The cookbooks are here!!! Buy now, for only a fiver.

Our beautiful school cookbook - 50 glorious recipes from around the world.

Our beautiful school cookbook – 50 glorious recipes for you to try at  home.

The jewel in Tufnell Park School’s crown, some might say, is not a gemstone but a pilau… or a paella… or a risotto. It is no secret that we pride ourselves on the variety and sheer tastiness of the food that our parent community produces for events such as the school’s International Evening (the next one’s coming up in September), Give & Gain Day in May and Family Bingo last term.

Now at long last you can try out some of those recipes yourself, from the 50 included in our very first school cookbook. The interior is as beautiful as the cover, with the tales behind recipes and pages for cook’s notes so that, if you choose, you can add to the family lore. Thank you, star designer Lisa (mum of Eva in Draco) for your amazing skill and dedication to this one.

How to get hold of a copy?!?  Take your £5 to Andrea at the big, yellow front desk and get going with the borek before nightfall.

And as if inspiration were needed, take a look at the pictures of Family Bingo night in March – the brand new gallery has just gone live.

Do we eat or play?  It was a tough call at Family Bingo...

Do we eat or play? It was a tough call at Family Bingo…

Brilliant Bingo!

Almost the best thing about Bingo... 50 kids in the room and you can hear a pin drop.

Almost the best thing about Bingo… 50 kids in the room and you can hear a pin drop.

What a feast, and what fantastic fun it was at Family Bingo tonight. Thanks so much to everyone who came, to our wonderful organisers, and to all you magnificently generous cooks out there in the school community.  Families donated SUCH beautiful food from all around the world – it was out of this world. How is that even possible?

What’s more, early indications are that the event made over £400 towards more inspiring experiences for our children – the programme we call “Learning Treats”. What a truly brilliant result.

Here are a few blurry snaps of the evening: there will be better to come, over the Easter break.

Bingo Ker-chinggo!!

The cash registers are now shut to further sponsors of this year’s Weight Loss Club. Congratulations to our healthy eaters, who brought in contributions of £710.50. With Gift Aid, that represents a total donation of £825.63 towards materials for our soon-to-be revamped lobby and corridor.  Thank you so much to everyone who donated.  We also owe a massive thank you to the lovely Kim in Cygnus, who has sourced Jewson’s vouchers worth £400.00 to buy paint for the project.

And the fundraising fun goes on…  Anyone with a child at the school should find a flyer in their PACT folder today, looking a lot like this:

Fun and food for all ages after school this Thursday.Come along! There are prizes for adults and children, plus parents and families across the school are donating delicious international fare so that we can provide a plate of food for every ticket holder. There’s even a small kiddie-craft area for those children who aren’t Bingo fans.

As if all that weren’t enough, you’ll have the chance to sneak preview the Tufnell Park Family Cookbook, to which so many of you contributed recipes from around the globe. Bring cash and order your copy on the night (kerchinggg!): perhaps you’ll be cooking Tadjine Zitoune with Yorkshire Pudding by morning.

And all that lovely cash? It comes back to our children in the end, of course, so everybody wins.

Meet with us – Monday 9th February

"Say, BINGO!" Come and discuss this term's family fundraiser at the meeting on Monday.

“Say, BINGO!” Come and discuss this term’s family fundraiser at the meeting on Monday.

HSA Committee meetings are open to all members – that is, all parents and carers of children at Tufnell Park School.  You just need to let us know you’re coming.

The committee is meeting this Monday – 9th February – at 8:00pm, at a member’s home in Tufnell Park. Contact HSA secretary Lucy for the address.

There’ll be an update on activities for World Book Day on Thursday 5th March, as well as the whole of the school’s Bring a parent/ carer to school week (2nd-6th March). And we’ll be thrashing out plans for a family bingo evening with international food before the end of term – a simple little event that’s already spiralling into something of a bonanza.

To keep up to date on all HSA projects – and to have your say about what happens – come along.

What the HSA Committee talked about…

…on Wednesday 30th April.

Summer Fair planning has begun. The fair is on Saturday 12th July and the next two planning meetings are Tuesday 20th May and Tuesday 17th June. Please come: the room was buzzing with ideas and we need lots of people to make it all happen.

Ah! The British seaside! Who can forget the legendary infants' trip to Southend in June last year?

Ah! The British seaside! Who can forget the legendary infants’ trip to Southend in June last year?

Our theme this year is SEASIDE. Candy floss, deck chairs, coconut shies… has anyone got a donkey? Seriously.

We also talked about fundraising. The HSA has grown ambitious and successful in what it funds, which is exciting. But we can’t forget that our income is far from guaranteed. The more people associated with the school – parents, carers, children – raise money through their own projects and sponsorship, the better. We need people to think about supporting us just as they would another charity. Cygnus and Nursery parents did a fantastic job over Easter of raising funds for a feature of the new infants’ playground that was outside the scope of our budget. But donations don’t need to be huge: every little really does help.

The HSA itself has scope to organise one further event during spring term, so we’re thinking of offering family bingo for all the school. Autumn term is bookended by the Cygnus welcome picnic and Winter Wonderland, and in summer term we organise the Fun Runs and Summer Fair.

Come and help on Saturday 10th May, and baby comes too...

Come and help on Saturday 10th May: baby comes too…

Our most immediate project took up the rest of the discussion. The transformation of the Infants’ Playground is well and truly underway and it’s a massive undertaking.

Finishing the Playground

From now: Please lend tools and equipment for Give & Gain day. Email us if you’d like to be on our email list about this and other plans.

Saturday 10th May – Come to the school from 9:00am for as much or as little time as you have, and help us prepare the site for Give & Gain Day. Kids welcome.

Friday 16th May – Give & Gain Day. Come help prepare our picnic feast or work alongside 30 business volunteers who are helping us finish the playground.

Monday 19th May – The new infants’ playground opens.

Brilliant Bingo

Bingo novices and old hands got together for a fantastic fun night in the school hall yesterday. Now if we can only get the kids to concentrate that hard…

You could've cut the air with knife...

The focus! You could’ve cut the air with a knife.

And there were winners...

And there were winners…

...and winners!

…and winners!

But you didn't have to win to have a good time.  Really.

But you didn’t have to win to have a good time. Really.

Of course, a little woo-woo helps.

Of course, a little woo-woo helps.

He's the only guy who stayed calm in the whole place.

He’s the only guy who stayed calm in the whole place.

Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who worked so hard to make it happen. It was great!

Have a good half term… and come back to Christmas party planning at the Tufnell Park Tavern, 8:00pm on Wednesday 6 November.  See you there!

Picnics, planning… and Bingo!

The holidays are over - but the fun doesn't have to stop!

The holidays are over – but the fun doesn’t have to stop!

Welcome to the new school year at Tufnell Park.  HSA activities in the first half term include a getting-to-know-you picnic for Reception children, and the all-important HSA AGM on Thursday 26 September.  Plus, we’ve got a fantastic Bingo night planned just before the half term break (it’s sooner than you think).  Look out for details in PACT folders and on this site.