Many hands make light work at Family Farm Sunday

It's not as if beverages weren't supplied...

It’s not as if beverages weren’t supplied… but this way looks more fun!

There was an amazing turnout for the Family Farm afternoon on Sunday, making short work of the planting and other tasks and leaving time for lots of play… and snacking.  Take a look at the great pictures from Michael Preston, Fiona Cushley and others.

Thanks to all the families who came along – and to the many brilliant school staff who showed up on a Sunday, too. So many people have helped to bring this massive project to fruition, and there will be plenty more to come.

Please make sure that Sunday 17th July is in your diaries NOW.  It’s the final Sunday of the summer term and from about 10:00am, we’ll be harvesting and cooking the crops that we’ve planting – making a wonderful Sunday dinner for everyone there.  Watch out for more details nearer the time.

Bright lights of Wonderland

It was magic, it was riotous... it was everything a party should be.

It was magic, it was riotous… it was everything a party should be.

Christmas came early to Tufnell Park this year. It may only be 4th December, but at Winter Wonderland this afternoon it felt as if everyone was ready to celebrate.

The party was a fantastic success, and so many people worked hard to make it happen that it’s impossible to mention them all.  This year’s Wonderland co-ordinator, Lou, has got to have a special thank you from all of us, though – as does Santa himself for showing up.  It’s a busy time of year for the old fellow, but he remembered Tufnell Park.

It also seems that more people came through our doors than ever before, and you know what they say: the people make the party!  There will be a full gallery of photos up soon but meanwhile, here’s a tiny taster of the fun that was had. Thank you, Caroline, for most of the photos below – and to everyone else who sent in pictures.

Indoor picnic for the new arrivals

An editorial team never rests... even during picnic time.

The editorial team never rests… even during picnic time.

The great outdoors – so over-rated, right?

All was cosy and calm at the Welcome picnic for Cygnus and the Nursery today… driven into the school hall at the last minute by a rainstorm over Tufnell Park from precisely 15:20-15:50. You can probably still find the odd tie-dye patterned balloon hanging in Dalmeny Park, missed by the organizers as they fled…

Nonetheless, with blankets and floor mats, colouring pens, loads of lovely food and balloons to kick about, there was plenty of fun to be had.  Thanks so much to everyone who came: it really was great to meet you.

Come again on Friday 9th October, 3:45pm for the HSA AGM in Andromeda Class.  That’s the way to have your say.

Sunshine and Samba at the school fair

Colombian dancers

New uniform, Colombian style: brilliant young performers from the Gotitas de Sabor dance academy lent our carnival Latin pizazz.

We know the sun always shines on Tufnell Park, and never more so than at the Summer Fair Carnival!

The beautiful weather yesterday was all of a piece with the fantastic atmosphere and fun as, for three all-too-short hours, the school plunged into full-on carnival mode.  Enough thank yous can hardly be said for everyone who made it such a terrific day – although our thank yous to business supporters will be posted in due course, along with a full set of photos.  Meanwhile, live it again through these advance offerings (and, for starters, thanks very much to the photographers who sent them):

Fun Run kids kept their cool

Next year, we need to supply sprinklers!

Next year, we need to supply sprinklers.

Well, it didn’t rain! The beautiful weather meant  our kids each ran their 20 minutes in scorching heat around the school playground, clocking up 200m per lap. Not that the sunshine slowed them down, or dampened the atmosphere: they just poured the drinking water over their heads and got on with it. As always, it was a truly fantastic effort by all involved.

Now that they’ve done their bit, let’s reward them with a donation on – it’s a lot less sweaty for us than it was for them…

Thank you to photographer and Cygnus parent, Juliette Neel, for the great pictures.  There will be more to come, and you can visit the school site for a couple more.

The cookbooks are here!!! Buy now, for only a fiver.

Our beautiful school cookbook - 50 glorious recipes from around the world.

Our beautiful school cookbook – 50 glorious recipes for you to try at  home.

