Friday’s fantastic lolly sale

Roll up to buy your homemade ice lollies after school on Friday (ours come without the bear).

Roll up to buy your homemade ice lollies after school on Friday (the bear comes as extra).

Aquila, Draco and Columba classes have come up with a fruity twist on the Fundraising Friday this week.  They’re attempting a giant pure-fruit-juice ice lolly sale on 20th May after school – so fingers crossed for some scorching weather on the day to increase their sales.

The classes have requested fruit juice donations by Thursday 19th May, to give them time to make and freeze their lollies.  Donations of other fruit treats (such as kebabs) and healthy snacks – no cakes or biscuits – will be welcome on the day.

Reminder: there’s also a Summer Fair planning meeting this Wednesday at the Tufnell Park Tavern, 8:15pm. Please come along.

Fresh & Fruity Sport Relief raises £107.00

A little help from our local business friends... the fantastic guys at Fam on Fortess Road (aka "Best Greengrocer In the World") were super-generous with their donation for Sport Relief.

A little help from our local business friends… the fantastic guys at Fam on Fortess Road (aka “Best Greengrocer In the World”) were super-generous with their donation for Sport Relief.

Despite a grey and chilly day that seemed to call for hot chocolate and pies rather than fresh fruit platters, there was still joy to be had at the snack stall after school today.

The call for healthy food brings out the genius in parents…  those frozen yoghurt cupcakes fooled many a hungry child!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped to organise and who donated food.  £107.00 for Sport Relief represents a whole lot of snacks sold (214 portions, to be precise) and a lot of sourcing and chopping.

Friday is Christmas Jumper day

Jumpers at Winter Wonderland were out already - warming up for Christmas Jumper Day on 18th December.

Jumpers were out already at Winter Wonderland – warming up for Christmas Jumper Day on 18th December.

Don’t forget: this Friday is the chance for everyone at school to show off that Christmas jumper for charity’s sake. All pupils are invited to ditch their uniform for the last day of school and wear something super-Christmassy instead.

Parents and families, please feel free to join in, particularly if you’re coming along to the Nativity at 2:00pm.

If you wish to, add your donation of £1 to the Jumper cause and it will be shared equally between Save the Children, MacMillan Cancer Care and Make a Wish.

Like mother...

Like mother… daughter - they've got the togs ready!

…like daughter – they’ve got the togs ready!

And if your child doesn’t have a Christmas jumper, some tinsel and a few safety pins could change all that in just a few moments… It’s all in good fun – and there are SO few other occasions for wearing pine cones to school.

School fun goes global

Dish it up! Think of home and bring along the food you like(d) best.

Dish it up! Think of home and bring along the food you like(d) best.

This Wednesday, 16th September, it’s one of the school’s favourite events of the year: International Evening, 5-7pm, with food, songs and dancing from around the world.

To help you get to school before your child performs, please see the timetable below. Performances later in the schedule may run slightly late but…

…to prevent that happening, classes need to assemble 10 minutes before their allotted performance time.  Anyone bringing a child, please try and be prompt.

And everyone needs time before the grand finale to travel the culinary continents in the playground and load their plates high. No need to panic, though! There’s always been plenty of food to go round…



Andromeda 5:10
Ursa 5:20
Aquila 5:30
Draco 5:40
Columba 5:50
Orion 6:00
Perseus 6:10
Heracles 6:20
Surprise finale 6:30

*Cygnus and Delphinus do not perform.



Fun Run kids kept their cool

Next year, we need to supply sprinklers!

Next year, we need to supply sprinklers.

Well, it didn’t rain! The beautiful weather meant  our kids each ran their 20 minutes in scorching heat around the school playground, clocking up 200m per lap. Not that the sunshine slowed them down, or dampened the atmosphere: they just poured the drinking water over their heads and got on with it. As always, it was a truly fantastic effort by all involved.

Now that they’ve done their bit, let’s reward them with a donation on – it’s a lot less sweaty for us than it was for them…

Thank you to photographer and Cygnus parent, Juliette Neel, for the great pictures.  There will be more to come, and you can visit the school site for a couple more.

Bingo Ker-chinggo!!

