What the HSA Committee talked about…

…on Monday 16th November.

Oooo... the posters went up all round school today and it's time to start feeling Christmassy all over.

Oooo… the posters went up all round school today. It’s time to start feeling Christmassy all over.

Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland Winter Wonder… – it had to be, at this time of year! The party is on Friday 4th December, a week earlier than usual and only three weeks away.

Come to the final Wonderland planning meeting on Friday 27th November, 2:00pm in the school lobby.

Sign up to help on a stall at the party, so that no-one (except Santa) gets stuck in one place for the whole afternoon.

Lend us an artificial Christmas tree for Santa’s grotto – you can take it back at Going Home time, we promise!

Bake or buy cookies, cakes and Christmas goodies to donate for sale at the Wonderland Cake Stall.

Buy raffle tickets (coming home in PACT folders shortly) and/ or sell them to your friends – they will thank you when they win that £100 cash prize.

He'll be back - with treats for all you GOOD little girls and boys.

He’ll be back – with treats for all you GOOD little girls and boys.

Come along to the party from 4:30pm on Friday 4th December. There’ll be singing, dancing, the jolly old man in red, a cash draw, prizes galore, crazy Christmas make-overs, hot dogs and hot chocolate and fragrant hot wine, the ever-popular dress-up photobooth, a whole room of “snow” to jump in and demented amounts of glow-in-the-dark fun.

The HSA did some other business, too.

A Tufnell Park School Calendar for 2016 is already in production and, with 12 original class artworks depicting “Tufnell Park Scenes”, it’s going to be really wonderful. With luck, it will be on sale at Winter Wonderland… or very shortly after.

Looking forward to early Spring, we’ll be launching a fantastic gardening, growing and cooking project with a £4,880. grant from Santander’s Community Plus fund. This will involve several community days at school, so please watch this space for your chance to get involved. Thank you so much, HSA co-treasurer Carolyne (and Santander employee) for alerting us to a wonderful opportunity and submitting our application on the HSA’s behalf.

Finally, after carrying out research into the origins of our name – Home School Association – the committee voted overwhelmingly to change us back into a PTA, probably from September. There are some technicalities to sort out before a re-launch but at last we’ll have the advantage of people knowing what we are….

What the HSA talked about…

… at the 2014 AGM on Thursday 2nd October.

2013-14 AGM display

Isn’t it amazing what our school community achieved in one short year?

It was brilliant to see so many faces – familiar and new – at the AGM last week, and so many people eager to get involved.

Thank you to Liliana, mother of Yosef in Delphinus – and a chartered accountant in her native Colombia – for stepping up as our new Treasurer. Our out-going co-treasurers, Franky and Sarah, who have achieved absolute wonders in their four years in post, are pleased to leave their work in safe hands.

We also said farewell and thank you to co-Chair John, and put out an appeal for a new co-Chair to step up next to Fiona. It seems that our Resources manager, Mags (mother of Mary in Draco) may answer the call… Please take a look here at this year’s Committee, so you know who they are.

Before stepping down, Franky announced a fantastic £7,000 profit on HSA turnover over the last year. This means that, setting aside £2,000 to run Winter Wonderland and the Summer Fair, we have £5,000 to assign to new projects in the year ahead.

That’s in addition to £4,000 that has been raised for a very special school trip for every child in the school. We’re working on three possible options and hope to be able to put those to the whole school for a vote very shortly.

There’s also a new Learning Treat – a music project – already funded, to be designed by Ms Brereton with Mr Scarborough’s help. Watch this space!

We’re interested in sourcing more Learning Treats – in collaboration with school staff – that help make core subjects really exciting and fun for all our kids. And we’re dreaming up big school improvement projects, too, such as a competition for the children to keep their toilet block clean in return for having it redecorated according to their own designs (thank you Rhea, mother of Che in Delphinus, for suggesting that one).

The winter celebration team is already starting its researches...

The winter celebration team is already starting its researches… Come along on Wednesday night and get involved (no scissors needed).

Other suggestions from parents at the meeting were a Halloween dress-up day, some gorgeous Tufnell Park merchandise (think: red hoodies), and ideas about charities to support during the year.

The AGM ended with a great team coming together to plan our annual Winter celebration – headed by Jo (mother of Louie in Andromeda), who was already looking the part under a sprinkling of silver glitter.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 15th October (next Wednesday) at 8:00pm.  Please let us know if you want to come – the venue will be determined by numbers attending.

