Many hands make light work at Family Farm Sunday

It's not as if beverages weren't supplied...

It’s not as if beverages weren’t supplied… but this way looks more fun!

There was an amazing turnout for the Family Farm afternoon on Sunday, making short work of the planting and other tasks and leaving time for lots of play… and snacking.  Take a look at the great pictures from Michael Preston, Fiona Cushley and others.

Thanks to all the families who came along – and to the many brilliant school staff who showed up on a Sunday, too. So many people have helped to bring this massive project to fruition, and there will be plenty more to come.

Please make sure that Sunday 17th July is in your diaries NOW.  It’s the final Sunday of the summer term and from about 10:00am, we’ll be harvesting and cooking the crops that we’ve planting – making a wonderful Sunday dinner for everyone there.  Watch out for more details nearer the time.

What the HSA Committee talked about…

…on Wednesday 9th March.

It was great to see so many parents from this year’s Reception classes show up for the meeting – and a Cygnus parent, Irene (mother of Meadow) has stepped up to organize a healthy snack stall for Sport Relief on Friday 18th March. Thank you, Irene, the day is duly saved. Please, everyone, help her out by donating as many tantalizing-yet-sportingly-nutritious refreshments as you can muster (okay, popcorn is fine! And fruit kebabs never, ever, ever lose their appeal).

Don't be a Messi eater for Sport Relief...

Don’t be a Messi eater for Sport Relief this Friday…

...Go a whole bunch healthier with Cristiano.

…go a whole bunch healthier with Cristiano and the Tufnell Park Healthy Snack stall.

The HSA committee is still thin on the ground, though: more people are needed to take charge. Clearly, plenty of parents from the new intake are now thinking seriously about how they might like to get involved, which is great. For a start, do come along to the Tufnell Park Tavern on Wednesday 20th April at 8:00pm for an informal get-together with drink and food provided.

We’ll also be detailing vacancies widely and regularly from now on – in PACT folders, on the HSA noticeboard at school, by email and on this site. For instance, there must be SOMEONE on our parent body who can design our twice-termly, two-sided, A4 newsletter…! If you’ve never seen one, that’s because production has stopped until a designer can be found.  Here’s what they used to look like before the parent who designed them left (we’ve still got the writer):

HSA half-termly newsletter June-July 2015

Has anyone out there got InDesign at home? Could you do your own version? Get in touch!

It also became clear that lots of parents still do not know about this blog, or that you can follow us on faceBook. Please, if you ever talk to a Tufnell Park parent who declares themselves baffled about school events, urge them to check it out. They need never be in the dark again.

Our kids showed on Friday afternoon what brilliant little gardeners they can be - bring them along on Sunday 20th March at 1:30 to plant crops in the earth they've dug.

Our kids showed at Give & Gain last Friday afternoon what brilliant little gardeners they can be. Bring them along on Sunday 20th March at 1:30 to plant crops in that freshly-dug earth.

Other big agenda items included Family Farm Day (Sunday 20th March from 1:30pm), and the first Summer Fair planning meeting, 2:00pm on Friday 27th April in the school lobby. A final decision was made about the Summer Fair theme: “Cowgirls & Cowboys” – yeeeeehah!

Finally, there was a lively discussion about possible Learning Treats for this year and next. It’s a great shame that we’ve only managed one so far in 2015/16, compared to three each year in 2013/14 and 2014/15. With luck, some of the great ideas people came up with – ranging from recycling and the environment to orchestral music – will come to speedy fruition, if there’s a parent championing the cause.

Start farming… there’s a feast to come

Kids will be gardening all next term - and parents are invited to get in on the action, too.

Our kids will be gardening all next term – and now parents are invited to get in on the action, too.

Sunday 20th March, 1:30-4:00ish-pm, is Family Farming Day at Tufnell Park.  Everyone at school is invited to come along in warm/ waterproof/ doesn’t-matter-about-the-mud clothes to plant the crops that we’ll harvest and eat at the end of July (the Feast).

There will be cake, hot drinks and other refreshments to help keep us cheerful, whatever the weather: do come, and help the children kick off a fantastic, term-long gardening project that will involve them all.  If you missed the leaflet on World Book Day, take a look at it here:

Family Farm & Feast – download flyer here

We need to make room for a LOT of potatoes this year.

We need to make room for a LOT of potatoes this year.

This Friday, a team of 20+ volunteers from the workplaces of two Tufnell Park parents are giving their time and muscle to get the school grounds ready before the project begins. Raised beds will be mended, new ones introduced and low-maintenance irrigation systems put in place to help keep veggies watered over the weekends and holiday breaks.

All this costs money, in addition to the grant from Santander raised by the HSA. If you’d like to contribute, you could sponsor this year’s Weight Loss Club, which has already raised almost £1,000.00 towards gardening and healthy eating at Tufnell Park.  There are just 24 hours left to make your donation before the website closes….