A very merry Tufnell Park Christmas

Christmas comes in all sizes.

Christmas came in all sizes on the way to school on Friday.

So… term ended spectacularly Christmassarily: jumpers, jumpers everywhere, with legion lights, baubles, robins and reindeer.  It was as if good taste had never been invented – fun and fabulous! – as well as raising a lovely chunk of money for Save the Children, MacMillan Cancer Support and Make a Wish, in equal measure.  In the New Year, we’ll be able to tell you the exact size of the donation.

The day – and the term – finished with the Tufnell Park Nativity: an altogether excellent production this year, with particularly lavish sets and costumes, great singing and very impressive delivery from all the speaking parts. For all of which, the HSA can claim pretty much no involvement – except that they are, of course, your children – and that photographer and parent, Michael Preston, kindly sent us the pictures, so you see them here first…

Friday is Christmas Jumper day

Jumpers at Winter Wonderland were out already - warming up for Christmas Jumper Day on 18th December.

Jumpers were out already at Winter Wonderland – warming up for Christmas Jumper Day on 18th December.

Don’t forget: this Friday is the chance for everyone at school to show off that Christmas jumper for charity’s sake. All pupils are invited to ditch their uniform for the last day of school and wear something super-Christmassy instead.

Parents and families, please feel free to join in, particularly if you’re coming along to the Nativity at 2:00pm.

If you wish to, add your donation of £1 to the Jumper cause and it will be shared equally between Save the Children, MacMillan Cancer Care and Make a Wish.

Like mother...

Like mother…

...like daughter - they've got the togs ready!

…like daughter – they’ve got the togs ready!

And if your child doesn’t have a Christmas jumper, some tinsel and a few safety pins could change all that in just a few moments… It’s all in good fun – and there are SO few other occasions for wearing pine cones to school.

Happy Christmas with our time-travelling Nativity

A host of little stars file into our packed hall for the grand finale.

A host of little stars file into our packed hall for the grand finale.

Term ended today with a fresh take on the traditional Nativity, packed full of wonderful performances, thought-provoking themes, big laughs and terrific singing.

Drama teacher Phil stuck with the well-loved Tufnell Park finale, though, as Cygnus joined the rest of the cast on stage for a sparkling finish.

Take a look at the school site for many more pictures – and thank you to Finn’s Dad, Michael, for those (and these).

It was a dark and stormy night…

…and the last thing she wanted was to leave her warm home and venture out to the closed, locked school for Weight Loss Club – in the Nursery on Tuesday at 7:00pm. But she was so glad that she did!  Free nutrition and cooking tips, support, motivation, resolve – and what a result, in four short weeks!!!

WWII posterMen are more than welcome too, of course.  And if you want to support us, please make a donation that will be used for the school’s Arts & Literacy Week under the HSA’s Learning Treats fundraising programme.

But what if you don’t need to lose weight?  Or you’re going it alone?  Good for you! You can still while away a happy half hour on a January eve (re)watching the school’s Nativity play – thanks to Simon and Alan, who also made our lovely school video.  You’ll find them both on the Links page of this site… and the Nativity is here: