Sweat & glory at the Football Fundraiser

Staff team share an emotional moment: it's a game of two halves, and they won all four of them.

Staff team share an emotional moment: it’s a game of two halves, and they won all four of them.

Once again, the girls’ football team showed us how it’s done – this time with a fantastic, high-spirited, high-energy fundraiser that raised £240.01 for equipment, kit and costs.

Many thanks for the massive support given by parents, kids and staff: the “Lucky Number” game sold out (that’s £100 right there), football-themed face-painting was a treat and the healthy snack stall was laden with goodies thanks to your generosity. For those who missed the auction, that authenticated, signed photograph of Arsenal went for £15.00, after a brief but ferocious contest.

Best of all, it was truly excellent fun.  And with the football mini-tournament (Boys vs Girls, Staff vs Kids), stellar coach Naomi may just have started a Tufnell Park tradition…


Guess the Lucky Number – you’ve got just three days!!!

What's in the box? Come along on Friday and see if it's YOUR Lucky Number.

What’s in the box? Come along on Friday and find out if it’s YOUR Lucky Number.

Have you seen the amazing prizes on offer in the lobby of Tufnell Park School?  Restaurant meals, cinema tickets, footballs and keepers’ gloves,  gift vouchers and swimming sessions… Get down there in the next three days and make your guess – at £1 a go, they’re practically giving them away!

It’s all in aid of raising money for our school’s fantastic football teams. The winners will be announced at the Football Fundraising Friday at the end of this week.

Come along at 3:30pm for snacks and games, put in a bid for the signed photo of the Arsenal squad (auction at 4:00pm), and find out if your number came up. With this many prizes, you’re almost bound to win.

Raffle winners in Wonderland

No matter what they tell you: playing the game may be fun but there's NOTHING like winning!

No matter what they tell you: playing the game may be fun but there’s NOTHING like winning!

What does Momma always tell us?

“Winter Wonderland ain’t over ’til the raffle has been drawn!”

So Friday’s party finally drew to a dramatic close at school assembly on Monday morning, when the winners of the Wonderland raffle were revealed: the cash and the luxury hamper both went to pupils at the school. There was a lot of joy in the room as kids took turns to draw!

The best result of all is that Winter Wonderland made approximately £1,000 to support the school. The exact figure will be published when all the receipts are in. That’s enough (for example) to fund one whole exciting Learning Treat in the New Year. So thank you, all of you, for buying your tickets, and for coming to the party – and if you haven’t had a call to tell you you’re a winner, well, better luck next time.

You can always console yourself by re-living the highlights of Friday’s party. Take a look at the great new gallery on this site (click here).

Feel the Force that is Wonderland

They're not printed on the raffle tickets... but some great last minute raffle prize donations are still rolling in...

Keep buying those raffle tickets, and bring in your cash and stubs. Some great last minute prize donations (such as Star Wars tickets, above) are still rolling in…

After a great meeting in the school lobby today – thanks so much to all the many people who came – Winter Wonderland is looking in truly terrific shape for next Friday.

Dads – don’t be shy!  The volunteer crew is currently overwhelmingly female and the involvement of all parents and carers is genuinely welcome! If you haven’t signed up to help and you’d still like to, please go ahead and contact us, or look out for the giant sign-up sheet at the school gate.

Although of course, the most important thing of all is just to enjoy the event with your child.

As last year, every child will get a chance to visit Santa’s Grotto on a class-by-class basis – it’s the only way to fit 320 children’s visits into a two-hour schedule.  Gather outside the back doors of the hall (a lovely elf will be waiting for you). To make sure you don’t miss your child’s slot, please study the schedule below:Santa's Schedule - Winter Wonderland 2015




Through the eyes of artists

Our local area has never looked so gorgeous as it does on every page of the Tufnell Park School 2016 calendar, on its way to press at this moment.

A page for every class, with a mystery contribution from the staff each August... our beautiful calendar has become an annual event.

A page for every class, with a mystery contribution from the staff each August… our beautiful calendar has become an annual event.

The organizers and our ever-generous sponsors at Drivers & Norris are busting every sinew to get these beauties printed in time to sell at Winter Wonderland on 4th December.  In any case, they’ll be available for you to buy at the front gate from then until Christmas.

Nothing screams, "Christmas!" like a giant wodge of cash.

Buy our raffle tickets – because nothing screams, “Christmas!” like a giant wodge of cash.

Meanwhile, spend those coins that are burning holes in your pockets on a clutch of raffle tickets for the fantastic Winter Wonderland draw.  We’ve got great prizes donated by many local businesses, including luxury foods, drink, family theatre tickets, meals and gifts. Your 50p ticket could even result in a handy £100 cash return… just the thing for a very merry Christmas.


Get out your 50p for Children in Need

The school has supported Children in Need for years.  In 2014, Orion class did a special assembly about it.

The school has supported Children in Need for years. In 2014, Orion class did a special assembly about it (audience in pyjamas).

Lucky Mr Scarborough.  FINALLY he’ll be able to take a day off in full knowledge that he leaves his job in capable hands… because this week, all week, 50p tickets will be on sale at the school gate for our Head for the Day draw on Friday 13th November (Tufnell Park pupils only).  Talk about lucky for some! The winning ticket will be drawn at Friday assembly and the job begins immediately.

