Sweet & Savoury Snack triumph

It's snowing outside - but in here, we've got fruit kebabs = joy

It’s snowing outside – but in here, we’ve got fruit kebabs = joy

The Sweet & Savoury snack stall was an absolute triumph for the three infants’ classes today, raking in a £179.00 profit and boasting a truly beautiful array of foodstuffs.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed.  It’s really great to see how people have managed to expand the old “cake sale” brief and still make good money with plenty of sweet treats included.

Summer & Snacks: Friday 29th April

The Orion cake sale last summer - happy days are here again.

The Orion cake sale last summer – happy days are here again.

It seems a while since this blog featured a photo of a giant table groaning under the weight of many cakes, so here is one. The infants’ classes (Years 1 and 2) have opted for a Sweet & Savoury Snack Stall as their fundraiser this Friday.  The proceeds go to all three classes – Delphinus, Andromeda and Ursa – so we hope you’re very hungry…  Please donate if you can, and definitely come and buy.

"Stick 'em up, pardner!"  Put this lot in stetsons and we've got a posse.

“Stick ’em up, pardner!” Put this lot in stetsons and we’ve got a posse.

Conveniently timed at 2:00pm on the same afternoon is the extremely important Summer Fair Planning Meeting (meet in the school lobby).  The theme this year is Cowboys & Cowgirls, which we’ll be happy to interpret as loosely as necessary, in keeping with successful tradition.  The point is to put on a fantastic fun summer fair with tons of things to do… as well as raising a load of money for HSA activities next year. Saddle up and get on down to school, bringing your Wildest and Westest ideas with you.

Yum yum, cake scrum

Long shot

Storm before the storm: great waves of sugar-hungry kids washed up against the cake stall but the rain held off.

“Is it always like this?” gasped one astounded parent, viewing the three-deep queues of children around the Delphinus & Columba cakesale table after school today.  Well, it did seem like a bumper one: it had been a long time since the last sale and the parents and teachers of both classes put on a stunning display of baked and iced plenty for the punters. The total take was £112.00, representing £56.00 per class – and 224 cakes sold… in half an hour. Thank you, hardworking volunteers!

Bake up for Friday

Snap 'em up while they last...

Snap ’em up while they last…

Bring on your iced fancies this Friday at the Columbia & Delphinus cake sale after school: in the playground if it’s dry and in the lobby if it’s not.

Will anyone be baking “Ted’s quadruple chocolate cake” from our gorgeous school cookbook (UK section)?  We can only hope so…  Copies of the book are still available from Andrea at £5 a pop, and worth every penny.

And while we’re on the subject of the cook book, we owe a big THANK YOU to Steve at Ace Graphics, who not only cut us a fantastic deal on the printing, but donated £20.00 to the HSA out of the goodness of his heart.Ted's cake story

So near… Delphinus & Heracles in magnificent cake effort

Delphinus and Heracles moved a cake mountain today, raising £175.00 to split between the two classes. Thank you, cake bringers and cake buyers! The impressive total is just £1.92 short of Andromeda and Draco’s champion effort in January.  Can the Nursery and Aquila topple that record on 28th March..?

Cake fairies...

Cake fairies…

...meet fairy cake!

…meet fairy cake!

Good result, customers?

Good result, customers?

Amazing Clay + World Book Day

2photo 1 photo 1 photo 2 photo 4 photo 5There’s superb ceramic work going on in the mobile as, class by class, the whole school gets involved with Artist-in-Residence Claire Bevacqua’s totem pole project.

On Thursday 13th March we need volunteers with spades to pitch up at school at 9:00am and help prepare the ground for the nine totems being created.

Before that, though, there’s World Book Day to think about! Next Thursday, 6th March (or 7th March for Cygnus children), every child is invited to dress as a favourite character and donate £1.00 to the school.

While you’re searching for inspiration, don’t forget the Delphinus & Heracles cake sale tomorrow! “The Incredible Book-Eating Boy”, anyone?

Life’s a Cake-a-thon, so let’s get baking

2 kids_crop

Support Delphinus & Heracles with cakes and biscuits!

This Friday’s cake sale – 28th February – is for Delphinus and Heracles classes.  Heracles has the fewest pupils of any class in the school this year, so do donate sweet treats, bought or homemade, to help them along!

With Delphinus, they’ve got to raise more than £176.92 if they’re to beat Andromeda and Draco’s giant effort in January…

Joy and cake sales - hand in hand!

Joy and cake sales – hand in hand.

We love maths! Official!

At least, we love maths the way it is at Tufnell Park School Maths Lab – the first half of which was in the school hall this afternoon as part of Maths Week.  There’s a re-run tomorrow featuring the other half of the school (Nursery, Cygnus CW, Andromeda, Aquila, Columba and Orion), so see you there if you weren’t part of today.

We’ve very grateful to those parents who sent in the pictures below.  See if you can calculate what all those kids are up to…

Delphinus/Nursery cake sale this Friday

Now that all classes have completed their Fun Runs in magnificent form, it seems only right to give those kids some cake!  It really has been an impressive show of sporting determination – and it’s good to see the funds coming in, too.

The Delphinus & Nursery cake sale on Friday is the last of the year: bring cakes, buy cakes.  Thank you!

She's run a mile - give the girl some cake!

She’s run a mile – give the girl a cake!