What the HSA Committee talked about…

…on Wednesday 9th March.

It was great to see so many parents from this year’s Reception classes show up for the meeting – and a Cygnus parent, Irene (mother of Meadow) has stepped up to organize a healthy snack stall for Sport Relief on Friday 18th March. Thank you, Irene, the day is duly saved. Please, everyone, help her out by donating as many tantalizing-yet-sportingly-nutritious refreshments as you can muster (okay, popcorn is fine! And fruit kebabs never, ever, ever lose their appeal).

Don't be a Messi eater for Sport Relief...

Don’t be a Messi eater for Sport Relief this Friday…

...Go a whole bunch healthier with Cristiano.

…go a whole bunch healthier with Cristiano and the Tufnell Park Healthy Snack stall.

The HSA committee is still thin on the ground, though: more people are needed to take charge. Clearly, plenty of parents from the new intake are now thinking seriously about how they might like to get involved, which is great. For a start, do come along to the Tufnell Park Tavern on Wednesday 20th April at 8:00pm for an informal get-together with drink and food provided.

We’ll also be detailing vacancies widely and regularly from now on – in PACT folders, on the HSA noticeboard at school, by email and on this site. For instance, there must be SOMEONE on our parent body who can design our twice-termly, two-sided, A4 newsletter…! If you’ve never seen one, that’s because production has stopped until a designer can be found.  Here’s what they used to look like before the parent who designed them left (we’ve still got the writer):

HSA half-termly newsletter June-July 2015

Has anyone out there got InDesign at home? Could you do your own version? Get in touch!

It also became clear that lots of parents still do not know about this blog, or that you can follow us on faceBook. Please, if you ever talk to a Tufnell Park parent who declares themselves baffled about school events, urge them to check it out. They need never be in the dark again.

Our kids showed on Friday afternoon what brilliant little gardeners they can be - bring them along on Sunday 20th March at 1:30 to plant crops in the earth they've dug.

Our kids showed at Give & Gain last Friday afternoon what brilliant little gardeners they can be. Bring them along on Sunday 20th March at 1:30 to plant crops in that freshly-dug earth.

Other big agenda items included Family Farm Day (Sunday 20th March from 1:30pm), and the first Summer Fair planning meeting, 2:00pm on Friday 27th April in the school lobby. A final decision was made about the Summer Fair theme: “Cowgirls & Cowboys” – yeeeeehah!

Finally, there was a lively discussion about possible Learning Treats for this year and next. It’s a great shame that we’ve only managed one so far in 2015/16, compared to three each year in 2013/14 and 2014/15. With luck, some of the great ideas people came up with – ranging from recycling and the environment to orchestral music – will come to speedy fruition, if there’s a parent championing the cause.

A very merry Tufnell Park Christmas

Christmas comes in all sizes.

Christmas came in all sizes on the way to school on Friday.

So… term ended spectacularly Christmassarily: jumpers, jumpers everywhere, with legion lights, baubles, robins and reindeer.  It was as if good taste had never been invented – fun and fabulous! – as well as raising a lovely chunk of money for Save the Children, MacMillan Cancer Support and Make a Wish, in equal measure.  In the New Year, we’ll be able to tell you the exact size of the donation.

The day – and the term – finished with the Tufnell Park Nativity: an altogether excellent production this year, with particularly lavish sets and costumes, great singing and very impressive delivery from all the speaking parts. For all of which, the HSA can claim pretty much no involvement – except that they are, of course, your children – and that photographer and parent, Michael Preston, kindly sent us the pictures, so you see them here first…

Screaming success for Fundraising Fridays

Welcome to Tufnell Park!

Welcome to Tufnell Park – dead or alive!

The whole school pulled together to make a massive success of the first Fundraising Friday.

Donations from Halloween dress-up raised c. £180 (final figure tbc), while the afterschool sale of Spooky Snacks, plus “Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin”, brought in a giant £223.93.

What a truly incredible effort, resulting in at least £403.93 to be shared between Cygnus class and the playground supervision team, who are going to buy toys and games for children’s break time.

Thank you so much, all you super-creative parents and families, for helping the children produce fabulous outfits, and for providing truly spooky snacks for sale. Take a good, long look at the gallery of photographs from school assembly, plus snaps from the playground before and after school (below).