The cash registers are now shut to further sponsors of this year’s Weight Loss Club. Congratulations to our healthy eaters, who brought in contributions of £710.50. With Gift Aid, that represents a total donation of £825.63 towards materials for our soon-to-be revamped lobby and corridor.  Thank you so much to everyone who donated.  We also owe a massive thank you to the lovely Kim in Cygnus, who has sourced Jewson’s vouchers worth £400.00 to buy paint for the project.

And the fundraising fun goes on…  Anyone with a child at the school should find a flyer in their PACT folder today, looking a lot like this:

Fun and food for all ages after school this Thursday.Come along! There are prizes for adults and children, plus parents and families across the school are donating delicious international fare so that we can provide a plate of food for every ticket holder. There’s even a small kiddie-craft area for those children who aren’t Bingo fans.

As if all that weren’t enough, you’ll have the chance to sneak preview the Tufnell Park Family Cookbook, to which so many of you contributed recipes from around the globe. Bring cash and order your copy on the night (kerchinggg!): perhaps you’ll be cooking Tadjine Zitoune with Yorkshire Pudding by morning.

And all that lovely cash? It comes back to our children in the end, of course, so everybody wins.

Bring us your books! (Your cakes and snacks, too)

"Your imagination is better than any film!" Ms del Pozo gets passionate about the power of reading.

“Your imagination is better than any film!” Ms del Pozo gets passionate about the power of reading.

Bring a parent / carer to school week” kicked off this morning with an assembly launching BookShare – where every child at the school is invited to bring in a favourite book to talk about and share. A specially-printed review card for each book will allow all readers to share what they thought of the book, too.

This morning, the teachers showed us how it’s done, telling the children about books that mattered to them as they were growing up – and clearly matter still, to judge by their presentations.

So please, do encourage your children to bring in the books they’d like to share – maybe something to think about while they’re planning who to dress as for WORLD BOOK DAY on Thursday.

Don’t forget we need donations of cakes (and other snacks) on Thursday, too!  About which, more shortly…

Worth their weight in cake

Spare a thought this week for the participants in this year’s Weight Loss Club, who will not be indulging at the Aquila and Heracles cake sale this Friday, 23rd January.  In fact, spare more than a thought: give them some encouragement with a donation at The money received will go towards this year’s Give & Gain project, which involves the whole school in the re-design and re-decoration of the school lobby and main corridor.

We didn't last long... the first cake sale of 2015 is next Friday.

We didn’t last long… the first cake sale of 2015 is next Friday.

There’s some good news for the Weight Loss Club already. For the third year, the Cecil Rosen Foundation has offered to sponsor the group £5.00 for every kilo lost.  If you missed the first session but you’re still prepared to squeeze your belt to raise funds for our kids, we need your lost kilosCome along this Tuesday (20th Jan) at 8:00pm and join us.  After that, we’ll have to close the club to new participants.

We’re also able to confirm two more Weight Loss Club speakers for our great line-up this year:

Tuesday 3 February, ex-Tufnell Park parent and current girls’ football coach, Naomi Clarke, is coming along to advise on incorporating more movement into your life.  Personal trainer Naomi will talk about how to keep moving even when you’re not in peak physical shape, and demonstrate a 7-minute workout that everyone can do at home daily, no excuses.

Tuesday 10 February, therapist Heidi Cohen will discuss the psychological and emotional factors that can lie behind overeating and make sustained weight loss so hard.

Everyone else, feel free to smother those winter blues in a pile of baked goods at the cake sale on Friday. Cake and biscuit donations are, as always, welcome – indeed, essential.

Get set for summer

It’s less than two weeks until this year’s Summer Fair: so much has been done and so much still to do…! We’re still sourcing prizes large and small for the Tombola – bring your donations to school reception – and the donation of a majestic raffle prize or lot for the silent auction is welcome any time.

duck poster finalSpeaking of the silent auction: this is where our parent community’s skills and services go down particularly well.  Can you do a marvellous manicure?  Bake a splendid cake?  Spare some time to babysit?  Show a (kid) visitor round your workplace?  Teach an hour’s guitar?

Other families out there may well donate CASH to the school for your effort, so please… be bold and offer.

Loads of people have come forward to offer help for preparation and on the day, which is really fantastic.  We can always use more!

Email the HSA any time to let us know that you’re available and willing to take a slot running a stall at the fair, to help set up, to take raffle tickets and posters round to local shops… We’ll be happy to hear from you.