The jewel in Tufnell Park School’s crown, some might say, is not a gemstone but a pilau… or a paella… or a risotto. It is no secret that we pride ourselves on the variety and sheer tastiness of the food that our parent community produces for events such as the school’s International Evening (the next one’s coming up in September), Give & Gain Day in May and Family Bingo last term.

Now at long last you can try out some of those recipes yourself, from the 50 included in our very first school cookbook. The interior is as beautiful as the cover, with the tales behind recipes and pages for cook’s notes so that, if you choose, you can add to the family lore. Thank you, star designer Lisa (mum of Eva in Draco) for your amazing skill and dedication to this one.

How to get hold of a copy?!?  Take your £5 to Andrea at the big, yellow front desk and get going with the borek before nightfall.

And as if inspiration were needed, take a look at the pictures of Family Bingo night in March – the brand new gallery has just gone live.

Do we eat or play?  It was a tough call at Family Bingo...

Do we eat or play? It was a tough call at Family Bingo…

Thank you for the transformation

How to say “thank you” loud and long enough to everyone who helped transform – metamophosize! – the shabby insides of our school on Give & Gain Day?

Make room for the teams! So many parents showed up to help - it was standing room only in the corridor.

Make room for the teams! So many parents showed up to help that it was standing room only in the corridor.

Two commercial partners – Santander bank and Jewson – gave cash donations, and the lovely people at Chris Stevens on Holloway Road enabled us to buy a veritable ocean of paint for much less than it could have cost us.

And then, the show of goodwill and volunteer muscle on Give & Gain Day itself was nothing short of amazing.  About 50 people – business volunteers from Santander, local councillor, Kat Fletcher, and many, many wonderful school parents – showed up during the day to help get the work done, and to bring cakes and other food to keep the volunteer army marching.

Our design team, Rachel and Patrick – both parents at the school – have donated extraordinary amounts of time and professional skill to make this happen.  They’ve been assisted before and after Give & Gain Day by production designer Adam and a small group of apparently tireless parent volunteers. Thank you all – your commitment has been phenomenal.

Though finishing touches are still to be added, the scale of the metamorphosis is fully apparent. What a fantastic effort by the community: it feels as if we really can do anything if we do it together.

Remember World Book Day: photo gallery

Donations from all that dressing up went to a good cause.

Donations from all that dressing up went to a good cause.

Well done, Tufnell Park! Today we received our certificate of thanks from the Rural Libraries project for the money you raised on World Book Day.

To celebrate, we’ve posted a new gallery of photos from World Book Day and Bring a Parent/Carer to School week, back in March. Click here to have a browse.

And remember there’s a second Bring a Parent/ Carer to School week from 8th-12th June.  Keep an eye out for the class visits timetable in due course (a copy will be posted on this site).

An Easter feast: photos of the Hat Parade

Paper mâché, tissue paper, paint, cardboard boxes, tape, glue, feathers, flowers, fur, fabric and a million tiny chicks are all packed up for another year. The glorious Tufnell Park School hat parade has been and gone… but we still have our memories. Check out the new Easter Hat Parade gallery on this site and see if your child’s/ family’s/ crafty cousin’s handiwork has been immortalised there. And thank you, everyone. The HSA only provides the prizes for this event, but the delight is universal.

Judging winners is a nigh-impossible task, but our LEA governor, Cllr Kat Fletcher, rose to the challenge.

Judging winners is a nigh-impossible task, but our LEA governor, Cllr Kat Fletcher, grabbed her clipboard and took it on with gusto.

Brilliant Bingo!

Almost the best thing about Bingo... 50 kids in the room and you can hear a pin drop.

Almost the best thing about Bingo… 50 kids in the room and you can hear a pin drop.

What a feast, and what fantastic fun it was at Family Bingo tonight. Thanks so much to everyone who came, to our wonderful organisers, and to all you magnificently generous cooks out there in the school community.  Families donated SUCH beautiful food from all around the world – it was out of this world. How is that even possible?

What’s more, early indications are that the event made over £400 towards more inspiring experiences for our children – the programme we call “Learning Treats”. What a truly brilliant result.

Here are a few blurry snaps of the evening: there will be better to come, over the Easter break.