Fresh & Fruity Sport Relief raises £107.00

A little help from our local business friends... the fantastic guys at Fam on Fortess Road (aka "Best Greengrocer In the World") were super-generous with their donation for Sport Relief.

A little help from our local business friends… the fantastic guys at Fam on Fortess Road (aka “Best Greengrocer In the World”) were super-generous with their donation for Sport Relief.

Despite a grey and chilly day that seemed to call for hot chocolate and pies rather than fresh fruit platters, there was still joy to be had at the snack stall after school today.

The call for healthy food brings out the genius in parents…  those frozen yoghurt cupcakes fooled many a hungry child!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped to organise and who donated food.  £107.00 for Sport Relief represents a whole lot of snacks sold (214 portions, to be precise) and a lot of sourcing and chopping.

Let’s put the world in “World Book Day”

World Book Day 2016 colour poster for websiteWe know Tufnell Park’s a magical place, right?  But even so, it’s not every day that you meet Pippi Longstocking, Pocahontas, Aladdin and an Oompa Loompa before you even reach the school gates. THAT only happens on World Book Day.

Great characters have been created in every language: let’s see how many our children recreate when they arrive at school on Thursday.

This year, we’re using World Book Day to celebrate the variety of literature, language and culture available to our children through their own school community. There will be a mini-festival after school with children and families reading poems and songs in languages from around the worldplease contribute if you can (contact us in advance, or just turn up ready to read).

Lawrence of Arabia, you are massively welcome here.

Lawrence of Arabia, please come again this year!

The snack stall at the event is also going global in celebration of our community’s multi-national roots (and frankly, ‘cos Tufnell Park LOVES an international feast!). Again, please donate snacks or finger food if you can.  The money raised will be used for a gardening and international cooking project for children and families during the summer term, and you’ll hear more about that on Thursday afternoon, too.

Yeuuucccchhhh! Get your pennies ready…

Is that a vegetarian sausage?  All tastes catered for at Cygnus Spooky Snacks stall.

Yum! Can’t wait to see the vegetarian option.

Has it come to this? Looks like we’re selling body parts to raise cash for classes…

…and indeed, frankfurter fingers will be among the Spooky Snacks on offer at the after-school not-just-cake sale in aid of Cygnus class this Friday, 23rd October.

Of course, the kids eating them will probably look the part, as it’s also a Halloween dress-up day to help raise money for playground toys. There’s many a young witch or ghoul will be dying to get their gnashers into one of these.

Stand by tomorrow evening for photos – if you dare… (and please send some, if you take them): WO-A-HA-HA-HA-HAAA!