The kindness of strangers… and friends

Is there some sort of medal we can give this lovely lady? Look at all those supplies she's helped the school to buy.

Is there some sort of medal we can give this lovely lady? Look at all those supplies she’s helped the school to buy.

Our ambitious Give & Gain project this year got off to a head start with a giant preparation day on Saturday.

We had incredibly encouraging support from two commercial partners.  Thank you Jewson, national supplier of building and decorating materials, for generous cash sponsorship for the project – organised through the advocacy of our own Kim Ollard.  And thank you once again to local paint suppliers, Chris Stevens Holloway Road, for an extremely kind discount on supplies, which – as last year – has helped our tiny budget go so much further.

Loads of families came and went – and came and stayed – throughout the day to help get the corridor and lobby ready for redecoration and refit this Friday. Admittedly, the school looks like a bit like building site this week… because it is!  One more week and we’ll get there.  Please give your time and muscle this Friday 15th May from 10:00am onwards to help get the project finished.

Cakes to cash: today’s result

Aquila and Heracles produced an impressive display of posters round the school in preparation for today’s cake sale, which really brought the punters in. The result? The two classes made tidy £128.48 between them, which means… £64.25 for each class (you’d already done that sum in your head, hadn’t you?).

Not a bad showing at all for a frosty January day. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the fine pile of baked goods on sale, and to the cake angels to hopped in to help the vastly outnumbered volunteers at the start (come back next time, please!). But someone will have to do even better to outstrip the mighty Draco & Andromeda sale of 28 November 2014. Cake sale volunteers still speak in awed tones of that day…