Cygnus & Nursery: warm welcome in Dalmeny Park

Surely there could never be an UNwelcome picnic?

Surely there has never been an UNwelcome picnic?

Fingers crossed, it looks like the sun may continue to shine on Thursday afternoon for the new starters’ Welcome Picnic

All children in the Nursery and Reception classes – aka Pegasus and Cygnus – are invited to bring their families and carers to Dalmeny Park after school for cakes, snacks and fun. It’s a chance to meet each other, and your children’s teachers and teaching assistants, with a bit less time pressure than at school drop off and pick up.

If you want to, bring some food and drink as well as something to sit on.

Last chance to pretend it's summer...

It may be your last chance to pretend it’s summer…

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Cake congratulations to Cygnus & Orion

Buy cakes, bring in cash - everybody wins!

Buy cakes, bring in cash – everybody wins!

The Cygnus & Orion cake sale on Friday pulled in £170 to share between the two classes – a most pleasing result for the last class cake sale of the year.

There’s still one more (non-HSA) school cake sale to come this term, run by the School Council for its own fundraising. Watch out for the posters and PACT folder flyers.

Meanwhile, a giant, crumbly, pink-iced “thank you” goes to this year’s cake fairy, Jo, for all the organisation, liaison and inimitable publicity around the school.

Eat, bake, run: follow the Tufnell Park way

A white chocolate button for every lap they run...

A white chocolate button for every lap they run…

It’s time to stoke ourselves up for this year’s all-school Fun Run on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 June: sponsorship forms will be issued early next week. The proceeds will go towards a brilliant school trip for every child.

A timetable showing when each class runs will be posted on the school site nearer the date, and will be announced here. We need helpers, too, to tie on numbers, pour drinks and monitor the running.  Please come if you can.

For those who are feeling a little faint at the thought of all that exercise, to the rescue comes the Cygnus and Orion cake sale after school on Friday 13th June. Please pull on your oven gloves (or pull out your shopping bag) and donate baked goods to the final class cake sale of the year. And let the kids eat up!  They’ll be running it off the following week…

From Pegasus to Heracles - kick those legs out and run!

From Pegasus to Heracles – kick those legs out and run!

Totems Ahoy! + Carlee’s Cause

A native of Tufnell Park celebrates our new playground installation

A native of Tufnell Park celebrates the  addition to our playground.

Which segment did YOU create?

Which segment did YOU create?

This week saw the final installation of the totem poles our children have been crafting with artist-in-residence Claire Bevacqua. And what a tremendously cheerful addition they are: as fun to look at as they were to make!

Meanwhile, one of our Cygnus pupils is intent on spreading a different sort of sunshine with her fundraising effort this coming weekend. As you can read on her “Just Giving” page, Carlee’s Mum spent some time in the care of Great Ormond Street Hospital when she was pregnant. Now, with a sponsored cut of her long hair, Carlee is helping to give something back to the hospital and to The Little Princess Trust. Support her efforts by clicking here, or donate £10 by texting MVRF90 £10 to 70070.

This notice appeared in the window of Cygnus class last week...

This notice appeared in the window of Cygnus class last week…

Cygnus on the move

It was a busy week for Cygnus! While the rest of the school dressed up for World Book Day on Thursday, both Reception classes took to the road, rails, cables and waves to experience first hand this term’s topic: transport. It was an extraordinary itinerary, and in the words of one four-year-old reviewer: “It was GREAT!”

They didn’t miss out on dressing up, either – for pictures of that, click here. And thank you to Miss Tizard and Miss Williams for the selection below. It was quite a crowd you were shepherding round London: how DID you get all those parents to behave themselves?

We love maths! Official!

At least, we love maths the way it is at Tufnell Park School Maths Lab – the first half of which was in the school hall this afternoon as part of Maths Week.  There’s a re-run tomorrow featuring the other half of the school (Nursery, Cygnus CW, Andromeda, Aquila, Columba and Orion), so see you there if you weren’t part of today.

We’ve very grateful to those parents who sent in the pictures below.  See if you can calculate what all those kids are up to…

Galloping into Maths Week

A week of number fun begins at school tomorrow. Thank you to all parents who have volunteered to get involved! If you have an idea for Maths Lab after school on Tuesday or Wednesday, and can set it up and run it, it’s definitely not too late… Contact us.

Big thanks, too, to everyone who’s been bringing in 2ps and rinsed juice cartons for the children’s maths construction challenges. Large juice cartons are still needed – the more the better – and can be donated right up until Thursday 6th February.

Meanwhile, Cygnus saw out last week with a great homage to Chinese New Year on Friday. We thought you might like to join in, with these snaps below.  Thank you, brilliant parents who emailed them to us.

Cygnus picnic pictures

Great pictures of the Cygnus Welcome Picnic last Thursday… were you there?

Some might consider the HSA AGM this Thursday – 26th September – a less thrilling event… but that’s not the case!  And it’s important: do come if you can.  It’s straight after school in Andromeda class, with a creche very kindly provided in Cygnus by the teachers and assistants.

We loved it!

We loved it!