PTA Meeting Notes

  • Open Meeting – held Wednesday 22 May in Bear & Wolf Café, NW5


  • This year’s Summer Fair theme is to go back to the 1950’s.
  • Emily to apply for the Local Funding Initiatives grant for the cost of the Bouncy Slide and Mr Ballooniverse.
  • Class Reps have been told what stall their class has been allocated and we will additionally have a master sign-up sheet at school for volunteers to sign up.
  • We need to have a copy of the sign-up sheet on the day for each of the stalls so people aren’t confused about what they’re doing.
  • Prizes will be old fashioned ones – gliders, fortune telling fish, punch balloons, bat and balls, and there are mini water pistols and paw patrol clothes in the shed.
  • Decorations – bunting would be good.
  • New School Library
  • The Morris Trust has generously donated funds to furnish the entire library. Linda Morris of the Morris Trust will be opening the library at an event on 10th October.
  • Alumni Party in School Hall – 12th July at 6.30pm.
  • There’ll be a bar, hot drinks and music (provided by Emma). Martin will do tours of the new school in the week before.
  • Rod is asking Martin to send letter to old staff about it.
  • It will also be advertised on Facebook, and possibly in the local press?
  • Buy a Brick Scheme
  • Should this be advertised further? Perhaps a banner outside the school? There will be a launch stall at the summer fair and party, so that should help.
  • Guinness World Record Attempt
  • To lay the quickest mile of coins. We think that this needs to be done in under 2 and a quarter hours. The application has been accepted, and we’ve been sent a list of guidelines. Given the size restrictions, the most profitable coins would be 20ps. We need 76,000 coins, which comes to £15,000. This is £52 per child, and we are also wondering about asking businesses like Budgens if they could set up a collection pot for us. If we don’t get enough money, the PTA can always top up the pot, and we can still attempt the record and would still have raised some money. Feel that we need a specific thing we’re raising money for – maybe the football pitch equipment? There are lots of things to work out, such as where we physically keep the money, and how we’re going to monitor the progress so the school can see (eg – a paper thermometer?).
  • Next Meeting 09.00 Tuesday 11 June at school.

Open PTA Meeting Tues 2 April 2019, School Staff Room – notes

Musical Instrument Update – The school is now part of the Guildhall teaching scheme, and a teacher will be coming once a week to teach the recorder starting in September. After a year, the school will be eligible to access other Guildhall programmes like after school clubs, ensembles and Saturday music schools. In the future, the school hopes to be able to organise a musical instrument loan scheme with the Guildhall so children can learn other instruments as well.

Donation for the new School Library – The school has also received a special donation from a former parent, this generous donation will also be used to pay for new books for the new library but it will also allow the school to participate in the Reading Road Map scheme run by Islington Library Service. All classes in Years 1 to 6 will take part, starting in September. Additionally, the Early Years classes will each receive a box of new books.

Summer Fair – this will take place on Saturday June 29th, and will have a retro fair theme with coconut-shies, bat-a-rat and more! Further discussions on this at forthcoming PTA meetings.


PTA Committee Meeting Tues 5 March 2019 – notes

The school and PTA are in talks with the Morris Foundation about fundraising for the new library, as some of the other grants haven’t been successful. There’s a lot of excitement about plans for the new library, which include a bedstead and lots of cushions made of international fabric so the kids can ‘read in bed’!

The school has now signed up to the Artist in Residence scheme, which will make an artist available for projects we propose. This is very exciting, as it includes graphic art, scriptwriting, drama and more. In the first instance, the plan is for AIR to help the school to create a piece of artwork for the lobby of the new school.

Plans are now in place for musical instruments, and in association with Guildhall, lessons should be able to go ahead in September.

The Friends of Tufnell Park, a database for former pupils and staff and people with connections to the school, has launched, and a party is being planned to say goodbye to the old school. The PTA is changing its platform for donations as BT Donate is going to be closing down. The Buy a Brick scheme is also underway.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Open PTA Meeting, Wed 23 Jan 2019, Bear & Wolf Café, Fortess Road, NW5.