It was a dark and stormy night…

…and the last thing she wanted was to leave her warm home and venture out to the closed, locked school for Weight Loss Club – in the Nursery on Tuesday at 7:00pm. But she was so glad that she did!  Free nutrition and cooking tips, support, motivation, resolve – and what a result, in four short weeks!!!

WWII posterMen are more than welcome too, of course.  And if you want to support us, please make a donation that will be used for the school’s Arts & Literacy Week under the HSA’s Learning Treats fundraising programme.

But what if you don’t need to lose weight?  Or you’re going it alone?  Good for you! You can still while away a happy half hour on a January eve (re)watching the school’s Nativity play – thanks to Simon and Alan, who also made our lovely school video.  You’ll find them both on the Links page of this site… and the Nativity is here:




Feasting with friends at TPS

Fact: there cannot be too many parties at Christmas. Our roving reporter snapped the Infants’ party in the school hall: we thought you’d like to take a look. Thanks again to everyone who contributed food and drink. The children loved it!

Is it Hogwarts? No, it's the Tufnell Park School Infants' Christmas party!

Is it Hogwarts? No, it’s Tufnell Park School Infants’ Christmas party!

Don’t forget: the Winter Wonderland Raffle Draw is at 3:45pm today (Wednesday 18th December).

Someone's going to win this today!

Someone’s going to win this today.

Winter Wonderland went with a bang

How could it not, when it began with a cracker of an explosion? The singing and dancing! the cakes! the crazy coloured hair! the jolly old fella in red!

Merry Christmas, everyone – thanks for coming, and for making our school party so much fun.

Pow! Let the party begin!

Pow! Let the party begin!

They were gambling the foyer - sell that man some tickets!

They were gambling in the foyer – sell that man some tickets!

The band played 'em in.

The band played ’em in.

And stocking up on sweeties...

Time to stock up on sweeties.

Santa got everyone dancing like crazy.

Santa got everyone dancing like crazy.

How chilled IS the chill-out zone?

How chilled, exactly, IS the chill-out zone?

Pssssst!  Don’t forget the raffle draw is on Monday so there’s still time to buy!

And the lucky number is…

Christmas raffle tickets are ready – at school reception, at the gate and in the PACT folders on Friday!  For just £1, you’ve got the chance to win…

Over £100-worth of Nintendo DS2  - it's first prize in the Christmas Raffle!

Over £100-worth of Nintendo DS2 – it’s first prize in the Christmas Raffle!

Canon Powershot A2500 in Tufnell Park red...

Canon Powershot A2500 in Tufnell Park red…

...and yummy Christmas treats a bit like this lot!

…and yummy Christmas treats a bit like this lot!

…as well as theatre tickets, meals in local restaurants, gift vouchers and a gorgeous chocolate Christmas cake baked specially for us by the delightful Bunny Little’s Bakery – imagine!

And speaking of things to buy, have you snapped up one of our beautiful school calendars yet?  They’re available for £5 at the school gate while stocks last. Every class has made a page and they really are lovely, plus TPS term dates for 2014 are ready-entered for you – so useful.

Children interpreted their class names for our beautiful 2014 calendar

Children interpreted their class names for our beautiful 2014 calendar

Ho ho ho, here we go!

The school Christmas party – Winter Wonderland 2013 – is on Friday 13th December, less than two weeks away!  There’s a final planning meeting at school on Tuesday 3rd December, 8:00pm, for all who would like to come.

We’ll need cakes to sell at both infants’ and juniors’ parties – 4:00-5:30pm and 6:00-7:30pm respectively.  We need help on stalls for both.  And we’ve got fantastic raffle prizes and our gorgeous school calendars to sell, about which, more news shortly.  Apologies if it feels like an information bombardment over the next week: there’s a lot going on at TPS!

Poster tiny

It all adds up

It’s December!  If you’re not Christmas shopping now, we assume you never will be… So please, before you make your next online shopping click, sign up for easyfundraising using this link. By following the instructions, a proportion of what you spend online at 2,700 of Britain’s most popular retailers will be donated to our school.  It really is easy.

How old am I?

How old am I?

Every penny gets spent on our kids – like the incredible bubbly maths show being funded by the HSA for NSPCC Number Day on Tuesday. It’s the first event in the programme of curriculum support we’re calling, “Learning Treats”.

For the Number Day dress-up challenge, we’ve also been on the look out for costume inspiration. Those digits – they’re everywhere!


Finally, in keeping with Tuesday’s fundraising aim, another Cygnus mum drew our attention to the NSPCC’s Letter from Santa scheme. It’s a sweet way to raise more funds for the charity and give a child a lovely surprise. Keep the ideas coming!