... to come along and join in the fun.

… to come along this Friday and join the fun.

Of course, it’s a Fundraising Friday in aid of BBC Children in Need. As well as the chance to be Head for the Day, children (and families!) can use their numerical estimating skills to win an enormous great stash of sweets in time for Christmas: the jar will be at the front desk from Monday afternoon. Our new head will announce the winner shortly after taking up their position – it may well be their very first task.

Let's see if we can come up with dotty snacks to sell - and spots don't HAVE to mean smarties (though smarties are good, too).

Perhaps we can come up with some dotty snacks to sell – and spots don’t HAVE to mean smarties (though smarties are good, too).

Also on Friday, please donate snacks and cakes – spotty if you like! –  for a Children in Need after-school snack sale. There will be cookie decorating and some crazy balloon cartooning laid on, too.

Please come and help out – let’s try and beat last year’s record total of over £600 for this excellent cause.

Carnival’s coming…

Come this Saturday at 2:00pm - could this be YOU?

Saturday at 2:00pm – this could be YOU!

…can you hear the drums?  No?  The whisper of the candyfloss machine?  The creak of the gazebos?  Tufnell Park School carnival is just around the cornerSaturday 11th July – and the lobby is swamped with all manner of strange bags and boxes.

Our fearless testers have proved it: the new candyfloss machine is good to go.

Our fearless testers have proved it: the candyfloss machine is good to go.

That’s right: we STILL need your bottles (full and empty), your cash and raffle stubs, your dried beans and lentils (yes, we will take your pulses), your gazebos… Keep ’em coming! It will all be worth it when you hear the kids shaking those home-made maracas from the craft stall as they join the parade at 4:00pm.

Thanks to everyone who’s donated already, and for all those marvellous prizes we’ve got lined up for the raffle, the auction and other stalls and games – trampolining lessons, tickets for sights of London, dinners, drinks, swimming pool day passes to work it all off again, and an Arsenal FC shirt signed by Ian Wright (he’s a LEGEND!) – it’s all true. Come by in the morning to help set up – but most important of all, see you there between 2-5pm to join in the fun.

What the HSA Committee talked about…

…on Tuesday 23rd June.

Carnival! Carnival! Carnival! With the Summer Fair less than two weeks away – it’s on Saturday 11th July – carnival planning is about the only game in the HSA’s town. Loads of people have signed up to help, which is absolutely brilliant because it’s going to be BIG as ever, and everyone also needs a bit of time off to go round the fair with their own kids. Let us know at any time if you don’t mind lending a hand.

Fair poster image for web

Email Anna on tpshsan7@gmail.com, grab one of the committee in the playground, put your name on the chart in the school lobby or look out for parents at the school gate all next week – they’ll be out there, signing up volunteers.

Even if you haven’t done any of that, you could still drop by the next – and final – Summer Fair planning meeting: Friday 3rd July at 2:00pm at school, in the mobile, conveniently leading you into the Nursery & Orion cake sale at 3:30pm.

One day, ALL of these will sell for 50p... but for today, it's only this one.

One day, maybe, ALL of these will sell for 50p… but for today, it’s only this one.

Keep an eye on the PACT folders, too: today they contain a letter about the fair listing things we still need, and attaching books of raffle tickets for families to buy and sell. Once again, our kind sponsors at Drivers & Norris have come up with a splendid first prize: an Apple iPad Air 16GB with WiFi – retailing at around £300 and possible to win for just 50p… if you buy the lucky ticket. It really is a beauty.

We are winners!

Our Infants’ Playground – completed by business volunteers and parents on Give & Gain Day last year – has just won joint first prize in the Society of Garden Designers’ annual awards (Community Space category).

Triumph! Our infants' playground proved good enough for gold.

Triumph! Our gorgeous infants’ playground has proved good enough for gold.

Designer Jackie Herald was at the ceremony at the Milennium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington on Friday night to hear the announcement.  How Jackie splits the gold medal with joint winners Guys & St Thomas’s Hospital, we don’t yet know… but she’s bringing the framed award into school next week.

Well done Jackie; another million thanks to the volunteers from Flamingo who gave their time and muscle on Give & Gain Day – and a massive well done to all the families and children who made the project happen. That represents a lot of organization, activity and donations of time, goods and cash.

Let’s do it again on Friday 15th May this year, when we use Give & Gain Day to refurbish our school lobby and long corridor in accordance with the children’s designs…

Winning tickets for the Christmas draw

Hard to tell who's happier: Mr Scarborough or our lucky winner.

Hard to tell who’s happier: Mr Scarborough or the winner of our first prize.

There were plenty of big smiles at assembly this morning as Mr Scarborough announced a string of winners for this year’s Winter Wonderland raffle.

For those of us who went home without a prize, we can take comfort from the fact that all profits go to the HSA to spend on all our kids: the total will be announced here when the final receipts are in.

We’ll be seeing the results of that in some great Learning Treats coming up in the next couple of terms.  Watch this space…