Friends of Tufnell Park Primary School  – The idea is to create an extended database, to increase the reach of the school. It will include alumni and old staff and anyone connected with the school. It’s estimated that since the school started in 1955, roughly 3000 people will have passed through its gates (including staff). The idea is to initially to widen the school community.

The facebook page is now set up, as is the mailchimp which will send out notifications. – A party is planned for July in the hall before it is demolished for the Friends of Tufnell Park.

The idea of publishing a book about the school to go with this was floated again, it was suggested that the book could consist of people’s memories / stories, which would mean it would be group effort to write it.

World Book Day – Daisy Brooks (mum of Wren) has kindly arranged this event this year. This will involve dressing up as a character from a book, with a £1 voluntary donation for the library, a book swap after school, as well as poetry from around the world to link into the “Our Story” project.

Science Week – Kieran Boulton, Year 6 teacher has volunteered to organise it. There will be a Multi Age day on Tues 12 March and different classrooms will have different science stations for the children to explore.  There will also be a Science Fair after school on Thurs 14 March. The PTA has funded these events.

Easter Ideas – A possible Easter Fairlet was suggested to be similar to the Christmas Fairlet – candy floss machine, cakes, a craft / egg / game stall etc.

Hat parade – will that take place in the hall? And is it okay for the Fairlet to be on the same day as the hat parade (thought this is a good idea as then the parents will all already be there). Also felt that the communication around the Hat Parade needed to be very clear.

Easter Egg Trail – Jennie has suggested a map with things to do / clues that make an Easter Egg trail around Tufnell Park.

Adult Evenings – These have been very successful since they started, so it’s felt it would be a shame not to continue them, but there needs to be a dedicated person who can organise an event (just taking on one is fine, doesn’t have to be a long term commitment).

Buy a Brick Scheme – This is definitely going ahead, but the location for the bricks is still to be confirmed.

The plan is to have two schemes:

Buy a Brick (really a slip to go on top of the brick).

This will be at an affordable price point (with the possibility of donating more if you would like), to allow every member of the school to participate. This money will be earmarked for specific projects for the new school, such as playground equipment.  Buy a Brick will also be available to the Friends of Tufnell Park.

Block pavement, etched with company names.

These will be more expensive, and will hopefully come from local companies that we don’t usually approach. This money will not be earmarked, so will be used for necessary but un-glamorous things (underlay, chairs etc). Another school has said that 80% of their fundraising came from businesses, so this is very important.

Some people wondered about selling advertising space – eg, do we want a massive McDonalds pavement?!

The aim for this is still September, but it seems likely that it will be pushed back.

BT MyDonate – this will be disappearing in June and we need to find a new similar platform.

Art Project – Rachel Walters has contacted AIR (Artists in Residence), who worked on an art project in Acland Burghley about this. She thinks we probably need to suggest a specific project for them to come back to us.

The Year 2s have SATs in May, and the Year 6s have SATs in June, so the project will probably start at the end of June. It will probably need to tie in with something else, as the summer is so busy.

This is funded by the PTA.

Learning Treats – Daisy has found a local illustrator who can spend one hour with each class (two days in total) working on themes such as friendship across cultures, communities etc. This will fit in with the “Our Story” theme.

Comms Working Group – This concerns both upcoming events and photos after the event. Photography (eg on Facebook) can be an issue on account of privacy etc.

Storing all the images we have, we need more storage space on the net or something…

At the moment, Comms is done by Facebook, the bulletin, flyers, posters, mailers, texts, WhatsApp, email, the blog… and people still seem not to know what’s going on! So this needs to be streamlined. There’s also the issue that the contact lists are all separate and can’t be amalgamated for data protection reasons.

Is the new school going to have a point of communication? Agreed that it needs one! Perhaps Martin can wear a sandwich board…

Generally it was agreed that Facebook is the most effective tool.  Jerome was going to look into streamlining FaceBook, Linked In.

Confirmed Upcoming Dates – June 6/7 – School Fun Run. June 29 – Summer Fair


PTA Committee Meeting Wed 9 January 2019 – notes

The Friends of Tufnell Park Primary School will continue to be set up – this will be a database of previous students and staff to widen the community and increase resources and will be collected with the help of Facebook and the school website. The Buy A Brick scheme is also going ahead, with two schemes to go forward – one for buying bricks which everyone at the school can get involved in, and one for buying pavement blocks, which will be aimed at local corporations and businesses.

