Sweet & Savoury Snack triumph

It's snowing outside - but in here, we've got fruit kebabs = joy

It’s snowing outside – but in here, we’ve got fruit kebabs = joy

The Sweet & Savoury snack stall was an absolute triumph for the three infants’ classes today, raking in a £179.00 profit and boasting a truly beautiful array of foodstuffs.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed.  It’s really great to see how people have managed to expand the old “cake sale” brief and still make good money with plenty of sweet treats included.

Weight Loss Club shrinks so our kids can grow

"Where there's muck, there's brass!" Your donation to Weight Loss Club will help fund a really great gardening project this year at Tufnell Park.

“Where there’s muck, there’s brass!” And vice versa.  Your donation to Weight Loss Club will help fund a really great gardening project this year at Tufnell Park.

The triumphant finale of this year’s sponsored Weight Loss Club was on Monday night. Congratulations to the nine determined participants, who all stayed the course and between them lost a truly impressive 34.7kg – that’s five and a half stone – over  four weeks.

Nothing says “Well done! I’m so glad I didn’t have to do it myself!” like good, cold cash: please donate now at https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/weightlossclub4.  All money raised goes towards a wonderful gardening, growing and international cooking project for children and families at the school, starting this March.

And massive thank yous to all the speakers who gave their time and expertise to help make Weight Loss Club so successful yet again: Amber Silverman of Nutrition for Health, whose annual support is invaluable, Professor Chris Bonell of UCL Public Health & Sociology, Diabetes UK, Naomi Clark for exercise advice and the three Tufnell Park staff who inspired the group with their own successful weight loss stories.

Bright lights of Wonderland

It was magic, it was riotous... it was everything a party should be.

It was magic, it was riotous… it was everything a party should be.

Christmas came early to Tufnell Park this year. It may only be 4th December, but at Winter Wonderland this afternoon it felt as if everyone was ready to celebrate.

The party was a fantastic success, and so many people worked hard to make it happen that it’s impossible to mention them all.  This year’s Wonderland co-ordinator, Lou, has got to have a special thank you from all of us, though – as does Santa himself for showing up.  It’s a busy time of year for the old fellow, but he remembered Tufnell Park.

It also seems that more people came through our doors than ever before, and you know what they say: the people make the party!  There will be a full gallery of photos up soon but meanwhile, here’s a tiny taster of the fun that was had. Thank you, Caroline, for most of the photos below – and to everyone else who sent in pictures.

Indoor picnic for the new arrivals

An editorial team never rests... even during picnic time.

The editorial team never rests… even during picnic time.

The great outdoors – so over-rated, right?

All was cosy and calm at the Welcome picnic for Cygnus and the Nursery today… driven into the school hall at the last minute by a rainstorm over Tufnell Park from precisely 15:20-15:50. You can probably still find the odd tie-dye patterned balloon hanging in Dalmeny Park, missed by the organizers as they fled…

Nonetheless, with blankets and floor mats, colouring pens, loads of lovely food and balloons to kick about, there was plenty of fun to be had.  Thanks so much to everyone who came: it really was great to meet you.

Come again on Friday 9th October, 3:45pm for the HSA AGM in Andromeda Class.  That’s the way to have your say.

Cakes to cash: today’s result

Aquila and Heracles produced an impressive display of posters round the school in preparation for today’s cake sale, which really brought the punters in. The result? The two classes made tidy £128.48 between them, which means… £64.25 for each class (you’d already done that sum in your head, hadn’t you?).

Not a bad showing at all for a frosty January day. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the fine pile of baked goods on sale, and to the cake angels to hopped in to help the vastly outnumbered volunteers at the start (come back next time, please!). But someone will have to do even better to outstrip the mighty Draco & Andromeda sale of 28 November 2014. Cake sale volunteers still speak in awed tones of that day…

Wonderful, wonderful Wonderland

All I want for Christmas...

What more could anyone want for Christmas? Orion class gave us a star quality performance.

What a sparkling Winter Wonderland was celebrated at Tufnell Park School today! From Orion class’s opening chorus to Santa’s magical grotto, from the biscuit-decorating workshop to the high-energy dance moves, fantastic fun was had by all in two action-packed hours.

There will be plenty more pictures later in the week – and thanks a million to everyone who rushed to get these early shots for us to share. Now that the sugar’s worn off and children all over Tufnell Park have collapsed in exhausted heaps, there’s just time to thank everyone involved for a truly tremendous party – before the parents collapse likewise.

Andromeda and Draco in cake frenzy

Forget Ikea - the real Black Friday bargains were to be had in the school hall.

Forget Ikea – the real Black Friday bargains were to be had in the school hall.

Congratulations to Andromeda and Draco classes for a massive return to cake sale form on Friday: takings of £177.44 in little more than half an hour. You will have calculated immediately that this means each class has £88.72 – aka “almost £100!” – to spend as they see fit during this school year.

Thank you very, very much, everyone who donated those beautiful cakes, biscuits and ever-popular fruit kebabs to the sale.  And don’t hang up your oven gloves just yet… Christmassy cake and cookie contributions will still be needed for Winter Wonderland on Friday 12th December.

Glorious day on the Tufnell Park seashore

You get all kinds of tourists at the seaside...

You get all kinds of tourists at the seaside…

Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who worked incredibly hard – and they really did give it their all – to make our 2014 Seaside Special Summer Fair such fantastic fun yesterday. There will be more pictures shortly (please keep sending them in – we’ve got some great ones coming).

But for now, just thank you.  It was brilliant.

And very, very many people at the school and throughout the community helped to make it so.

Fruit frenzy for Sport Relief at TPS today

Tufnell Park School went all out for Sport Relief today, with Street Dance in the hall all afternoon, a fantastic Sports Snacks stall in the playground and some fun games alongside.

Healthy just tastes SO good!

Healthy just tastes SO good!

A lot of “thank you”s are due: to everyone who donated healthy food and drinks – the contributions were truly amazing.

To everyone who chopped and prepped and washed up – what a team!

To the school, of course, for continued mind-boggling enthusiasm – bit of extra? Yep, we’ll do it!

And to all of you who spent and ate: the stall alone raised £147.00 and the total raised by the school (at £1 per dancer) is still to come.

Finally, at the risk of an Oscar-length tribute, thanks to the lovely guys at Fam greengrocers on Fortess Road, who handed over a massive basket of fruit and veg, simply saying, “Children are our future.” Well, quite.