Bingo/Cakes & the Fun Run

What a busy month June has been.  The Learning Resources fundraiser on Friday raised £124.50, thanks everyone for your generosity.

Bingo Night raised around £500 for musical instruments for the school, thanks to Jennie, Vanessa and the whole Bingo team, everyone had great fun…watch out for the photos soon.

The Fun Run has hit the fundraising target of £2000, WOW, thank you to everyone who has sponsored the children so far. The money raised will go towards improving playtimes during the building working.  Have a look at some great photos in the  Fun Run 2018 Gallery  Thank you to everyone who forwarded photos and to Michael Preston who kindly photographed the event on the Friday. The entire Fun Run was organised by Ezekiel (Lorea’s Dad in Ursa), THANK YOU to him and all the parents, teachers and carers who helped at the event or cheered the children on.  Here is the fundraising link again:

We hope the children are looking forward to the PTA funded Sobell trip this Friday to round the month off nicely….enjoy the sunshine.




Fun Run gallery, fun run funds…

Delphinus - Tufnell Park Primary School Fun Run 2015

How fun was last June’s Fun Run?

Take a look at the fantastic new gallery of Fun Run photos – the biggest gallery on this site ever.

The Fun Run in June raised just over £3,000. This Friday, 9th October, in Andromeda class at 3:45pm, parents and carers are going to discuss (among other things) how best that should be spent to benefit all our kids this year. Come along. Children can play in Cygnus class and refreshments are provided.

Last lap for the Fun Run

Cygnus - Tufnell Park Fun Run 2015

What an effort! Cygnus come cruising in despite the heat.

Just two days until the end of term and there’s still time to get any leftover or forgotten fun run sponsorship money into school or – better still – onto the dedicated website.

If you donate online, every £10 you give means £12.50 for the school, so please have your credit or debit card with you – it really is worth it. And even if you’ve already given, just take a look at our fundraising total.  It’s an amazing £2,537.33 at time of posting: let’s dig deep and hit that £3,000.00 target if we can.

Thanks again to parent/ photographer Juliette Neel for her wonderful photos. There will be a full gallery of her fun run pictures on this site in due course, together with those from parent/ photographer Michael Preston (it’s been a great year for photographers in Reception!). We’re ever so grateful to them lending their professional skills to capture the day.

Fun Run kids kept their cool

Next year, we need to supply sprinklers!

Next year, we need to supply sprinklers.

Well, it didn’t rain! The beautiful weather meant  our kids each ran their 20 minutes in scorching heat around the school playground, clocking up 200m per lap. Not that the sunshine slowed them down, or dampened the atmosphere: they just poured the drinking water over their heads and got on with it. As always, it was a truly fantastic effort by all involved.

Now that they’ve done their bit, let’s reward them with a donation on – it’s a lot less sweaty for us than it was for them…

Thank you to photographer and Cygnus parent, Juliette Neel, for the great pictures.  There will be more to come, and you can visit the school site for a couple more.

2015 Fun Run – coming right at you

Get out of their way! Our kids are unstoppable.

Get out of their way! Our kids are unstoppable.

June passes faster than a speeding 9-year old, and in just one week it’s Fun Run time again. Please support the children in their truly terrific feat, running 200m laps around the grounds for 20 minutes, come rain or shine. And if you sponsor via the dedicated BT MyDonate website, we raise a full 25% more through gift aid. Here’s that all-important link:

The more people who come along to cheer them on, the better – it really helps them to keep going.  Find out when your child’s class is running, below:




09:10-0940 Delphinus 09:10-0940 Cygnus CW
09:40-10:10 Heracles 09:40-10:10 Cygnus LT
10:10-10:40 Draco 10:10-10:40 Nursery
11:05-11:35 Ursa 11:05-11:35 Aquila
11:35-12:05 Andromeda 11:35-12:05 Orion
13:30-14:00 Perseus
14:00-14:30 Nursery (pm)
14:30-15:00 Columba


What the HSA Committee talked about…

…on Tuesday 19th May 2015

Cupcakes, lobby walls - you name it, we'll put smarties on it.

Cupcakes, lobby walls – you name it, we’ll put smarties on it.

A stream of “thank you”s were high on the agenda: to all parents who helped out at the fantastic Give & Gain day on 15th May (there were SO MANY of you!) and to our corporate supporters – Jewson, Santander and Chris Stevens – as well; and in particular, to Andromeda and Cygnus parents Rachel, Patrick and Adam for leading design and execution of the new-look corridor and lobby. Replacement furniture and a new IT installation are still to come, but the space is already truly transformed.

Is this the face that shipped a thousand lunches? (Well, it's one of the faces - thank you ALL involved!).

Is this the face that shipped a thousand lunches? (Well, it’s one of the faces – thank you ALL involved!).

Also, a massive thank you to everyone who helped make the extraordinary whole-school trip to Sobell Centre on 18th May happen, and happen so successfully: most notably Carolyne (mum of Emma and Luke) for kicking it off and our co-Chair Fiona for seeing through every detail. The school’s kitchen staff, chef John and Caterlink area manager Noel also went all out to help make the day special, as did the lovely instructors and staff at the Sobell.

The forthcoming Summer Fair (Carnival!) on 11th July necessarily took up most of the meeting’s discussion. Look out for the next HSA newsletter in your children’s PACT folders for full details of the stalls that are planned and what we need to make the fair another huge success. It’s certainly never too late to come up with an idea for a stall or activity of your own. And it can’t be said too often: we will always, ALWAYS need more face-painters than we have! Please volunteer – older siblings are also warmly welcome to help.

Even before the fair, the rest of this term is choc-a-block with HSA activity. Tuesday 16th June is recording day for the Music Learning Treat – a CD of songs from across the span of the last 100 years. Entries for the CD cover competition are on display in the school lobby: go in and take a look. They’re wonderful – hard to believe that someone is going to have to choose just one…

On Friday 19th June, national “Empty Classroom Day”, we’re focusing on ecological water use in honour of our volunteer team from Thames Water, who are coming to help build the foundations for the school’s Early Years forest school. Rain chains, soaker hoses, drip irrigation… there’s a whole new vocabulary to be learned.

The annual children’s Fun Run is the following week, Thursday 25th and Friday 26th June. Carolyne (again) and HSA resources manager, Becca, have kindly responded to our appeal for new parents to organise the event now that Fun Run instigator and brilliant long-term HSA supporter, Sara, is moving on.

And to end with another thank you: thank you Anna, mum of Freya in Aquila and Evie in Cygnus, for stepping up as HSA secretary. Anyone on the email list can expect to hear from Anna soon…

What the HSA Committee talked about…

…on Tuesday 21st April 2015

BIG DECISIONS were made at the Tufnell Park Tavern on Tuesday night: namely, the theme of this year’s Summer Fair. It’s Carnival! Think music, neon feathers, games and parades, fiesta, madness and perhaps a hint of Rio in anticipation of summers to come… Put the date in your diary: Saturday 11th July.

Time to get out the feathers again: the theme of this year's Summer Fair is Carnival.

Get out the feathers: the theme of this year’s Summer Fair is Carnival.

Thanks very much indeed to everyone who gave up their Tuesday evening to help plan. We need lots more help to make the dreams real, so please watch out for further meetings and sign up your support. Got an idea for a stall you’d like to run? Happy to help out on one of the rides? Make instruments and headdresses with the kids? Can you juggle? Please let us know! And we can never, ever, ever, ever have too many face-painters – particularly not at Carnival time.

News of other HSA projects this term:

Yay, Fun Run! Help us make it happen this year.

Yay, Fun Run! Help us make it happen this year.

The Children’s Fun Run needs a parent to lead it: come on, you sporting dads and mums! The last Thursday and Friday in June are pencilled for the event, which has always been fantastic for whole-school participation and an exciting physical challenge for the kids, as well as the HSA’s biggest fundraiser of the year. Whoever steps forward will have plenty of support from people who’ve done it before, but it can’t happen without someone to lead and co-ordinate. Contact the HSA for more details of what’s involved.

