Bingo Ker-chinggo!!

The cash registers are now shut to further sponsors of this year’s Weight Loss Club. Congratulations to our healthy eaters, who brought in contributions of £710.50. With Gift Aid, that represents a total donation of £825.63 towards materials for our soon-to-be revamped lobby and corridor.  Thank you so much to everyone who donated.  We also owe a massive thank you to the lovely Kim in Cygnus, who has sourced Jewson’s vouchers worth £400.00 to buy paint for the project.

And the fundraising fun goes on…  Anyone with a child at the school should find a flyer in their PACT folder today, looking a lot like this:

Fun and food for all ages after school this Thursday.Come along! There are prizes for adults and children, plus parents and families across the school are donating delicious international fare so that we can provide a plate of food for every ticket holder. There’s even a small kiddie-craft area for those children who aren’t Bingo fans.

As if all that weren’t enough, you’ll have the chance to sneak preview the Tufnell Park Family Cookbook, to which so many of you contributed recipes from around the globe. Bring cash and order your copy on the night (kerchinggg!): perhaps you’ll be cooking Tadjine Zitoune with Yorkshire Pudding by morning.

And all that lovely cash? It comes back to our children in the end, of course, so everybody wins.

Tufnell Park School loves to cook…

Glossy biscuits for cook book

Is it a fish? Is it a biscuit? It’s certainly a work of art…

…so please try to get those recipes to us by Tuesday 24th February (aka TOMORROW) for our International Evening school cookbook. Don’t forget to tell us if there’s a story behind your contribution – we’d like to include as many of those as we can. In case you’ve mislaid the form, it’s right here:

Cook Book recipe form – print out and bring to school.

When you’ve filled out that one, don’t put your pen down! This week is also your chance to let us know what you want from the redesign of the school lobby and long corridor.  The design teams will be gathering up feedback forms at the end of the day on Wednesday 25th February (THIS WEDNESDAY). Have your say now – download the form here:

Love Your Lobby feedback form – print out and fill in