On World Book Day (7 March), a book swap will take place as well as dressing up as a character from a book. This March, we will also have Science Week (8-17 March), which will be organised by Mr Boulton. The PTA are in need of someone to take over the organisation of an adult evening – we would like to hold one event every term but need someone to manage this.

Finally, after 3 years of brilliant work, Emilie has stepped down as PTA co-chair and will now be involved in Comms. A massive thank you for everything she has done for us!


PTA Committee Meeting Wed 7 Nov 2018 – notes

Fundraising Fridays: It was felt that although Cygnus have traditionally had the first Fundraising Friday of the year, this should be changed as new parents might not yet know the format, so it would be more effective later in the year.

It was also felt that there should be a more interactive system for allocating the fundraising Fridays (eg – Mr. Boulton wanted to use the money to pay for a trip to London Zoo, but has ended up with a Friday after the trip) – perhaps the teachers could bid by ballot for the Friday they would like to have.

Fundraising Update:  It was proposed that £2 per child per term should be allocated for a class, and that rollovers could be permitted (so totalling £6 per child per year.)

It was noted that of the £20,000 of available PTA funds, £12,000 have been pencilled for touch screens.

Buy a Brick Scheme to raise money for the new building:  These bricks would be available to all parents, it was agreed that there should be different pricing tiers for parents, the wider community and companies. Local businesses that might buy a brick need to be approached (although the feeling was that overall it would be better for the wall to represent the school community, and not be overwhelmingly business-oriented). Funds from the scheme will go towards AV equipment, the multi-use games area, sports equipment for the hall and playground equipment, all of  which are estimated to cost £80,000. It was thought that the focus should be on the playground equipment I the first instance.

Art project for school entrance:  It was suggested that this could be set up as a competition for the 3rd years at Central St Martin’s – they could be briefed and asked for proposals which involve the children, and then the children could vote on their favourite (as happened with the ceramic totem poles).

Rachel Walters has also signed Tufnell Park up for an artist in residence scheme, so that might produce some suitable proposals.  It was felt that the Year 6’s should be involved in the project, the aim being to start the project in the summer, and for them to be able to come back to visit when it’s completed.

Would handprints be good? – to be investigated with Islington Arts Factory.

Science Week: Mr. Boulton is keen to get involved in Science Week, which runs from March 8 – 17, 2019.

Drama and Sports (using Fun Run money): There was a discussion about which day Paul Lyalls (lunchtime playmaker) should come.  It was agreed that he will come on Tuesdays for a four week trial period from November 23rd until December 14th, with a longer term decision to be made after that.

Post meeting note, Paul will continue with the lunchtime club until February, with children who have not yet taken part.

It was felt that it would be helpful if others had ideas to contribute in terms of sports and drama ideas for the school, and there was some frustration that perhaps despite fundraising efforts meaning money is available, it isn’t then spent!

World Book Day on 7 March 2019:  There will be a book swap, and dressing up as a character from a book. It  was decided not to have an after school event for World Book Day.

Mixed ages – Daisy is liaising with Age UK (in North Road) so the kids can go and read to people in old people’s homes (and maybe vice versa), and also the old people can tell the children their life stories, and the kids can then write them up in the classroom.

Bigger Ideas  – A local organisation involved in lots of different projects. For the centenary of WW1, they are commemorating people who were forgotten in the war, and also women who lost children in the war. Possibility that we could become a hub for them, which could mean for example that the school becomes a place where these people are commemorated, and also poetry workshops, art workshops etc. could take place at the school.

Travelling books: The Owl Bookshop have also said they can give us five boxes of books to sell, with 80% of profits to go back to them and 20% to go either towards fundraising or for charity. Jennie to research this further.

Karin Littlewood, a Stoke Newington Illustrator who could come and do workshops with the children. £405 for a whole day, or she could do all 12 classes across three days. Possibility that she could illustrate the book being made by Paul the poet?

