A very merry Tufnell Park Christmas

Christmas comes in all sizes.

Christmas came in all sizes on the way to school on Friday.

So… term ended spectacularly Christmassarily: jumpers, jumpers everywhere, with legion lights, baubles, robins and reindeer.  It was as if good taste had never been invented – fun and fabulous! – as well as raising a lovely chunk of money for Save the Children, MacMillan Cancer Support and Make a Wish, in equal measure.  In the New Year, we’ll be able to tell you the exact size of the donation.

The day – and the term – finished with the Tufnell Park Nativity: an altogether excellent production this year, with particularly lavish sets and costumes, great singing and very impressive delivery from all the speaking parts. For all of which, the HSA can claim pretty much no involvement – except that they are, of course, your children – and that photographer and parent, Michael Preston, kindly sent us the pictures, so you see them here first…

Fun Run gallery, fun run funds…

Delphinus - Tufnell Park Primary School Fun Run 2015

How fun was last June’s Fun Run?

Take a look at the fantastic new gallery of Fun Run photos – the biggest gallery on this site ever.

The Fun Run in June raised just over £3,000. This Friday, 9th October, in Andromeda class at 3:45pm, parents and carers are going to discuss (among other things) how best that should be spent to benefit all our kids this year. Come along. Children can play in Cygnus class and refreshments are provided.

Just look how our garden grew!

The kids are back at school… if they can find it.  It’s a low-slung 1950s building behind a lot of foliage.  All the children’s garden work in the summer term paid back in spades over the holidays, with a fantastic display in the planters all around the school.  Make sure you take a detour and have a look. (The school site has a great photo, too…)

We dress them in red so they can't get lost in the leaves.

We dress them in red so they can’t get lost… green could be fatal.

And this is the way we left it in July.

Can you believe this is how it looked in July?

There’s more gardening fun to come this year, thanks to a generous £985.00 grant from the Thames Water Charities Committee (and massive thanks once more to Kim and Andy Ollard for alerting us to that source of funding).

That’s just one of many, many projects our busy HSA has in the pipeline. Please put the HSA Annual General Meeting in your diary, come along and speak up about what you’d like to see happen this year. The meeting is right after school on Friday 9th October, with a creche and refreshments provided. We’re lost in the weeds without you.

Remember World Book Day: photo gallery

Donations from all that dressing up went to a good cause.

Donations from all that dressing up went to a good cause.

Well done, Tufnell Park! Today we received our certificate of thanks from the Rural Libraries project for the money you raised on World Book Day.

To celebrate, we’ve posted a new gallery of photos from World Book Day and Bring a Parent/Carer to School week, back in March. Click here to have a browse.

And remember there’s a second Bring a Parent/ Carer to School week from 8th-12th June.  Keep an eye out for the class visits timetable in due course (a copy will be posted on this site).

Cygnus cake triumph today

One girl + two cupcakes = total joy

One girl + two cupcakes = total joy

Well done, Cygnus!

Today’s cake sale made £117.00, and Ms Williams has already snapped up the cash to spend on all the children in Reception.

Thanks so much to everyone who donated goodies and who helped set up and run the stall.  And let’s not forget all you noble souls who bought cakes, and ate them.

Brilliant Bingo!

Almost the best thing about Bingo... 50 kids in the room and you can hear a pin drop.

Almost the best thing about Bingo… 50 kids in the room and you can hear a pin drop.

What a feast, and what fantastic fun it was at Family Bingo tonight. Thanks so much to everyone who came, to our wonderful organisers, and to all you magnificently generous cooks out there in the school community.  Families donated SUCH beautiful food from all around the world – it was out of this world. How is that even possible?

What’s more, early indications are that the event made over £400 towards more inspiring experiences for our children – the programme we call “Learning Treats”. What a truly brilliant result.

Here are a few blurry snaps of the evening: there will be better to come, over the Easter break.

Bingo Ker-chinggo!!

