Friday’s fantastic lolly sale

Roll up to buy your homemade ice lollies after school on Friday (ours come without the bear).

Roll up to buy your homemade ice lollies after school on Friday (the bear comes as extra).

Aquila, Draco and Columba classes have come up with a fruity twist on the Fundraising Friday this week.  They’re attempting a giant pure-fruit-juice ice lolly sale on 20th May after school – so fingers crossed for some scorching weather on the day to increase their sales.

The classes have requested fruit juice donations by Thursday 19th May, to give them time to make and freeze their lollies.  Donations of other fruit treats (such as kebabs) and healthy snacks – no cakes or biscuits – will be welcome on the day.

Reminder: there’s also a Summer Fair planning meeting this Wednesday at the Tufnell Park Tavern, 8:15pm. Please come along.

Get set for the summer fair

Can't wait for this year's summer fair - 9 July

Can’t wait for this year’s summer fair – Saturday 9 July.

A big thank you to everyone who came to the summer fair planning meeting last Friday.

There were loads of brilliant ideas on the table for our theme of cowboys and cowgirls – tin can alley, cotton candy, lasso a pony, sack race a teacher, make your own stetson…

And don’t worry, there will be at least one bucking bronco!

As usual, for the event to happen lots of help will be needed beforehand and on the day.  Keep an eye out for notices in the PACT folders.  In the meantime, does anyone out there know a caller for a Western style hoedown?

Summer & Snacks: Friday 29th April

The Orion cake sale last summer - happy days are here again.

The Orion cake sale last summer – happy days are here again.

It seems a while since this blog featured a photo of a giant table groaning under the weight of many cakes, so here is one. The infants’ classes (Years 1 and 2) have opted for a Sweet & Savoury Snack Stall as their fundraiser this Friday.  The proceeds go to all three classes – Delphinus, Andromeda and Ursa – so we hope you’re very hungry…  Please donate if you can, and definitely come and buy.

"Stick 'em up, pardner!"  Put this lot in stetsons and we've got a posse.

“Stick ’em up, pardner!” Put this lot in stetsons and we’ve got a posse.

Conveniently timed at 2:00pm on the same afternoon is the extremely important Summer Fair Planning Meeting (meet in the school lobby).  The theme this year is Cowboys & Cowgirls, which we’ll be happy to interpret as loosely as necessary, in keeping with successful tradition.  The point is to put on a fantastic fun summer fair with tons of things to do… as well as raising a load of money for HSA activities next year. Saddle up and get on down to school, bringing your Wildest and Westest ideas with you.

What the HSA Committee talked about…

…on Wednesday 9th March.

It was great to see so many parents from this year’s Reception classes show up for the meeting – and a Cygnus parent, Irene (mother of Meadow) has stepped up to organize a healthy snack stall for Sport Relief on Friday 18th March. Thank you, Irene, the day is duly saved. Please, everyone, help her out by donating as many tantalizing-yet-sportingly-nutritious refreshments as you can muster (okay, popcorn is fine! And fruit kebabs never, ever, ever lose their appeal).

Don't be a Messi eater for Sport Relief...

Don’t be a Messi eater for Sport Relief this Friday…

...Go a whole bunch healthier with Cristiano.

…go a whole bunch healthier with Cristiano and the Tufnell Park Healthy Snack stall.

The HSA committee is still thin on the ground, though: more people are needed to take charge. Clearly, plenty of parents from the new intake are now thinking seriously about how they might like to get involved, which is great. For a start, do come along to the Tufnell Park Tavern on Wednesday 20th April at 8:00pm for an informal get-together with drink and food provided.

We’ll also be detailing vacancies widely and regularly from now on – in PACT folders, on the HSA noticeboard at school, by email and on this site. For instance, there must be SOMEONE on our parent body who can design our twice-termly, two-sided, A4 newsletter…! If you’ve never seen one, that’s because production has stopped until a designer can be found.  Here’s what they used to look like before the parent who designed them left (we’ve still got the writer):

HSA half-termly newsletter June-July 2015

Has anyone out there got InDesign at home? Could you do your own version? Get in touch!

It also became clear that lots of parents still do not know about this blog, or that you can follow us on faceBook. Please, if you ever talk to a Tufnell Park parent who declares themselves baffled about school events, urge them to check it out. They need never be in the dark again.

Our kids showed on Friday afternoon what brilliant little gardeners they can be - bring them along on Sunday 20th March at 1:30 to plant crops in the earth they've dug.

Our kids showed at Give & Gain last Friday afternoon what brilliant little gardeners they can be. Bring them along on Sunday 20th March at 1:30 to plant crops in that freshly-dug earth.

Other big agenda items included Family Farm Day (Sunday 20th March from 1:30pm), and the first Summer Fair planning meeting, 2:00pm on Friday 27th April in the school lobby. A final decision was made about the Summer Fair theme: “Cowgirls & Cowboys” – yeeeeehah!

