Put your money where your mouth is at Weight Loss Club

See? Healthy food is fun!

See? Healthy food is fun!

The UK is no longer heading for an obesity crisis: we’ve already arrived! If you’re not sure where you stand, take the NHS quiz, How Are You? With luck, you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

… and if not, Tufnell Park School’s annual New Year’s Weight Loss Club begins again on Monday 9th January at 8pm in the Nursery.  Come along and get inspired.  Weight loss can be hard and (let’s face it) dull, so we try to make it interesting with:

Great tips for healthy eating, delicious recipes, decluttering your food cupboard and preparing better food for a fussy family – all from nutritional therapist Amber Silverman, who supervises the club every week.

Authoritative weekly speakers on subjects related to health, weight loss, nutrition and feeding a family. This year, we’ve got:

Finally, remember that all donations made by and to Weight Loss Club members are spent directly on healthy activities for the children at our school: this year, the continuation of gardening lessons with a specialist teacher.  Even if Weight Loss Club is not for you, please donate online via the link below – and help the next generation of children grow up to be fitter adults:


Food spectacular at the Family Feast

DD jolly farmers of Tufnell Park get ready for dinner.

Do you think salad’s on the menu?

Family Feast on Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day in just about every way. Abundant crops, glorious sunshine – perfect for washing muddy spuds in tubs of cold water – and many hands available to share the work: all great ingredients for camaraderie.

Thank you, everyone who came along.  And thank you, particularly, to the parents and staff who first designed a four-country menu around the veggies that the children had grown, and then set us all to work on the day. (Of course, they themselves worked hardest of all.) It was so much fun, and the meal was absolutely delicious.

Perhaps best of all, this cross-cultural gardening and cooking project – an HSA Learning Treat, made possible by grants from Thames Water Community Fund and Santander Community Fund – has helped inspire ongoing gardening and cooking at the school as part of the curriculum next year.

In advance of the full gallery – these things take time! – here are a few images that capture the times we had.  Thank you, Fiona Cushley, for the pictures.

Further news from this blog is that the author has officially changed: we’re incredibly grateful to Rachel, mother of Francesca, for stepping up as blog-master so that Leonie can retire after three years at the keyboard.  In fact, Rachel’s been writing the HSA posts since Easter as part of a seamless handover, and will take sole charge from now on.  Please help her out by sending in your photos… we always, ALWAYS need them.

Weight Loss Club shrinks so our kids can grow

"Where there's muck, there's brass!" Your donation to Weight Loss Club will help fund a really great gardening project this year at Tufnell Park.

“Where there’s muck, there’s brass!” And vice versa.  Your donation to Weight Loss Club will help fund a really great gardening project this year at Tufnell Park.

The triumphant finale of this year’s sponsored Weight Loss Club was on Monday night. Congratulations to the nine determined participants, who all stayed the course and between them lost a truly impressive 34.7kg – that’s five and a half stone – over  four weeks.

Nothing says “Well done! I’m so glad I didn’t have to do it myself!” like good, cold cash: please donate now at https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/weightlossclub4.  All money raised goes towards a wonderful gardening, growing and international cooking project for children and families at the school, starting this March.

And massive thank yous to all the speakers who gave their time and expertise to help make Weight Loss Club so successful yet again: Amber Silverman of Nutrition for Health, whose annual support is invaluable, Professor Chris Bonell of UCL Public Health & Sociology, Diabetes UK, Naomi Clark for exercise advice and the three Tufnell Park staff who inspired the group with their own successful weight loss stories.