The cash registers are now shut to further sponsors of this year’s Weight Loss Club. Congratulations to our healthy eaters, who brought in contributions of £710.50. With Gift Aid, that represents a total donation of £825.63 towards materials for our soon-to-be revamped lobby and corridor.  Thank you so much to everyone who donated.  We also owe a massive thank you to the lovely Kim in Cygnus, who has sourced Jewson’s vouchers worth £400.00 to buy paint for the project.

And the fundraising fun goes on…  Anyone with a child at the school should find a flyer in their PACT folder today, looking a lot like this:

Fun and food for all ages after school this Thursday.Come along! There are prizes for adults and children, plus parents and families across the school are donating delicious international fare so that we can provide a plate of food for every ticket holder. There’s even a small kiddie-craft area for those children who aren’t Bingo fans.

As if all that weren’t enough, you’ll have the chance to sneak preview the Tufnell Park Family Cookbook, to which so many of you contributed recipes from around the globe. Bring cash and order your copy on the night (kerchinggg!): perhaps you’ll be cooking Tadjine Zitoune with Yorkshire Pudding by morning.

And all that lovely cash? It comes back to our children in the end, of course, so everybody wins.

Our World Book Day really is about… world books

Let's share our love of reading with children across the world.

Let’s share our love of reading with children across the world.

Tufnell Park School is reaching across the world on World Book Day, 5th March. While celebrating the books we love, we’ll be raising money for the Rural Libraries Project in Cajamarca, Northern Peru. Our very own Ms Heery will tell us more about her involvement at a special assembly on Thursday morning – where she will, of course, be addressing a hall full of Hermiones, Beast Quest Toms and other well-known characters. The money we raise from voluntary £1 donations for dressing up, and from our after-school cake sale (please donate!), will help pay for a newly-translated book for the children of Cajamarca, dedicated from the children of Tufnell Park.

To find out a little more about the community we’ll be supporting, follow the link below to a trailer for a prize-winning documentary about the region (worth seeing for the stunning landscape alone!):


We’re also celebrating language and literature closer to home, with a parents-and-children poetry reading in many languages.  That’s in the school hall after pick-up: so come along, buy a cake, let your children have a go at talking about their book character at our “Just a minute” character challenge, and listen to some poetry in the amazing range of languages we boast at Tufnell Park.

Go home replete with sugar and the marvel of words.

Cupcake, it's for you.  The perfect end to a perfect afternoon.

Cupcake, it’s for you. The perfect end to a perfect afternoon.

Bring us your books! (Your cakes and snacks, too)

"Your imagination is better than any film!" Ms del Pozo gets passionate about the power of reading.

“Your imagination is better than any film!” Ms del Pozo gets passionate about the power of reading.

Bring a parent / carer to school week” kicked off this morning with an assembly launching BookShare – where every child at the school is invited to bring in a favourite book to talk about and share. A specially-printed review card for each book will allow all readers to share what they thought of the book, too.

This morning, the teachers showed us how it’s done, telling the children about books that mattered to them as they were growing up – and clearly matter still, to judge by their presentations.

So please, do encourage your children to bring in the books they’d like to share – maybe something to think about while they’re planning who to dress as for WORLD BOOK DAY on Thursday.

Don’t forget we need donations of cakes (and other snacks) on Thursday, too!  About which, more shortly…

Sign up for easyfundraising and fund as you fly…

"Goodbye grey skies, hello blue!" Make money for TPS as part of your escape.

“Goodbye grey skies, hello blue!” Make money for TPS as part of your escape.

Anyone thinking of summer?

If you’re doing more than thinking – if you’re booking – summer flights or any other holidays, please take a moment to sign up for easyfundraising before you do. It’s really simple, it costs you absolutely nothing, and it accesses donations for the school from a huge number of major retailers.

Many airlines and holiday companies are part of the scheme. Given what family holidays cost, your booking can raise a larger donation than all that Christmas shopping combined…