Let’s put the world in “World Book Day”

World Book Day 2016 colour poster for websiteWe know Tufnell Park’s a magical place, right?  But even so, it’s not every day that you meet Pippi Longstocking, Pocahontas, Aladdin and an Oompa Loompa before you even reach the school gates. THAT only happens on World Book Day.

Great characters have been created in every language: let’s see how many our children recreate when they arrive at school on Thursday.

This year, we’re using World Book Day to celebrate the variety of literature, language and culture available to our children through their own school community. There will be a mini-festival after school with children and families reading poems and songs in languages from around the worldplease contribute if you can (contact us in advance, or just turn up ready to read).

Lawrence of Arabia, you are massively welcome here.

Lawrence of Arabia, please come again this year!

The snack stall at the event is also going global in celebration of our community’s multi-national roots (and frankly, ‘cos Tufnell Park LOVES an international feast!). Again, please donate snacks or finger food if you can.  The money raised will be used for a gardening and international cooking project for children and families during the summer term, and you’ll hear more about that on Thursday afternoon, too.

Back on track with TPS Weight Loss Club

Don't despair! Come along to TPS Weight Loss Club and get all cleaned up.

Are you eating the cakes or are the cakes eating you?

Happy New Year with all its good intentions.  Because, you know, sometimes dreams do come true…

On Monday 11th January, Tufnell Park School sponsored Weight Loss Club kicks off for a fourth successful year, and runs every Monday for the first half of term. You don’t even have to be at the school to join: everyone in the community is welcome. So if you really want some help making changes to your eating, come along to the Nursery at 8:00pm for a discreet weigh-in. We will never shout out your weight to the room!

The club is supervised by qualified local nutritionist Amber Silverman of Nutrition for Health, who donates her time to help the school. This year, after months of heroic research involving literally kilometers of spiralized courgette, Amber is also able to offer specific advice – including recipes – to support the 5:2 method.

We try to keep our members entertained – and even inspired – with a range of high-quality information, including guest speakers, and emphasize healthy eating and exercise rather than any particular diet product.

You can throw away your badge now.

You can throw away your badge now.

Finally, there’s no charge for the club but it IS a fundraiser for Tufnell Park School HSA and has raised almost £3,000 for school projects since January 2013.

Donate whatever you wish at the club or on https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/weightlossclub4. Or, if you’re feeling brave, motivate yourself by getting sponsorship for your weight loss from family or friends. It works.

Thank you for the transformation

How to say “thank you” loud and long enough to everyone who helped transform – metamophosize! – the shabby insides of our school on Give & Gain Day?

Make room for the teams! So many parents showed up to help - it was standing room only in the corridor.

Make room for the teams! So many parents showed up to help that it was standing room only in the corridor.

Two commercial partners – Santander bank and Jewson – gave cash donations, and the lovely people at Chris Stevens on Holloway Road enabled us to buy a veritable ocean of paint for much less than it could have cost us.

And then, the show of goodwill and volunteer muscle on Give & Gain Day itself was nothing short of amazing.  About 50 people – business volunteers from Santander, local councillor, Kat Fletcher, and many, many wonderful school parents – showed up during the day to help get the work done, and to bring cakes and other food to keep the volunteer army marching.

Our design team, Rachel and Patrick – both parents at the school – have donated extraordinary amounts of time and professional skill to make this happen.  They’ve been assisted before and after Give & Gain Day by production designer Adam and a small group of apparently tireless parent volunteers. Thank you all – your commitment has been phenomenal.

Though finishing touches are still to be added, the scale of the metamorphosis is fully apparent. What a fantastic effort by the community: it feels as if we really can do anything if we do it together.

Brilliant Bingo!

Almost the best thing about Bingo... 50 kids in the room and you can hear a pin drop.

Almost the best thing about Bingo… 50 kids in the room and you can hear a pin drop.

What a feast, and what fantastic fun it was at Family Bingo tonight. Thanks so much to everyone who came, to our wonderful organisers, and to all you magnificently generous cooks out there in the school community.  Families donated SUCH beautiful food from all around the world – it was out of this world. How is that even possible?

What’s more, early indications are that the event made over £400 towards more inspiring experiences for our children – the programme we call “Learning Treats”. What a truly brilliant result.

Here are a few blurry snaps of the evening: there will be better to come, over the Easter break.

Great big world in one little school

We're thinking of bringing in a new school uniform... for the staff.

We’re thinking of bringing in a new school uniform… for the staff.

It was International Evening at Tufnell Park Primary School tonight and in due course, we hope to have the photos that really do it justice. The performances, the feasting, the festivities, the grand finale – it was absolutely brilliant. Here are some quick snaps, meanwhile, to keep you going.

And in case you wake up on a big sugar LOW on Friday, don’t forget that there’s a cake sale after school to raise money for props and costumes for the school’s Shakespeare production. You can see the performance – Romeo & Juliet – at the Pleasance Theatre on Monday 13th October.  So eat up for art and help buy a bodice or two.

The fun has only just begun

DSC_1266 we loved the mathmagician tooIf your home is all a-warble with Maori songs and Italian nursery rhymes, it’s likely a harbinger of Tufnell Park Primary School’s much-celebrated, eagerly anticipated International Evening – this Thursday, 25th September, from 5-7pm.

The children are rehearsing songs and dances, and families are cooking up a feast from every corner of the globe that’s represented by our school community. As for the staff, it’s always a mystery what they’re up to for this event – but we know it will be worth waiting for.

There’s a £4.00 door charge for adults only; all children come in free and once you’re inside, there are no further charges. If you’re able to contribute a dish that reflects your own origins – UK included! – it will be very welcome.

But everyone is just as welcome with or without one.

Stop - check that diary! It's International Evening this Thursday at Tufnell Park School.

Stop – check that diary! It’s International Evening this Thursday at Tufnell Park School.

Welcome back!

Thriving playground

Six weeks to grow and grow… the Infants’ playground now really is the jungle our kids requested.

Aw, school! Surely we all missed it just a little bit?

To remind you all what fantastic good times we have at Tufnell Park, the photo gallery for the Summer Fair is available at last – take a good, long look. And please also take a moment to read through the long list of local businesses who supported us. That’s in addition to the many, many parents, carers, friends and families who helped in so many ways. There are far too many to name you all, but the hardworking ladies at the Summer Fair spa asked for a special “thank you” to former pupil Nora Alshammary, who appeared out of nowhere with her friends and worked tirelessly to help shorten that never-ending queue.

The "donut" appears - having mutated into a brick-red rubberscape with dots, as voted by Cygnus kids.

The “donut” appears – now a brick-red rubberscape with dots, as voted by Cygnus kids.

And so to a new term. Elves have been at work in the Infants’ playground over the summer, completing their work at last with an undulating, dotty landscape – made of recycled rubber – under the beech tree. Governors have already been in to play on it, and we hope the children will enjoy it, too.

There are tons of events coming up in the first four weeks of school alone – beginning with the Adults’ 5K and 10K Fun Run on Friday 12th September.  Our new headteacher, Martin Scarborough, will be cheering us on and meeting parents informally at the Tufnell Park Tavern afterwards.  Keep your eye on the calendar and don’t forget to look in those PACT folders every day for more details.


Fruit frenzy for Sport Relief at TPS today

Tufnell Park School went all out for Sport Relief today, with Street Dance in the hall all afternoon, a fantastic Sports Snacks stall in the playground and some fun games alongside.

Healthy just tastes SO good!

Healthy just tastes SO good!

A lot of “thank you”s are due: to everyone who donated healthy food and drinks – the contributions were truly amazing.

To everyone who chopped and prepped and washed up – what a team!

To the school, of course, for continued mind-boggling enthusiasm – bit of extra? Yep, we’ll do it!

And to all of you who spent and ate: the stall alone raised £147.00 and the total raised by the school (at £1 per dancer) is still to come.

Finally, at the risk of an Oscar-length tribute, thanks to the lovely guys at Fam greengrocers on Fortess Road, who handed over a massive basket of fruit and veg, simply saying, “Children are our future.” Well, quite.

Fantastic day at the Fair!

Ramping up the tension – the raffle draw and auction at the end of a long, hot day

Ramping up the tension – the raffle draw and auction at the end of a long, hot day

The sunshine was a perfect incentive to bob for apples and strawberries!

The sunshine was a perfect incentive to bob for apples and strawberries!

Looking surprisingly happy, under the circumstances...

Looking surprisingly happy, under the circumstances…

Do you fancy the rat's chances against this well-armed angel?

Do you fancy the rat’s chances against this well-armed angel?


Thanks a million to everyone who contributed to an absolute scorcher of a summer fair yesterday. So many people and local businesses gave their time, effort, goods and goodwill to make it all happen, and it paid off 100-fold.

More pictures to come!