Winter Wonderland: As only 250 people are allowed in the Hall for safety reasons, this year it has been decided to have two school discos instead of the usual WW – one for the infants and one for the juniors. Due to space restrictions, there will be a no siblings rule, and no parents unless they are volunteer helpers.

Post meeting note, Jennie spoke to Nadia Khan the next day, who suggested that they should take place on consecutive days straight after school, 3.45 – 4.30 for the infant’s disco with a pre-made playlist and 3.45 – 5pm for the juniors, with a DJ.  There will be a room available for parents who have to wait with siblings etc., and a tuck shop.

Drivers and Norris are happy to do Seasonal boards and to donate raffle prize money.

Morgan Sindall will donate an iPad as the main raffle prize.

Any other business: It was suggested that it might be a good idea to set a budget for staff thank you gifts etc., and that it would be good to include the people who run the crèche for the PTA meetings.

Possible PTA Meeting venues to be looked at are Korova, next to Budgens or Bear and Wolf.


Click here for Minutes of the PTA AGM 2018_______________________________________________________________________________________

Open PTA Meeting Wed 30 Sept 2018 held in Tufnell Park Tavern

The first open PTA Meeting of the new school year was well attended, with some lively discussion & ideas.  Here is a brief summary of what was discussed.

PTA Committee Vacancy:  We are recruiting a new PTA Secretary, the outgoing secretary Vicky has prepared a handover document to make this easy.

International Evening:  This is a school event with PTA help… Fundraising efforts are being led by Leonie Gombrich and Sarah John for the new school library. They need the PTA to subsidise £250 towards an International Evening related learning treat which pays for the Poet Paul Lyalls to come in and work with the children and be present at International Evening working with a map for families to identify where they are from.

Black History Month:  Amy Kinghorn has volunteered to organise this. There will be dancing and music and workshops with Years 1 and 2 to be showcased in an assembly. Parents will be invited to watch the assembly; the date will be announced on the school’s website and calendar.

Winter Wonderland:  It is time to start thinking about donations for raffle prizes. Vanessa (mum of Elliot and Edward) stepped forward to make the luxury hampers for the annual raffle.

Longer Term Fundraising Projects – these projects will be raising funds for equipment for the new school.  Islington will only be providing the bare minimum once the building is complete, and in order to furnish the new school library with books for example, we will need fundraising projects.

  1. Build -a-Brick – Ali Goodman expressed interested in managing this.
  2. New Library – The focus of fundraising for the new library is to buy display cases, shelving & books with a focus on reading for pleasure. Leonie and Sarah are looking to raise £8,000, and they are approaching organisations such as Foyles for sponsorship.

Class Fundraising project – This is a project where children can design their own Christmas card, and parents can then order the cards online, with some of the profit going to the school.  The attendees voted overwhelmingly to try this out this year.

Any other Business

  • Some discussion of the Fun Run money to be applied towards paying for a story teller to come in and spend time with children during break time, rather than only focussing funds on sports.
  • Daisy Brooks volunteered to act as liaison with Drivers & Norris for the calendar this year.
  • Call for venue suggestions for future PTA meetings as noise levels at the Tavern mean that it is no longer practical to use this for meetings.

PTA AGM MeetingFriday 12 October after school with childcare provided.

It was strongly felt that the AGM on 12 October needs to emphasise the importance of fundraising to fit out the new school.


Open PTA Meeting held Monday 21 May at 15.30 in Andromeda Classroom

Summer Fair – Emilie explained the space available on the school grounds, and explained the decision not to use Dalmeny Road due to safe-guarding and increased insurance costs. Emilie has spoken to Anna who says we can use the hall and infant classrooms, as long as the hall isn’t a focal point attracting lots of people at once (eg not to be used as a stage).

We discussed the theme (Construction) and what we could do with this. There were plenty of idea’s for stalls – how many Lego pieces in the jar, how big a Lego tower can you make, Giant Jenga, Wrecking ball, Colouring wall (using the hoarding in the playground), Twirly paint thing, Black paper and chalk. There was a discussion about alcohol on the tombola and how last year children weren’t allowed to claim the prize if that is what they won. We discussed having an alcohol or adult only tombola alongside the cuddly toy tombola. We thought about extending the children’s tombola to include toys and books. It was decided to assign stalls to the class reps like last year. Sonia pointed out the coloured hair spray was very popular last year, and it was noted we needed to buy more.

