Learning Treats

Ouch! That fatal blow would never have happened without an LEARNING TREAT.
Ouch! That fatal blow would never have happened without a LEARNING TREAT.

Since January 2014, the PTA has spent a proportion of its funds each year on selected projects that give a big boost to the children’s learning at school. The official term is “curriculum enrichment” but Learning Treats just sounded more fun.

PTA policy is not to repeat treats year after year, but to break new ground in areas that our members (parents and carers) suggest and that the school advises would be useful. We hope that, following a successful Learning Treat, teachers will feel supported and inspired to repeat some of the most effective (and cheaper!) elements themselves.

Here’s what we’ve funded so far:


Year 4 Shakespeare Learning Treat – Sept/Oct 2017

This half-term in Middle Bay, the PTA helped to fund an exciting project with the Shakespeare in Schools organisation. The entire bay visited Shakespeare’s Globe where we got to see inside the theatre as well as use their rehearsal space to practise parts of the play.  Twenty-three of our Year 4 children successfully auditioned and were chosen to perform at The Pleasance Theatre on the 19th October 2017.  Here are some pictures of the rehearsals & Class trip to The Globe in London.


Music Workshops with all classes on 26 & 27 April – Bang On



Puzzle Challenge Workshops: January

Animated film-making (Safer Internet): January/February

School Gardening Initiative (funded by Santander): Mar 2016 – Ongoing – PTA news

The Big Think (Philosophy Man): 24 February 2015
Art & Design (redecoration of the long corridor and lobby): Jan-July
Music & Design (school CD and cover design competition): 16 June

Maths Week: 3-7 February
Literacy through Art Week19-23 May
Science Week: 7-11 July and 9 October
Shakespeare for Schools (Romeo & Juliet): 17 October (funded 50/50 with school)

Everyone ready to learn??

Everyone ready to learn??

The Learning Treats programme was launched on 3 December 2013 at NSPCC Number Day.

Each Learning Treat so far has cost in the region of £1,000+, and how many we support each year depends on how much money we continue to raise.

If you’ve got an idea about an inspiring teaching resource: contact us!