Orion cake it alone

Two boys

Guess that’s why it’s called a “cake hole”. By some.

They called it a “monster cake sale” on their poster, and Orion certainly went giant on their profit today when they took in £130.60 from their cake sale… all alone. Or almost all alone.

Although the Nursery had a schedule clash today and unfortunately missed their cake sale, the HSA’s new candyfloss maker had just arrived at school and needed a try-out before the Summer Fair. So, candyfloss profits contributed to Orion’s heroic solo effort. And the verdict on the candyfloss machine?  It’s very pink.  And it works really well.  See it in action NEXT Saturday, 11th July, 2-5pm.

Fridays are for meeting… and treating

Don’t forget!  It’s the last cake sale of the school year tomorrow, with profits to Orion and the Nursery.  Bring cake, buy cake – or if you feel it’s too hot for cake, get creative with some fruit or healthy snacks to sell: all contributions are very welcome.

Nothing starts the weekend like a slice of cake.

Nothing starts the weekend like a slice of cake – get yours on the way out of school tomorrow afternoon.

If you can get to school any earlier, please join the Summer Fair meeting in the mobile from 2:00pm.

Sign up to help out at the fair, if you haven’t already, or just come and find out what’s going on and how it’s all going to work on the day.

With Colombian dancers, capoeira instructors and plenty of fruity punch on offer, this year’s carnival theme is hotting up right along with the weather…

What the HSA Committee talked about…

…on Tuesday 23rd June.

Carnival! Carnival! Carnival! With the Summer Fair less than two weeks away – it’s on Saturday 11th July – carnival planning is about the only game in the HSA’s town. Loads of people have signed up to help, which is absolutely brilliant because it’s going to be BIG as ever, and everyone also needs a bit of time off to go round the fair with their own kids. Let us know at any time if you don’t mind lending a hand.

Fair poster image for web

Email Anna on tpshsan7@gmail.com, grab one of the committee in the playground, put your name on the chart in the school lobby or look out for parents at the school gate all next week – they’ll be out there, signing up volunteers.

Even if you haven’t done any of that, you could still drop by the next – and final – Summer Fair planning meeting: Friday 3rd July at 2:00pm at school, in the mobile, conveniently leading you into the Nursery & Orion cake sale at 3:30pm.

One day, ALL of these will sell for 50p... but for today, it's only this one.

One day, maybe, ALL of these will sell for 50p… but for today, it’s only this one.

Keep an eye on the PACT folders, too: today they contain a letter about the fair listing things we still need, and attaching books of raffle tickets for families to buy and sell. Once again, our kind sponsors at Drivers & Norris have come up with a splendid first prize: an Apple iPad Air 16GB with WiFi – retailing at around £300 and possible to win for just 50p… if you buy the lucky ticket. It really is a beauty.

When the cash comes rolling in…

Brilliant work, Tufnell Park! You raised £600.17 for Children in Need today.

That figure represents a whole lot of fun and the enthusiastic help of a whole lot of people – not to mention 17 whole pence more than we brought in last year.

We had a new headteacher today - all day - and Mr Scarborough looks more than happy to relax in his jammys while she takes the helm (although he also had to make her a lot of tea, apparently).

We had a new headteacher today – all day – and Mr Scarborough looks more than happy to relax in his jammys while she takes the helm (although he also had to make her a lot of tea, apparently).

The weather was dismal, but despite the downpour our staff and students streamed into school in their PJs, to be greeted with a great Children in Need assembly from Orion class. The dress-up day raised more than £240, with “Be Head for a Day”, “Guess the number of sweets in the jar” and the after school cake sale making up the total. Somehow, we managed to get some teaching and learning done, too…

Fantastic footwork on Fun Run Day One

Orion - 3 boys detail

It’s all a blur as Orion round the bend…

Congratulations to Perseus, Orion, Draco, Ursa and Heracles, who were on fantastic form this morning as they pelted round the playground.

Our top score of the day comes from Orion, with one participant clocking up an incredible 23 laps – that’s 4,600m – in 20 minutes.

But every single child out there worked incredibly hard and made the small but excitable crowd of supporters extremely proud.

Click here to remind yourself how we say, “Well done!” And good luck to all those classes running tomorrow.

Lucky for Perseus that their teacher knows what an army marches on...

Mr Shuttleworth knows what an army marches on…

All better now. (They're saying, "Give us the money!"  Really, they are!)

Perseus are saying, “Give us the money!” Really, they are!

Cake congratulations to Cygnus & Orion

Buy cakes, bring in cash - everybody wins!

Buy cakes, bring in cash – everybody wins!

The Cygnus & Orion cake sale on Friday pulled in £170 to share between the two classes – a most pleasing result for the last class cake sale of the year.

There’s still one more (non-HSA) school cake sale to come this term, run by the School Council for its own fundraising. Watch out for the posters and PACT folder flyers.

Meanwhile, a giant, crumbly, pink-iced “thank you” goes to this year’s cake fairy, Jo, for all the organisation, liaison and inimitable publicity around the school.

Eat, bake, run: follow the Tufnell Park way

A white chocolate button for every lap they run...

A white chocolate button for every lap they run…

It’s time to stoke ourselves up for this year’s all-school Fun Run on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 June: sponsorship forms will be issued early next week. The proceeds will go towards a brilliant school trip for every child.

A timetable showing when each class runs will be posted on the school site nearer the date, and will be announced here. We need helpers, too, to tie on numbers, pour drinks and monitor the running.  Please come if you can.

For those who are feeling a little faint at the thought of all that exercise, to the rescue comes the Cygnus and Orion cake sale after school on Friday 13th June. Please pull on your oven gloves (or pull out your shopping bag) and donate baked goods to the final class cake sale of the year. And let the kids eat up!  They’ll be running it off the following week…

From Pegasus to Heracles - kick those legs out and run!

From Pegasus to Heracles – kick those legs out and run!

Spectacular Diwali with Orion class

Orion class put on a stunning display at today’s assembly in celebration of Diwali. Wearing gorgeous costumes sourced by teacher Miss Kahnum, they acted, danced and sang the Diwali story of Sita and Rama. A completely unbiased source reports: “…fabulous dancing and beautiful music has the whole school clapping along, and finished to rapturous applause with all parents becoming paparazzi.”
HappyDiwaliActing (detail)