Finally, there was a lively discussion about possible Learning Treats for this year and next. It’s a great shame that we’ve only managed one so far in 2015/16, compared to three each year in 2013/14 and 2014/15. With luck, some of the great ideas people came up with – ranging from recycling and the environment to orchestral music – will come to speedy fruition, if there’s a parent championing the cause.

Sunshine and Samba at the school fair

Colombian dancers

New uniform, Colombian style: brilliant young performers from the Gotitas de Sabor dance academy lent our carnival Latin pizazz.

We know the sun always shines on Tufnell Park, and never more so than at the Summer Fair Carnival!

The beautiful weather yesterday was all of a piece with the fantastic atmosphere and fun as, for three all-too-short hours, the school plunged into full-on carnival mode.  Enough thank yous can hardly be said for everyone who made it such a terrific day – although our thank yous to business supporters will be posted in due course, along with a full set of photos.  Meanwhile, live it again through these advance offerings (and, for starters, thanks very much to the photographers who sent them):

Carnival’s coming…

Come this Saturday at 2:00pm - could this be YOU?

Saturday at 2:00pm – this could be YOU!

…can you hear the drums?  No?  The whisper of the candyfloss machine?  The creak of the gazebos?  Tufnell Park School carnival is just around the cornerSaturday 11th July – and the lobby is swamped with all manner of strange bags and boxes.

Our fearless testers have proved it: the new candyfloss machine is good to go.

Our fearless testers have proved it: the candyfloss machine is good to go.

That’s right: we STILL need your bottles (full and empty), your cash and raffle stubs, your dried beans and lentils (yes, we will take your pulses), your gazebos… Keep ’em coming! It will all be worth it when you hear the kids shaking those home-made maracas from the craft stall as they join the parade at 4:00pm.

Thanks to everyone who’s donated already, and for all those marvellous prizes we’ve got lined up for the raffle, the auction and other stalls and games – trampolining lessons, tickets for sights of London, dinners, drinks, swimming pool day passes to work it all off again, and an Arsenal FC shirt signed by Ian Wright (he’s a LEGEND!) – it’s all true. Come by in the morning to help set up – but most important of all, see you there between 2-5pm to join in the fun.

Orion cake it alone

Two boys

Guess that’s why it’s called a “cake hole”. By some.

They called it a “monster cake sale” on their poster, and Orion certainly went giant on their profit today when they took in £130.60 from their cake sale… all alone. Or almost all alone.

Although the Nursery had a schedule clash today and unfortunately missed their cake sale, the HSA’s new candyfloss maker had just arrived at school and needed a try-out before the Summer Fair. So, candyfloss profits contributed to Orion’s heroic solo effort. And the verdict on the candyfloss machine?  It’s very pink.  And it works really well.  See it in action NEXT Saturday, 11th July, 2-5pm.

Fridays are for meeting… and treating

Don’t forget!  It’s the last cake sale of the school year tomorrow, with profits to Orion and the Nursery.  Bring cake, buy cake – or if you feel it’s too hot for cake, get creative with some fruit or healthy snacks to sell: all contributions are very welcome.

Nothing starts the weekend like a slice of cake.

Nothing starts the weekend like a slice of cake – get yours on the way out of school tomorrow afternoon.

If you can get to school any earlier, please join the Summer Fair meeting in the mobile from 2:00pm.

Sign up to help out at the fair, if you haven’t already, or just come and find out what’s going on and how it’s all going to work on the day.

With Colombian dancers, capoeira instructors and plenty of fruity punch on offer, this year’s carnival theme is hotting up right along with the weather…

What the HSA Committee talked about…

…on Tuesday 23rd June.

Carnival! Carnival! Carnival! With the Summer Fair less than two weeks away – it’s on Saturday 11th July – carnival planning is about the only game in the HSA’s town. Loads of people have signed up to help, which is absolutely brilliant because it’s going to be BIG as ever, and everyone also needs a bit of time off to go round the fair with their own kids. Let us know at any time if you don’t mind lending a hand.

Fair poster image for web

Email Anna on, grab one of the committee in the playground, put your name on the chart in the school lobby or look out for parents at the school gate all next week – they’ll be out there, signing up volunteers.

Even if you haven’t done any of that, you could still drop by the next – and final – Summer Fair planning meeting: Friday 3rd July at 2:00pm at school, in the mobile, conveniently leading you into the Nursery & Orion cake sale at 3:30pm.

One day, ALL of these will sell for 50p... but for today, it's only this one.

One day, maybe, ALL of these will sell for 50p… but for today, it’s only this one.

Keep an eye on the PACT folders, too: today they contain a letter about the fair listing things we still need, and attaching books of raffle tickets for families to buy and sell. Once again, our kind sponsors at Drivers & Norris have come up with a splendid first prize: an Apple iPad Air 16GB with WiFi – retailing at around £300 and possible to win for just 50p… if you buy the lucky ticket. It really is a beauty.