Parents! Please Pop for Childnet this Friday

What’s a trip to the cinema without popcorn?

The eagerly-awaited Tufnell Park kids’ Animated Film Show is to be held in the hall after school on Friday 12th February, only 50p per (adult) ticket. We need supplies of healthy snacks for families to nibble as they watch.

Fruit kebabs are a massively popular choice at our new healthy snack sales.

Fruit kebabs are a massively popular choice at our new healthy snack sales.

Specifically, if you can, please donate popcorn, fruit kebabs and small sandwiches for sale before and during the event.

All proceeds go to Childnet as part of Safer Internet Week.




What the HSA Committee talked about…

…on Monday 16th November.

Oooo... the posters went up all round school today and it's time to start feeling Christmassy all over.

Oooo… the posters went up all round school today. It’s time to start feeling Christmassy all over.

Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland Winter Wonder… – it had to be, at this time of year! The party is on Friday 4th December, a week earlier than usual and only three weeks away.

Come to the final Wonderland planning meeting on Friday 27th November, 2:00pm in the school lobby.

Sign up to help on a stall at the party, so that no-one (except Santa) gets stuck in one place for the whole afternoon.

Lend us an artificial Christmas tree for Santa’s grotto – you can take it back at Going Home time, we promise!

Bake or buy cookies, cakes and Christmas goodies to donate for sale at the Wonderland Cake Stall.

Buy raffle tickets (coming home in PACT folders shortly) and/ or sell them to your friends – they will thank you when they win that £100 cash prize.

He'll be back - with treats for all you GOOD little girls and boys.

He’ll be back – with treats for all you GOOD little girls and boys.

Come along to the party from 4:30pm on Friday 4th December. There’ll be singing, dancing, the jolly old man in red, a cash draw, prizes galore, crazy Christmas make-overs, hot dogs and hot chocolate and fragrant hot wine, the ever-popular dress-up photobooth, a whole room of “snow” to jump in and demented amounts of glow-in-the-dark fun.

The HSA did some other business, too.

A Tufnell Park School Calendar for 2016 is already in production and, with 12 original class artworks depicting “Tufnell Park Scenes”, it’s going to be really wonderful. With luck, it will be on sale at Winter Wonderland… or very shortly after.

Looking forward to early Spring, we’ll be launching a fantastic gardening, growing and cooking project with a £4,880. grant from Santander’s Community Plus fund. This will involve several community days at school, so please watch this space for your chance to get involved. Thank you so much, HSA co-treasurer Carolyne (and Santander employee) for alerting us to a wonderful opportunity and submitting our application on the HSA’s behalf.

Finally, after carrying out research into the origins of our name – Home School Association – the committee voted overwhelmingly to change us back into a PTA, probably from September. There are some technicalities to sort out before a re-launch but at last we’ll have the advantage of people knowing what we are….

Carnival’s coming…

Come this Saturday at 2:00pm - could this be YOU?

Saturday at 2:00pm – this could be YOU!

…can you hear the drums?  No?  The whisper of the candyfloss machine?  The creak of the gazebos?  Tufnell Park School carnival is just around the cornerSaturday 11th July – and the lobby is swamped with all manner of strange bags and boxes.

Our fearless testers have proved it: the new candyfloss machine is good to go.

Our fearless testers have proved it: the candyfloss machine is good to go.

That’s right: we STILL need your bottles (full and empty), your cash and raffle stubs, your dried beans and lentils (yes, we will take your pulses), your gazebos… Keep ’em coming! It will all be worth it when you hear the kids shaking those home-made maracas from the craft stall as they join the parade at 4:00pm.

Thanks to everyone who’s donated already, and for all those marvellous prizes we’ve got lined up for the raffle, the auction and other stalls and games – trampolining lessons, tickets for sights of London, dinners, drinks, swimming pool day passes to work it all off again, and an Arsenal FC shirt signed by Ian Wright (he’s a LEGEND!) – it’s all true. Come by in the morning to help set up – but most important of all, see you there between 2-5pm to join in the fun.

“Every day in every way…”

Ah, January!  Month of steely resolution and broken dreams…

This Tuesday, 13th January, stop dreaming and take action.  Come to the school Nursery at 8:00pm and sign up for the third annual Tufnell Park School sponsored Weight Loss Club. You’ll get five weeks of motivation and support towards a fitter, healthier lifestyle, with the goal of losing up to 1kg per week and leaving you 4kg (approx. half a stone) lighter by half term.

Had enough yet?

Had enough yet?

Qualified nutritional therapist Amber Silverman donates her time and expertise to the club, so there’s always sensible, health-related food information on hand (note for those who want recipe advice: Amber’s a great cook and not averse to bringing in samples…).

If quinoa and chia seeds aren’t your thing, don’t worry!  This year’s line-up of weekly speakers is looking as tempting than any protein-based snack. We’re very grateful to all of them for coming along for free and helping us to remember why losing weight matters:

Week One, an ex-Tufnell Park parent talks to the group about her impressive sustained weight loss over 18 months since Summer 2013.

Week Two, Dr Andrew Wragg, consultant cardiologist at Barts & The London NHS Trust (described by The Guardian as “the stunning Dr Andrew Wragg, no doubt a distant relative of George Clooney” – not that we care) discusses weight loss, exercise and heart-health.

