Sweet & Savoury Snack triumph

It's snowing outside - but in here, we've got fruit kebabs = joy

It’s snowing outside – but in here, we’ve got fruit kebabs = joy

The Sweet & Savoury snack stall was an absolute triumph for the three infants’ classes today, raking in a £179.00 profit and boasting a truly beautiful array of foodstuffs.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed.  It’s really great to see how people have managed to expand the old “cake sale” brief and still make good money with plenty of sweet treats included.

Summer & Snacks: Friday 29th April

The Orion cake sale last summer - happy days are here again.

The Orion cake sale last summer – happy days are here again.

It seems a while since this blog featured a photo of a giant table groaning under the weight of many cakes, so here is one. The infants’ classes (Years 1 and 2) have opted for a Sweet & Savoury Snack Stall as their fundraiser this Friday.  The proceeds go to all three classes – Delphinus, Andromeda and Ursa – so we hope you’re very hungry…  Please donate if you can, and definitely come and buy.

"Stick 'em up, pardner!"  Put this lot in stetsons and we've got a posse.

“Stick ’em up, pardner!” Put this lot in stetsons and we’ve got a posse.

Conveniently timed at 2:00pm on the same afternoon is the extremely important Summer Fair Planning Meeting (meet in the school lobby).  The theme this year is Cowboys & Cowgirls, which we’ll be happy to interpret as loosely as necessary, in keeping with successful tradition.  The point is to put on a fantastic fun summer fair with tons of things to do… as well as raising a load of money for HSA activities next year. Saddle up and get on down to school, bringing your Wildest and Westest ideas with you.

We’re singing… and dancing… in the rain

...with apologies to Mr Flatley - but our magnificent staff will stop at literally nothing to raise a smile despite the pouring rain.

All this, and they can teach, too!  Mr Flatley, it’s not too late to get your PGCE…

It was certainly the wettest International Evening in the school’s history tonight, but the show very much went on.  A quick very-wet-weather plan meant that all the food, drink and entertainment occupied a network of corridors and classrooms: the crush was considerable, but the joy and excitement undiminished.

Thank you: all you spectacular cooks; everyone who helped organize, set up and run the event; to the Holloway and Acland Burghley students who worked so hard and generously to help everything run smoothly; and to the wonderful performers.  Thanks, too, to the iPhone snappers who sent their pictures to the HSA for us to share.  There will be more to come.



Andromeda and Draco in cake frenzy

Forget Ikea - the real Black Friday bargains were to be had in the school hall.

Forget Ikea – the real Black Friday bargains were to be had in the school hall.

Congratulations to Andromeda and Draco classes for a massive return to cake sale form on Friday: takings of £177.44 in little more than half an hour. You will have calculated immediately that this means each class has £88.72 – aka “almost £100!” – to spend as they see fit during this school year.

Thank you very, very much, everyone who donated those beautiful cakes, biscuits and ever-popular fruit kebabs to the sale.  And don’t hang up your oven gloves just yet… Christmassy cake and cookie contributions will still be needed for Winter Wonderland on Friday 12th December.

Save the last cake for me…

He may not be starting school for a couple of years yet, but we start them early on the cake sales.

He’s too young to start school, but his cake sale education has already begun…

Andromeda & Draco cake sale is this Friday, 28th November, after school.

We ran out of cakes at the last class cake sale before half term.  Please bring your cookies, cakes and other treats, and help make sure that such a thing can never happen again.

If you’re wondering when your child’s class is going to get its big, baked moment, take a look at our cake sale page here.


You need buns for a bun fight

…and we’ve got them! The Draco & Andromeda cake sale on Friday hauled in £176.92 in what seemed like 10 minutes. That’s cash that goes straight to the classes to spend. For information about all this year’s cake sales, check out our new Cake Sale page. Now you’ll always be prepared…

Just look at these little beauties.

Just look at these little beauties.

Cake Sale_Bun Fight

Urgent! We’re starving!

Cake Sale_clean sweep

…And it’s gone.

PS: In a few weeks, this website will be part of a beautiful new school site, along with our children’s blogs and other ICT work. And we’re doing it ourselves! So don’t forget to come along to Andromeda Class this Tuesday at 4:00pm or 8:00pm to find out all about it. Snacks will be served for both mind and body, and the lovely ladies in Cygnus will look after your little ones for you.

Volunteer for Maths Week, 3-7 February

Confused as she is? Let's work it out together...

Confused as she is? Let’s work it out together…

We need parents, families, carers to join in with Maths Week – the first of the school’s three special subject weeks this year. Mr Gulliford – Maths Week Champion – is looking for people to discuss with the children how they use maths and numbers in jobs every day: maths is everywhere!

You can't bake a cake without numbers...

You can’t bake a cake without numbers.

We’re hoping to match at least one person with every single class so that all the children benefit. You certainly don’t have to be an expert – although we’re happy to take experts, too.

Interested? Contact us, or let your class teacher know. But in your excitement, don’t forget the Andromeda / Draco cake sale this Friday. You may need the energy.

Andromeda wins trophy

At assembly this morning, Andromeda class were presented with a trophy and certificate in honour of their outstanding fundraising effort for the children’s Fun Run. They raised the greatest amount of cash of any class – £790. Congratulations to all in Andromeda and our thanks to all who supported the children of Andromeda and the other classes in their fruitful efforts.


Certificate and trophy take pride of place in Andromeda class.