Cake sale kick-off Friday 9 October

Two for one: they enjoy the toppings, you get a delicious pre-licked snack.

Two for one: they enjoy the nutritious sugar toppings, then you get a delicious pre-licked snack.

It’s the Ursa and Perseus cake sale straight after school tomorrow – the first class cake sale of the school year.

Home made or bought, cakes, biscuits, crispies, cookies, tarts, tray bakes, brownies, mallow-kebabs, muffins, flapjacks, fudge… please bring ’em on!

And come and buy, of course.

A reminder: next Wednesday, 15th October at 8:00pm is an HSA planning meeting.  We’ll discuss the whole-school trip, possible charity days this term, and the winter celebration – plus anything else you’d like to talk about.

Please drop us a line if you can come.

What the HSA talked about…

… at the 2014 AGM on Thursday 2nd October.

2013-14 AGM display

Isn’t it amazing what our school community achieved in one short year?

It was brilliant to see so many faces – familiar and new – at the AGM last week, and so many people eager to get involved.

Thank you to Liliana, mother of Yosef in Delphinus – and a chartered accountant in her native Colombia – for stepping up as our new Treasurer. Our out-going co-treasurers, Franky and Sarah, who have achieved absolute wonders in their four years in post, are pleased to leave their work in safe hands.

We also said farewell and thank you to co-Chair John, and put out an appeal for a new co-Chair to step up next to Fiona. It seems that our Resources manager, Mags (mother of Mary in Draco) may answer the call… Please take a look here at this year’s Committee, so you know who they are.

Before stepping down, Franky announced a fantastic £7,000 profit on HSA turnover over the last year. This means that, setting aside £2,000 to run Winter Wonderland and the Summer Fair, we have £5,000 to assign to new projects in the year ahead.

That’s in addition to £4,000 that has been raised for a very special school trip for every child in the school. We’re working on three possible options and hope to be able to put those to the whole school for a vote very shortly.

There’s also a new Learning Treat – a music project – already funded, to be designed by Ms Brereton with Mr Scarborough’s help. Watch this space!

We’re interested in sourcing more Learning Treats – in collaboration with school staff – that help make core subjects really exciting and fun for all our kids. And we’re dreaming up big school improvement projects, too, such as a competition for the children to keep their toilet block clean in return for having it redecorated according to their own designs (thank you Rhea, mother of Che in Delphinus, for suggesting that one).

The winter celebration team is already starting its researches...

The winter celebration team is already starting its researches… Come along on Wednesday night and get involved (no scissors needed).

Other suggestions from parents at the meeting were a Halloween dress-up day, some gorgeous Tufnell Park merchandise (think: red hoodies), and ideas about charities to support during the year.

The AGM ended with a great team coming together to plan our annual Winter celebration – headed by Jo (mother of Louie in Andromeda), who was already looking the part under a sprinkling of silver glitter.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 15th October (next Wednesday) at 8:00pm.  Please let us know if you want to come – the venue will be determined by numbers attending.

Cygnus on the move

It was a busy week for Cygnus! While the rest of the school dressed up for World Book Day on Thursday, both Reception classes took to the road, rails, cables and waves to experience first hand this term’s topic: transport. It was an extraordinary itinerary, and in the words of one four-year-old reviewer: “It was GREAT!”

They didn’t miss out on dressing up, either – for pictures of that, click here. And thank you to Miss Tizard and Miss Williams for the selection below. It was quite a crowd you were shepherding round London: how DID you get all those parents to behave themselves?

No place like home

Ursa class supplemented their project work on “the home” with a fascinating trip to the Geffrye Museum last week. Among other things, they got to see the inside of Victorian homes as they really were – a window into what Tufnell Park might have been like more than 100 years ago.


Time for a refurb?


Got some designers working on it!

The museum has great holiday activities for kids, too: take a look at our Links page to find out what’s going on this half term!