Sweet & Savoury Snack triumph

It's snowing outside - but in here, we've got fruit kebabs = joy

It’s snowing outside – but in here, we’ve got fruit kebabs = joy

The Sweet & Savoury snack stall was an absolute triumph for the three infants’ classes today, raking in a £179.00 profit and boasting a truly beautiful array of foodstuffs.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed.  It’s really great to see how people have managed to expand the old “cake sale” brief and still make good money with plenty of sweet treats included.

Summer & Snacks: Friday 29th April

The Orion cake sale last summer - happy days are here again.

The Orion cake sale last summer – happy days are here again.

It seems a while since this blog featured a photo of a giant table groaning under the weight of many cakes, so here is one. The infants’ classes (Years 1 and 2) have opted for a Sweet & Savoury Snack Stall as their fundraiser this Friday.  The proceeds go to all three classes – Delphinus, Andromeda and Ursa – so we hope you’re very hungry…  Please donate if you can, and definitely come and buy.

"Stick 'em up, pardner!"  Put this lot in stetsons and we've got a posse.

“Stick ’em up, pardner!” Put this lot in stetsons and we’ve got a posse.

Conveniently timed at 2:00pm on the same afternoon is the extremely important Summer Fair Planning Meeting (meet in the school lobby).  The theme this year is Cowboys & Cowgirls, which we’ll be happy to interpret as loosely as necessary, in keeping with successful tradition.  The point is to put on a fantastic fun summer fair with tons of things to do… as well as raising a load of money for HSA activities next year. Saddle up and get on down to school, bringing your Wildest and Westest ideas with you.

We’re singing… and dancing… in the rain

...with apologies to Mr Flatley - but our magnificent staff will stop at literally nothing to raise a smile despite the pouring rain.

All this, and they can teach, too!  Mr Flatley, it’s not too late to get your PGCE…

It was certainly the wettest International Evening in the school’s history tonight, but the show very much went on.  A quick very-wet-weather plan meant that all the food, drink and entertainment occupied a network of corridors and classrooms: the crush was considerable, but the joy and excitement undiminished.

Thank you: all you spectacular cooks; everyone who helped organize, set up and run the event; to the Holloway and Acland Burghley students who worked so hard and generously to help everything run smoothly; and to the wonderful performers.  Thanks, too, to the iPhone snappers who sent their pictures to the HSA for us to share.  There will be more to come.



Two very different treats (well, three)

Congratulations to Ursa & Perseus, who made £90 on their cake sale today – £45 for each class. We were desperate for cake: the table was bare after less than 20 minutes. Thanks to everyone who brought some.

Mmmm, so good.

Mmmm, so good.

What, no cakes left?

What, no cakes left?

I think I got the last one...

I think I got the last one…





They weren’t the only treats on offer, though: members of Columba class were wreathed in smiles as they displayed the results of their Learning Treat with the Science Museum yesterday. Yep, the whole class made their own slime, in some of the most eerie-looking colours you can imagine…

Great work, girls - ain't it wonderful what science can do?

Great work, girls – ain’t it wonderful what science can do?

Actually, there’s third treat, too:

Click here to a look at the new photo gallery of International Evening, and relive the fun…

Cake sale kick-off Friday 9 October

Two for one: they enjoy the toppings, you get a delicious pre-licked snack.

Two for one: they enjoy the nutritious sugar toppings, then you get a delicious pre-licked snack.

It’s the Ursa and Perseus cake sale straight after school tomorrow – the first class cake sale of the school year.

Home made or bought, cakes, biscuits, crispies, cookies, tarts, tray bakes, brownies, mallow-kebabs, muffins, flapjacks, fudge… please bring ’em on!

And come and buy, of course.

A reminder: next Wednesday, 15th October at 8:00pm is an HSA planning meeting.  We’ll discuss the whole-school trip, possible charity days this term, and the winter celebration – plus anything else you’d like to talk about.

Please drop us a line if you can come.

A feast for your eyes

cake table detail

The school cake sale: a true urban art form

Is your Monday lacklustre?  It doesn’t need to be.  Contemplate these beautiful cakes and consider:

1.  Home-made cakes are one of the perks of HSA meetings – and you’ve only got to hang on until Thursday to attend the AGM.

2.  At least you’re not running 21K!  Unlike brave Tufnell Park parents, Sarah Oppenheimer and Rhodri Hayward, who on behalf of the HSA and two other charities will be sprinting/ staggering through the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday 12th October.  Click here to support them in their sweat-soaked quest.


We’ve got lovely pictures of this year’s Welcome Picnic in Dalmeny Park.

3.  We’ve got new photo galleries of the Adults’ Fun Run and the Cygnus & Nursery Welcome Picnic to distract you further. Check them out, and while away some happy moments remembering all the good times that the HSA helps make happen.

4.  If all else fails, cake sales will be coming round again – starting with Ursa and Perseus on Friday 10 October. Click here to see the year’s schedule and find out when your child’s class will be selling.

Fantastic footwork on Fun Run Day One

Orion - 3 boys detail

It’s all a blur as Orion round the bend…

Congratulations to Perseus, Orion, Draco, Ursa and Heracles, who were on fantastic form this morning as they pelted round the playground.

Our top score of the day comes from Orion, with one participant clocking up an incredible 23 laps – that’s 4,600m – in 20 minutes.

But every single child out there worked incredibly hard and made the small but excitable crowd of supporters extremely proud.

Click here to remind yourself how we say, “Well done!” And good luck to all those classes running tomorrow.

Lucky for Perseus that their teacher knows what an army marches on...

Mr Shuttleworth knows what an army marches on…

All better now. (They're saying, "Give us the money!"  Really, they are!)

Perseus are saying, “Give us the money!” Really, they are!

How many Hermiones?

Tufnell Park School embraced World Book Day with gusto, and here’s the evidence from Ursa class. (Thank you, Miss Singleton, for the great photos!) We’ve still got Cygnus’s costumes to come tomorrow, so please send over any photos you’d like to share.  Did anyone think to document whatever was going on with Mr Baldwin’s feet?

Ursa underline what it's all about: L - i - t - e - r - a - c - y!

Ursa underline what it’s all about:
L – i – t – e – r – a – c – y!

Losers are winners at Tufnell Park…

…but you won’t notice them, because they’ve almost vanished.  At the final meeting of Weight Loss Club last night, the participants clocked in a total of 14.4kg lost in just four weeks – in time to buy treats at the football club cake sale on Friday. To congratulate them on their effort, or just to donate to Learning Treats in the aftermath of our fabulous Maths Week, click here and give the gift that goes on giving…

Upside down

“It ALL looks good from here!”

Meanwhile, Ursa class were taking the upcoming development of the Infants’ Playground seriously, with some intensive research in the field. Our dedicated testers went in search of play landscapes and equipment in Whittington Park, and will be feeding back to Jackie Herald, the award-winning designer who’s working on the project.

Can Jackie make the sun shine in our playground, too?

How did they find a sunny day?

How did they find a sunny day?

"We'll take 10 of these..."

“We’ll take 10 of these…”

"...and here's a nice tall one for the 4-year olds!"

“…and here’s a nice tall one for the four-year olds!”

We love maths! Official!

At least, we love maths the way it is at Tufnell Park School Maths Lab – the first half of which was in the school hall this afternoon as part of Maths Week.  There’s a re-run tomorrow featuring the other half of the school (Nursery, Cygnus CW, Andromeda, Aquila, Columba and Orion), so see you there if you weren’t part of today.

We’ve very grateful to those parents who sent in the pictures below.  See if you can calculate what all those kids are up to…