tips, support, motivation, resolve – and what a result, in four short weeks!!!

WWII posterMen are more than welcome too, of course.  And if you want to support us, please make a donation that will be used for the school’s Arts & Literacy Week under the HSA’s Learning Treats fundraising programme.

But what if you don’t need to lose weight?  Or you’re going it alone?  Good for you! You can still while away a happy half hour on a January eve (re)watching the school’s Nativity play – thanks to Simon and Alan, who also made our lovely school video.  You’ll find them both on the Links page of this site… and the Nativity is here: