Cakes to cash: today’s result

Aquila and Heracles produced an impressive display of posters round the school in preparation for today’s cake sale, which really brought the punters in. The result? The two classes made tidy £128.48 between them, which means… £64.25 for each class (you’d already done that sum in your head, hadn’t you?).

Not a bad showing at all for a frosty January day. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the fine pile of baked goods on sale, and to the cake angels to hopped in to help the vastly outnumbered volunteers at the start (come back next time, please!). But someone will have to do even better to outstrip the mighty Draco & Andromeda sale of 28 November 2014. Cake sale volunteers still speak in awed tones of that day…

Worth their weight in cake

Spare a thought this week for the participants in this year’s Weight Loss Club, who will not be indulging at the Aquila and Heracles cake sale this Friday, 23rd January.  In fact, spare more than a thought: give them some encouragement with a donation at The money received will go towards this year’s Give & Gain project, which involves the whole school in the re-design and re-decoration of the school lobby and main corridor.

We didn't last long... the first cake sale of 2015 is next Friday.

We didn’t last long… the first cake sale of 2015 is next Friday.

There’s some good news for the Weight Loss Club already. For the third year, the Cecil Rosen Foundation has offered to sponsor the group £5.00 for every kilo lost.  If you missed the first session but you’re still prepared to squeeze your belt to raise funds for our kids, we need your lost kilosCome along this Tuesday (20th Jan) at 8:00pm and join us.  After that, we’ll have to close the club to new participants.

We’re also able to confirm two more Weight Loss Club speakers for our great line-up this year:

Tuesday 3 February, ex-Tufnell Park parent and current girls’ football coach, Naomi Clarke, is coming along to advise on incorporating more movement into your life.  Personal trainer Naomi will talk about how to keep moving even when you’re not in peak physical shape, and demonstrate a 7-minute workout that everyone can do at home daily, no excuses.

Tuesday 10 February, therapist Heidi Cohen will discuss the psychological and emotional factors that can lie behind overeating and make sustained weight loss so hard.

Everyone else, feel free to smother those winter blues in a pile of baked goods at the cake sale on Friday. Cake and biscuit donations are, as always, welcome – indeed, essential.

What the HSA Committee talked about…

…on Wednesday 15th October 2014.

Without science, how would we make slime? Thank you, Learning Treats!

Without science, how would we make slime? Thank you, Learning Treats!

Another action-packed – or rather, decision-packed – meeting on Wednesday night was attended by plenty of non-Committee HSA parents. The committee co-opted Mags, formerly in charge of HSA resources, as co-Chair. Becca (mother of Elsa in Andromeda and Rudy in Pegasus) takes Mags’ place as resources manager, so all places are now filled: thank you!

All parents and carers can come to any HSA Committee meeting: we publicize the date in advance and you just tell us you’re coming. The more, the better.

Two new dates this term: Children in Need on Friday 14th November (cake sale and dress-up day at the very least), and Winter Wonderland on Friday 12th December. The Winter Wonderland planning team are meeting at school on Friday 24th October at 2:30pm, and they’d love you to join them…

Louise (mother of Freya in Cygnus) volunteered to research and propose other dress-up/ charity days this school year, as it was decided to limit these to one per term.

Mr Scarborough congratulates the cast who performed "Romeo & Juliet" at the Pleasance Theatre earlier in the week.

Mr Scarborough congratulates the cast who performed “Romeo & Juliet” at the Pleasance Theatre earlier in the week.

The school’s impressive rendition of Romeo & Juliet at the Pleasance Theatre two days earlier was co-funded by the HSA, giving a great example of what the Learning Treats programme can do. We discussed possible Learning Treats to come: music, philosophy, history, art & design, natural science, food & nutrition… HSA Co-chairs Fiona and Mags will discuss these options with Mr Scarborough shortly and agree on the school’s priorities for the coming year.

We’re keen carry out a premises improvement project this Spring. Re-decorating projects were popular: the lobby, the toilets, the long corridor past the Juniors’ classrooms… We’d like the children to be centrally involved in design, possibly with a resident artist as a Learning Treat. A sub-committee is looking into what’s viable.