All hands to the paintbrushes on Friday 15th May, Give & Gain Day. The business volunteers who signed up to our project have had to pull out so we’re still looking for a partner, but whatever happens we’ll go ahead with parent power. Check whether your own employer allows “community days”: if so, they may be willing to release you (and some of your colleagues!) for a fully-paid day to help make our lobby and long corridor beautiful. If it’s impossible for you to take a week day off, perhaps you could come and help prep for Give & Gain Day on the weekend before the 15th. That’s Saturday 9th May: please come along, as we’ve a lot of wall to rub down! The designs themselves are to be revealed at assembly on Tuesday 28th April, and parents/carers are very much invited.

Watch the PACT folders, too, for requests for parents and carers to accompany the Whole School Fun Trip to the Sobell Leisure Centre on Monday 18th May. And there’s also a second Give & Gain project on Friday 19th June, involving a team of volunteers from Thames Water’s Inspection Division in building a den for our nursery.

Finally, the HSA urgently needs a new SECRETARY. It’s a really good way of getting involved in an important role without being overwhelmed by responsibility. You need to manage our email list and messages, schedule monthly meetings, send out agendas and take minutes – plus occasional related jobs, such as sending “thank you” notes to the many people and local businesses who help us. You do need to be able to come to the meetings. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

The votes are in: Whole School Fun Trip coming soon

After all that hard, hard work...

After all that hard, hard work…'s time to celebrate!

…it’s time to celebrate!

Remember last year’s Fun Run?

The children were raising money so that the whole school could go on a trip together to celebrate. By March this year, after a lot of research, and of ideas suggested and rejected for being impractical, not appropriate for all ages or – most usually – simply too expensive, the HSA put together four fully costed options on which the children could vote. They were:

Kew Gardens
The London Eye
Ripley’s “Believe it or Not
The (whole) Sobell Leisure Centre for a day

You can see complete details on what was offered by downloading the briefing document sent to class teachers:

Let the Children Vote_Four Options for the Whole School Fun Trip

By an overwhelming majority, the children went for the Sobell Centre and a day of trampolining, skating, gymnastics and sport – with the London Eye a distant second.  Check your child’s class results here:

Cygnus LT London Eye
Cygnus CW London Eye
Delphinus Sobell Centre
Andromeda Sobell Centre
Ursa Sobell Centre
Aquila Sobell Centre
Draco Sobell Centre
Columba London Eye
Orion Sobell Centre
Perseus Sobell Centre
Heracles Sobell Centre

As one happy pupil put it: “You can do all of the other things any time, if you buy a ticket. But getting the Sobell Centre for the whole school really is just once in a lifetime.”

The trip is scheduled for Monday 18th May – check your child’s PACT folder for details nearer the time.

Running rings round Tufnell Park


Tufnell Park School teachers take the new term in their stride.

Who knew that running in circles could be so much fun for all the family?

Maybe it was the number of teachers – as well as parents – taking part, or maybe it was the sheer joy of being back at school after all those boring holidays(!), but it seemed as if almost as many kids took part in the Adults’ Fun Run as in the childrens’ Fun Run last term.

Whatever the reason, their enthusiasm contributed greatly to the celebratory atmosphere out on the playing fields on Friday afternoon. And make no mistake, despite all distractions those runners worked really hard: thank you, all of you, for your tremendous effort, for your time and for helping make the event such a success.

Now, you generous donors, let’s click here and make it worth their while…

Tufnell Park: is it a little slice of heaven?

Friday afternoon in Tufnell Park: a little slice of heaven?

Our parents & teachers can run: the pictures prove it

In a pair of trainers, she'd be unstoppable.

In a pair of trainers, she’d be unstoppable.

It’s the adults’ sponsored Fun Run at Tufnell Park playing fields tomorrow, so come on down right after school.

Plenty of staff and families – including older siblings – joined in with the kids’ Fun Run in June, so we know you can put on a turn of speed when you need to (whatever your footwear happens to be). We also need people to help with the event and people to keep an eye on runners’ kids, although many children will return the favour and do a lap or two with their perspiring parents…

And if your feeling is that you’d pay not to run, you can certainly do that, too:  just click here.


Thanks again to photographer and Tufnell Park parent, Juliette Neel, for the images.