Yeuuucccchhhh! Get your pennies ready…

Is that a vegetarian sausage?  All tastes catered for at Cygnus Spooky Snacks stall.

Yum! Can’t wait to see the vegetarian option.

Has it come to this? Looks like we’re selling body parts to raise cash for classes…

…and indeed, frankfurter fingers will be among the Spooky Snacks on offer at the after-school not-just-cake sale in aid of Cygnus class this Friday, 23rd October.

Of course, the kids eating them will probably look the part, as it’s also a Halloween dress-up day to help raise money for playground toys. There’s many a young witch or ghoul will be dying to get their gnashers into one of these.

Stand by tomorrow evening for photos – if you dare… (and please send some, if you take them): WO-A-HA-HA-HA-HAAA!

Indoor picnic for the new arrivals

An editorial team never rests... even during picnic time.

The editorial team never rests… even during picnic time.

The great outdoors – so over-rated, right?

All was cosy and calm at the Welcome picnic for Cygnus and the Nursery today… driven into the school hall at the last minute by a rainstorm over Tufnell Park from precisely 15:20-15:50. You can probably still find the odd tie-dye patterned balloon hanging in Dalmeny Park, missed by the organizers as they fled…

Nonetheless, with blankets and floor mats, colouring pens, loads of lovely food and balloons to kick about, there was plenty of fun to be had.  Thanks so much to everyone who came: it really was great to meet you.

Come again on Friday 9th October, 3:45pm for the HSA AGM in Andromeda Class.  That’s the way to have your say.

Welcome picnic in Dalmeny Park, Thursday 24th


We can’t guarantee the sunshine… but there are ALWAYS balloons.

This year’s nursery and reception children are all at school by now, and it’s time to welcome them with the annual picnic at Dalmeny Park.

If you haven’t got a child in Cygnus or the Nursery, you can still help… a lot.  By all means feel free to:

  • Lend a hand setting up (from 2:30/3:00) or clearing up
  • Come along with some food or drink
  • Steer any lost-looking newcomers towards the park, and, of course,
  • Say “hello” to the new parents.

It looked like rain last year and we got brilliant sunshine by 4:00pm, so let’s hope for a repeat! If the heavens do open, we’ll picnic in the school hall.

Cygnus cake triumph today

One girl + two cupcakes = total joy

One girl + two cupcakes = total joy

Well done, Cygnus!

Today’s cake sale made £117.00, and Ms Williams has already snapped up the cash to spend on all the children in Reception.

Thanks so much to everyone who donated goodies and who helped set up and run the stall.  And let’s not forget all you noble souls who bought cakes, and ate them.

Cygnus sweets and Music treats

Singing! Swinging! Playing the air trumpet! Delphinus have got it all going on.

Sing! Swing! Play the air trumpet! Ms Brereton gets Delphinus studio-ready.

It’s not news that the mobile’s alive with the sound of music, where Ms Brereton takes her classes: that’s a normal part of school life.

But there’s a new purpose to rehearsals these days, as you may have noticed if your children have come home recently singing the hits of bygone eras. Funded by the HSA, Ms Brereton has taken charge of a brand new Music Learning Treat, which will involve the whole school producing a CD of songs from the last 100 years. There’s a CD cover to design, too, and we expect recording to take place sometime in July, just before the end of term. Keep your ears open…

Eating smarties makes you smart (doesn't it?), so we sell a lot at school.

Eating smarties makes you smart, which is why we sell a lot at school. Buy more if it’s not working yet.

More immediately to hand is the Cygnus cake sale, coming THIS FRIDAY.  Please bring cakes and other goodies to sell, as all the cash we make will go direct to the Reception teachers to spend on whatever their classes need. You’re welcome to bring savoury and fruit snacks, too.  Children do like them.

Happy Christmas with our time-travelling Nativity

A host of little stars file into our packed hall for the grand finale.

A host of little stars file into our packed hall for the grand finale.

Term ended today with a fresh take on the traditional Nativity, packed full of wonderful performances, thought-provoking themes, big laughs and terrific singing.

Drama teacher Phil stuck with the well-loved Tufnell Park finale, though, as Cygnus joined the rest of the cast on stage for a sparkling finish.

Take a look at the school site for many more pictures – and thank you to Finn’s Dad, Michael, for those (and these).