Great big world in one little school

We're thinking of bringing in a new school uniform... for the staff.

We’re thinking of bringing in a new school uniform… for the staff.

It was International Evening at Tufnell Park Primary School tonight and in due course, we hope to have the photos that really do it justice. The performances, the feasting, the festivities, the grand finale – it was absolutely brilliant. Here are some quick snaps, meanwhile, to keep you going.

And in case you wake up on a big sugar LOW on Friday, don’t forget that there’s a cake sale after school to raise money for props and costumes for the school’s Shakespeare production. You can see the performance – Romeo & Juliet – at the Pleasance Theatre on Monday 13th October.  So eat up for art and help buy a bodice or two.

The fun has only just begun

DSC_1266 we loved the mathmagician tooIf your home is all a-warble with Maori songs and Italian nursery rhymes, it’s likely a harbinger of Tufnell Park Primary School’s much-celebrated, eagerly anticipated International Evening – this Thursday, 25th September, from 5-7pm.

The children are rehearsing songs and dances, and families are cooking up a feast from every corner of the globe that’s represented by our school community. As for the staff, it’s always a mystery what they’re up to for this event – but we know it will be worth waiting for.

There’s a £4.00 door charge for adults only; all children come in free and once you’re inside, there are no further charges. If you’re able to contribute a dish that reflects your own origins – UK included! – it will be very welcome.

But everyone is just as welcome with or without one.

Stop - check that diary! It's International Evening this Thursday at Tufnell Park School.

Stop – check that diary! It’s International Evening this Thursday at Tufnell Park School.