Week Three, Dr Rebecca O’Connell, Senior Research Officer of the Thomas Coram Research Unit, UCL Institute of Education, explains her team’s findings about family nutrition and its impact on children’s long-term health.

Weeks four and five focus on the psychology of over-eating and practical ways to incorporate exercise into a busy life.

No time to chat?  Just come along, weigh in and go: it’s up to you.

Nervous about coming alone? Bring a friend or relative who’s interested – you don’t have to be at the school to join.

Because – finally – the Weight Loss Club is a sponsored group which aims to raise money.  Make your donation via  Better still, get others to support you. There’s nothing like it for keeping you on track to meet your weight loss goal.

Save the last cake for me…

He may not be starting school for a couple of years yet, but we start them early on the cake sales.

He’s too young to start school, but his cake sale education has already begun…

Andromeda & Draco cake sale is this Friday, 28th November, after school.

We ran out of cakes at the last class cake sale before half term.  Please bring your cookies, cakes and other treats, and help make sure that such a thing can never happen again.

If you’re wondering when your child’s class is going to get its big, baked moment, take a look at our cake sale page here.


HSA is powered by parents

Running for TPS Oct 2014 SO

Raising money for Tufnell Park School is the best fun anyone can have on a Saturday morning!

…and families, carers and school staff, of course. You’re all needed, and everyone is welcome at the regular HSA Committee meeting tomorrow night (Tuesday 18th November). Given the time of year, we’ll be discussing Winter Wonderland with greatest urgency, but there’s always plenty on the agenda.

It’s not too late to let HSA secretary, Lucy, know that you’d like to attend: 8:00pm in Tufnell Park, and Lucy will send you the address.

Now that the window for donations has officially closed, a massive thank you to Tufnell Park parents Sarah and Rhodri for their fundraising effort in running the Royal Parks Half Marathon last month.  Together they raised a total of £1,658.75,  including Gift Aid, for the HSA, plus a further £692.50 each for Camfed (education for girls and women in Africa) and MDAC (campaigning for the rights of people with mental health issues). Well done, both of you – we hope you’ve spent the last month with your feet up, and that other parents and carers may take inspiration from your success.

Top-speed tourism for the Royal Parks runners: look at that view.

Top-speed tourism for the Royal Parks runners: just look at that view.

Running rings round Tufnell Park


Tufnell Park School teachers take the new term in their stride.

Who knew that running in circles could be so much fun for all the family?

Maybe it was the number of teachers – as well as parents – taking part, or maybe it was the sheer joy of being back at school after all those boring holidays(!), but it seemed as if almost as many kids took part in the Adults’ Fun Run as in the childrens’ Fun Run last term.

Whatever the reason, their enthusiasm contributed greatly to the celebratory atmosphere out on the playing fields on Friday afternoon. And make no mistake, despite all distractions those runners worked really hard: thank you, all of you, for your tremendous effort, for your time and for helping make the event such a success.

Now, you generous donors, let’s click here and make it worth their while…

Tufnell Park: is it a little slice of heaven?

Friday afternoon in Tufnell Park: a little slice of heaven?

“Keep on keeping on,” from Mr B.

Tufnell Park School, you’ve got true friends out West! Take a look at the Fun Run sponsorship webpage and see who was one of the very first to make a donation, with a message of support for all our runners, skippers and hoppers. So nice. Let’s hope he inspires plenty of others to do likewise…

A big thumbs up from across the briney...

A big thumbs up from across the briney…

He's got his local schools rooting for us, too!

…and he’s got his local school rooting for us, too!

Parents, show your muscle!

We need all parents, families, carers – and of course, children too – to come and help at the school on Saturday 10th May.  We’ve got to prepare the long boundary wall of the infants’ playground for fresh painting the following Friday.  Please come and scrape off old paint if you can.  We’ll be there from 9:00am and any time you can spare is good.

One of our big boulders is eased carefully into its new home.

One of our big boulders is eased carefully into its new home.

Perfect fit - no rocking or slipping.

Perfect fit – no rocking or slipping.

One of the nursery space hoppers helps out with sizing the bamboo holes (it got a nice bath afterwards...)

One of the nursery space hoppers helps out with sizing the bamboo holes (it got a nice bath afterwards…)

Meanwhile, the Easter Hat Parade gallery is ready at last. Take a look – and (re)witness what Tufnell Park School can create when we all set our minds to it. Now we’ve only got a playground to complete…

Lady with trees: update on the infants’ playground

"It's a jungle in here!" Designer Jackie Herald brings the outside in.

“It’s a jungle in here!” Designer Jackie Herald brings the outside in.

Look what’s sprouting at Tufnell Park School!

Playground designer Jackie was snapped in the foyer on her way to Reception class this morning. The Cygnus children have been put in charge of looking after our potted bamboo forest until it’s planted in the playground on Friday 16th May.

We’ll need two groups of volunteers on the day: people to help provide a picnic lunch by the pond for everyone working on the project, and people to work alongside the 30 volunteers from Flamingo Consulting as they plant, paint, weed and dig. We’ll also be looking for donations of food and drink, and for equipment to borrow.  We’re co-ordinating those donations by email – please let HSA secretary, Lucy, know if you’re not on the list and would like to be.

If you can’t come on the 16th – or even if you can! – we also need a lot of people to help prepare the site on Saturday 10th May. Come any time from 9:00am and bring a paint scraper with you…