Great result for Children in Need

The school welcomed a lovely new head for the day today - very generous with the Head teacher's awards.

The school welcomed a lovely new head for the day today.

Well done, Tufnell Park!

The grand total for our fundraising efforts on behalf of Children in Need came just a tenner short of £400 today.

The after-school snack sale and balloon cartooning brought in £162, despite being crammed into the lobby as the weather turned unreliable. During the week, “Guess the number of sweets in the jar” plus the madly popular “Head for a Day” draw raised £228 (£227.78 to be precise).

Thanks to everyone who contributed cash, cakes, time and effort – particularly Diane, for her tireless all-weather ticket-selling at the gate.

Remember World Book Day: photo gallery

Donations from all that dressing up went to a good cause.

Donations from all that dressing up went to a good cause.

Well done, Tufnell Park! Today we received our certificate of thanks from the Rural Libraries project for the money you raised on World Book Day.

To celebrate, we’ve posted a new gallery of photos from World Book Day and Bring a Parent/Carer to School week, back in March. Click here to have a browse.

And remember there’s a second Bring a Parent/ Carer to School week from 8th-12th June.  Keep an eye out for the class visits timetable in due course (a copy will be posted on this site).

Corridor design: the children’s vision

Mystery designer: who are you?  This anonymous offer appeared on one of the feedback forms - we'd love to know who you are!

Mystery designer: who are you? This anonymous offer appeared on one of the feedback forms – we’d love to know who you are!

Projector malfunction, though disappointing, didn’t prevent us going ahead with a special assembly this morning to announce the winners of the school’s corridor design. For those at the back and those who weren’t there, the three winning models are as follows:

The children have really thrown themselves into the design process and there were so many fantastic ideas on display, the voters were spoiled for choice.  Please do them proud by coming to help realise their designs on Give & Gain Day.  Contact the HSA at any time to ask further questions or let us know you can help, whether for a day or an hour…

There's been a lot of sketching so far - come and see the lobby designs in displayed in the lobby from Thursday.

There’s been a lot of sketching: now come and see the lobby designs in displayed IN the lobby from Thursday.

Architect/ parent Patrick also spoke briefly this morning about the progress of the lobby design project and the feedback he’s received from families and children.  Lobby designs will be exhibited IN our lobby from Thursday onwards (along with the originals of the corridor designs above).

Please stop by and take a look.

Designs for the long corridor: see the exhibition

Could this one be the winner?

Could this one be the winner?

If there’s any one, identifiable trend in the children’s designs for the school’s long corridor, it strongly indicates that the future will be psychedelic…

Please stop by after school one day this week and take a good, long look at the designs that are exhibited there.  Children and staff are voting on their favourites, and the top three choices will be revealed at a special assembly on Tuesday 28th April, right after drop off.  Come along if you can!


Gasps all round as “Love Your Lobby” kicked off today

Great assembly this morning, as architect Patrick (father of Saskia in Andromeda and Magnus in Cygnus) and artist Rachel (mother of Enzo in Andromeda) introduced the “Love Your Lobby (and long corridor!)” project to the school. Classes have picked representatives for the two design teams (lobby and corridor), but every child’s suggestions are invited as part of the process.

“Love Your Lobby” launches with a Learning Treat

Do you love your lobby? In particular, the lobby of Tufnell Park School, constructed in the 1950s and blessed (or otherwise) with additions and subtractions over the years?

It's spacious... but is it inspired?

It’s relatively spacious… but is it inspired?

The corridor from the Juniors' classrooms - mmmmm! What's not to love?

Corridor from the Juniors’ classrooms – what’s not to love?

There’s been a feeling among parents, heartily seconded by the school (particularly our endlessly helpful administrative staff, who shiver by the leaky windows all day), that our lobby could use a spot of refreshment. Not to mention that corridor that leads to the Juniors’ classrooms…

And, if we’re refreshing the way our school buildings look and function, who better to do it than our children?

Of course, there’s precious little money to spend on redecoration and anyway, we’d like to do something a tad more ambitious than just repaint the walls.

Enter our excellent parent body and, in particular, an architect Dad and an artist Mum (not from the same family!), who are giving their time and expertise to lead Design and Art Learning Treats – the lobby and corridor respectively. The process will involve the whole school in re-envisioning how our lobby and corridor could be, led by smaller design teams for each project.

For more details, feast your eyes and imagination with the initial Love Your Lobby project plan. If you can, come to assembly at 10:20am on Monday 26th January, when the project will be presented to the whole school. And look out for PACT folder notices in the term to come: they’ll include consultation letters asking for feedback. Final designs will be presented at the end of term.

How will we afford it?  By doing it ourselves, of course – with, we hope, the help of a team of business volunteers, just as we built the Infants’ Playground last year.  Look out for more news of Give & Gain Day 2015 and block out Friday 15th May in your diary now if you’re able to give us a hand.

Winning tickets for the Christmas draw

Hard to tell who's happier: Mr Scarborough or our lucky winner.

Hard to tell who’s happier: Mr Scarborough or the winner of our first prize.

There were plenty of big smiles at assembly this morning as Mr Scarborough announced a string of winners for this year’s Winter Wonderland raffle.

For those of us who went home without a prize, we can take comfort from the fact that all profits go to the HSA to spend on all our kids: the total will be announced here when the final receipts are in.

We’ll be seeing the results of that in some great Learning Treats coming up in the next couple of terms.  Watch this space…

When the cash comes rolling in…

Brilliant work, Tufnell Park! You raised £600.17 for Children in Need today.

That figure represents a whole lot of fun and the enthusiastic help of a whole lot of people – not to mention 17 whole pence more than we brought in last year.

We had a new headteacher today - all day - and Mr Scarborough looks more than happy to relax in his jammys while she takes the helm (although he also had to make her a lot of tea, apparently).

We had a new headteacher today – all day – and Mr Scarborough looks more than happy to relax in his jammys while she takes the helm (although he also had to make her a lot of tea, apparently).

The weather was dismal, but despite the downpour our staff and students streamed into school in their PJs, to be greeted with a great Children in Need assembly from Orion class. The dress-up day raised more than £240, with “Be Head for a Day”, “Guess the number of sweets in the jar” and the after school cake sale making up the total. Somehow, we managed to get some teaching and learning done, too…

Bake it up, baby!

Eat chocolate: help Children in Need.

Eat chocolate: help Children in Need.

It’s our Children in Need fundraising day on Friday, so please donate CAKE for the after-school sale: let’s move a cake mountain for this excellent cause.

You’ve also got two more days to Guess the number of sweets in the jar (on the front desk in school reception) and for your child to put in their bid to Be Head for the Day: tickets are 50p.

The winner will be announced at Friday assembly and will take up their position wearing pyjamas.  Luckily their deputy, Mr Scarborough, will be wearing pyjamas too, so everyone will feel right at home.

Head teacher recruitment: we didn't do it this way last time, did we?

Head teacher recruitment: surely we didn’t do it this way last time?

And finally… the next HSA Committee meeting is on Tuesday 18th November at 8:00pm.  Winter Wonderland will be high on the agenda, plus upcoming projects for the spring term.

Please email HSA secretary, Lucy, if you’d like to come and she’ll make sure you have the address.