Friday’s fantastic lolly sale

Roll up to buy your homemade ice lollies after school on Friday (ours come without the bear).

Roll up to buy your homemade ice lollies after school on Friday (the bear comes as extra).

Aquila, Draco and Columba classes have come up with a fruity twist on the Fundraising Friday this week.  They’re attempting a giant pure-fruit-juice ice lolly sale on 20th May after school – so fingers crossed for some scorching weather on the day to increase their sales.

The classes have requested fruit juice donations by Thursday 19th May, to give them time to make and freeze their lollies.  Donations of other fruit treats (such as kebabs) and healthy snacks – no cakes or biscuits – will be welcome on the day.

Reminder: there’s also a Summer Fair planning meeting this Wednesday at the Tufnell Park Tavern, 8:15pm. Please come along.

We’re singing… and dancing… in the rain

...with apologies to Mr Flatley - but our magnificent staff will stop at literally nothing to raise a smile despite the pouring rain.

All this, and they can teach, too!  Mr Flatley, it’s not too late to get your PGCE…

It was certainly the wettest International Evening in the school’s history tonight, but the show very much went on.  A quick very-wet-weather plan meant that all the food, drink and entertainment occupied a network of corridors and classrooms: the crush was considerable, but the joy and excitement undiminished.

Thank you: all you spectacular cooks; everyone who helped organize, set up and run the event; to the Holloway and Acland Burghley students who worked so hard and generously to help everything run smoothly; and to the wonderful performers.  Thanks, too, to the iPhone snappers who sent their pictures to the HSA for us to share.  There will be more to come.



Yum yum, cake scrum

Long shot

Storm before the storm: great waves of sugar-hungry kids washed up against the cake stall but the rain held off.

“Is it always like this?” gasped one astounded parent, viewing the three-deep queues of children around the Delphinus & Columba cakesale table after school today.  Well, it did seem like a bumper one: it had been a long time since the last sale and the parents and teachers of both classes put on a stunning display of baked and iced plenty for the punters. The total take was £112.00, representing £56.00 per class – and 224 cakes sold… in half an hour. Thank you, hardworking volunteers!

Bake up for Friday

Snap 'em up while they last...

Snap ’em up while they last…

Bring on your iced fancies this Friday at the Columbia & Delphinus cake sale after school: in the playground if it’s dry and in the lobby if it’s not.

Will anyone be baking “Ted’s quadruple chocolate cake” from our gorgeous school cookbook (UK section)?  We can only hope so…  Copies of the book are still available from Andrea at £5 a pop, and worth every penny.

And while we’re on the subject of the cook book, we owe a big THANK YOU to Steve at Ace Graphics, who not only cut us a fantastic deal on the printing, but donated £20.00 to the HSA out of the goodness of his heart.Ted's cake story

Two very different treats (well, three)

Congratulations to Ursa & Perseus, who made £90 on their cake sale today – £45 for each class. We were desperate for cake: the table was bare after less than 20 minutes. Thanks to everyone who brought some.

Mmmm, so good.

Mmmm, so good.

What, no cakes left?

What, no cakes left?

I think I got the last one...

I think I got the last one…





They weren’t the only treats on offer, though: members of Columba class were wreathed in smiles as they displayed the results of their Learning Treat with the Science Museum yesterday. Yep, the whole class made their own slime, in some of the most eerie-looking colours you can imagine…

Great work, girls - ain't it wonderful what science can do?

Great work, girls – ain’t it wonderful what science can do?

Actually, there’s third treat, too:

Click here to a look at the new photo gallery of International Evening, and relive the fun…

Science Week powers on despite school closure

Look at those ices go!

Look at those ices go!

Who would have thought that learning about science was exciting as… er, watching ice melt? But it was a fascinating business for Columba class this morning as the children tested their predictions against real-time melt rates for a range of different coloured ices. This is the second day of a whole-school science extravanza, which has age-appropriate experiments going on in every single class.

Special thanks to the amazing Ms Khan who not only organised and led the whole thing, but has saved Science Week from decimation by the school closure on Thursday.  Thanks to her, the Science Museum has agreed to reschedule that day of their visit to our school for Thursday 9th October.  And they’ll still be coming this Friday – 11th July – as originally planned.  That’s very good news for our children, and for the investment made by HSA Learning Treats.

Finally, thanks to parents and carers who volunteered to help out, despite the enormous number of school activities at this time of year.  Once we sorted out the organisational hiccups, it’s been really good to have you in the classrooms!  Don’t forget to take pictures…

Converting cake to cash – Columba’s result

Columba class has topped the year’s cake chart by raking in £100 at today’s sale, making them the single highest earning class since cake sales began (well, since September 2013). It’s up to Cygnus & Orion to take up the challenge on Friday 13th June.  Unlucky for some, maybe, but it’s the last class cake sale of the year…

A cupcake for the princess.

A cupcake for the princess.

The battle of Battenberg -

The battle of Battenberg –

You can't lose, only win.

You can’t lose, only win.

Get out your diary – dates for this term

It’s summer term already and our Summer Fair is on Saturday 12th July.  Please bring your ideas and offers of help to the HSA Committee meeting this Wednesday at 8:00pm in the café bar of the Tufnell Park Tavern.

Back to the drawing board... it's time to plan the 2014 Summer Fair.

Back to the drawing board… it’s time to plan the 2014 Summer Fair.

If you’ve got any free time on Saturday 10th May, do come to the school from 9:00am to help with the annual clear-out and reorganisation of the HSA shed as we gear up to fair season.

In a particularly thrilling development, we have been given our OWN SHED under the rock-solid control of resources manager, Mags Wild. Every silver lining has a cloud, though, and we’ve got a lot of stuff to schlep from the old shed to the new one.  Please help.

Speaking of rocks, a certain Alan Baldwin has been sourcing possible boulders for the infants’ playground in advance of Business in the Community’s volunteer day – 16th May. It’s coming up fast.  We need parents to join the volunteer team from Flamingo Consultants in setting up, planting, painting and stenciling on the day, plus donations of food and drink to give all our volunteers a great picnic lunch.  Oh, and thanks, Alan – but you know that’s going to exceed your baggage allowance.

2014 - 1 Boulder too

Just when you need it most, you find you’ve left the superman outfit at home…

Finally, let’s all stoke up our energy levels at Columba class’s cake sale this Friday, 2nd May. They’re the only class going it alone on a cake sale, so please donate baked goodies if you can.  And if you can’t give cake, buying cake at the sale is just as good!

From this...

From this… this, in 5 minutes. The magic of cake sales.

…to this, in 5 minutes. The magic of cake sales.


Harvest time with Columba class

How many words can YOU make out of "harvest"?

How many words can YOU make out of “harvest”?

Harvest assembly last Friday was led with panache by Columba class. We got great story-telling and clever word play using the letters in “H-A-R-V-E-S-T” to make some thought-provoking points about our food, where we get it and what we do with it. So many of you donated (the food went to London food banks), we thought you’d like to see the snaps…

Columba rock out with a harvest song - it's like the Isley brothers were in the room...

Columba rock out with a harvest song – it’s like the Isley brothers were in the room…