There followed a lively discussion about funding, which revealed possible new sources. John (father of Henry in Aquila and Huck in Cygnus) volunteered to follow this up. We’re always on the look-out for new partnerships, sponsorship and help in kind.

Finally, we are almost ready to present three costed options for a fantastic whole school trip this Christmas. Again, our co-Chairs will agree the final shortlist with Mr Scarborough, and all the children will vote. That’s coming very soon.


Fantastic footwork on Fun Run Day One

Orion - 3 boys detail

It’s all a blur as Orion round the bend…

Congratulations to Perseus, Orion, Draco, Ursa and Heracles, who were on fantastic form this morning as they pelted round the playground.

Our top score of the day comes from Orion, with one participant clocking up an incredible 23 laps – that’s 4,600m – in 20 minutes.

But every single child out there worked incredibly hard and made the small but excitable crowd of supporters extremely proud.

Click here to remind yourself how we say, “Well done!” And good luck to all those classes running tomorrow.

Lucky for Perseus that their teacher knows what an army marches on...

Mr Shuttleworth knows what an army marches on…

All better now. (They're saying, "Give us the money!"  Really, they are!)

Perseus are saying, “Give us the money!” Really, they are!

So near… Delphinus & Heracles in magnificent cake effort

Delphinus and Heracles moved a cake mountain today, raising £175.00 to split between the two classes. Thank you, cake bringers and cake buyers! The impressive total is just £1.92 short of Andromeda and Draco’s champion effort in January.  Can the Nursery and Aquila topple that record on 28th March..?

Cake fairies...

Cake fairies… fairy cake!

…meet fairy cake!

Good result, customers?

Good result, customers?

Amazing Clay + World Book Day

2photo 1 photo 1 photo 2 photo 4 photo 5There’s superb ceramic work going on in the mobile as, class by class, the whole school gets involved with Artist-in-Residence Claire Bevacqua’s totem pole project.

On Thursday 13th March we need volunteers with spades to pitch up at school at 9:00am and help prepare the ground for the nine totems being created.

Before that, though, there’s World Book Day to think about! Next Thursday, 6th March (or 7th March for Cygnus children), every child is invited to dress as a favourite character and donate £1.00 to the school.

While you’re searching for inspiration, don’t forget the Delphinus & Heracles cake sale tomorrow! “The Incredible Book-Eating Boy”, anyone?

Life’s a Cake-a-thon, so let’s get baking

2 kids_crop

Support Delphinus & Heracles with cakes and biscuits!

This Friday’s cake sale – 28th February – is for Delphinus and Heracles classes.  Heracles has the fewest pupils of any class in the school this year, so do donate sweet treats, bought or homemade, to help them along!

With Delphinus, they’ve got to raise more than £176.92 if they’re to beat Andromeda and Draco’s giant effort in January…

Joy and cake sales - hand in hand!

Joy and cake sales – hand in hand.

We love maths! Official!

At least, we love maths the way it is at Tufnell Park School Maths Lab – the first half of which was in the school hall this afternoon as part of Maths Week.  There’s a re-run tomorrow featuring the other half of the school (Nursery, Cygnus CW, Andromeda, Aquila, Columba and Orion), so see you there if you weren’t part of today.

We’ve very grateful to those parents who sent in the pictures below.  See if you can calculate what all those kids are up to…

Tufnell Park kids get creative

Heracles class make memories at Tate Modern

Heracles class make memories at Tate Modern

Thanks to Ms Khan’s quick initiative, Heracles class were the first school group to take advantage of Tate Modern’s new Art Exchange programme, two weeks ago. A parent from the school made the connection, and Year 6 leaped in to spend a day working on the themes of history and memory at the gallery. They’re currently the featured school on the Tate’s website.

Beautiful plant and seed collages by TPS gardening club

Beautiful plant and seed collages by TPS gardening club

Meanwhile, up in Highgate, the school’s gardening club made their mark at the Highgate Horticultural Society’s annual awards: they scooped the Junior Competitors’ Award of Merit as well as 1st prize for their vase of mixed flowers. On our re-vamped Links page you can see more of the seed collages they also created.

And if there’s any site you’d like other parents to know about, please let us know and we’ll post a link.