We all agreed to encourage other people to have Drivers and Norris boards.

Fun Run – There was concern from some parents that the school grounds will be unsafe for the Fun Run and that maybe it could take place elsewhere this year. Jennie explained that it would probably take too much time out of the school day to move each class to the playing fields, but agreed to talk to Mr Scarborough about it.

Whole School Trip to Sobell – Friday 29 June – We will ask parents to contribute trampoline socks if they have them.

Any Other Business – Emma C-R asked about the possibility of a disco for the Year 6 children. We agreed it was a good idea, but that PTA resources are already spread thinly. Donna said she would happily take charge. It was decided it would be for year 6 children only.

Next Meetings – Wed June 13 at 15.30 / Friday 29 June


Open PTA Meeting held Thursday 3 May in Tufnell Park Tavern

Summer Fair – It was decided to move the date of the Summer Fair to July 14. Due to the ongoing building works, the fair will be smaller this year, as we cannot use the hall and there are space restrictions.  Themes discussed were: Superheroes and construction. The Chairs will discuss and pick the one with the most potential. Kate Barron is leading on the raffle prizes. Jennie Potts will take over the hamper from Clare Devane after this year.  Irene will pop in to Drivers & Norris to confirm they are still happy to support and confirm deadline for boards. Vicky will manage the boards list.  We will go ahead with the class per stall arrangement as per last year and see how it goes.

Fun Run – Ezequiel (Lorea’s dad in Ursa) needs a rota of 3-4 volunteers for each race – class reps will be asked to call for volunteer helpers. The sponsorship forms will be in paper format again this year, with a “per lap” option. As well as the online MyDonate page. Funds raised will go towards playmakers for the playground. To reduce the waste of plastic cups, children will bring their own water bottles for the run and we will additionally have the school’s washable school cups as extras.

Bingo Night – Fri 15 June – This will be an adult only event, an evening of live music and bingo.

Whole School Trip to Sobell – Friday 29 June – this will also be announced in the next newsletter. We need to check the adult/child ratio requirements for unaccompanied children in trampoline area. We will also ask parents to contribute trampoline socks if they have them.


Full PTA Meeting on 7 March

The first discussion was about the quiz night next week. Vanessa visited Yerbury School’s quiz night recently, and is confident that ours will be as much fun and inclusive for all involved! We are hoping to have at least 80 people there. Lots of people have told us they are coming, but there are still discounted tickets available to buy from Andrea, so don’t forget to buy your tickets before the night (helps us with getting the right level of supplies too).

Rachel reported on the activities of the fundraising committee. The school is planning a project based around the history of the school. PTA help is requested to tie this in with our events calendar, and we might want to look at having a 1950s theme for this year’s summer fair to reflect on what has changed in the area since the school was built. Any budding historians out there who would like to research famous alumni of the school? Please get in touch!

We also discussed other events in the calendar, including Sports Relief on 23 March, the Easter Bonnet Parade on the 29 March, and the school uniform, swap on 27 April when we come back for the summer term. If you have any good quality school uniform you would like to donate, please hand it in by the end of this term!


PTA Committee meeting on 28 Feb:

16 March: Quiz night. Vanessa Harcourt (Mum of Edward and Elliot) is taking the lead on organising this and has everything in hand.

23 March: Sports Relief: We discussed some ideas to come up with some fun activities in addition to offering a healthy snacks stall on the day, dress as a funny sports person.

29 March: Easter Hat Parade: whilst this is a school run event, it would be good to give parents some information about what it involves with handout containing Easter Hat ideas.

7/8 June: School fun run. Ezequiel (Lorea’s Dad, Ursa) has again kindly agreed to organise this. We discussed some requests to try and make the day a bit more “fun” – perhaps some runners in fancy dress?

Sobell day: This is now confirmed for Fri 29 June with the Sobell Centre for this exciting day when the whole school gets to have a go at everything on offer!

7 July: Summer Fair: Jennie, Mags and Emilie will take the lead on organising this.  It’s not too early to start thinking about it!

Open PTA Meeting – Wednesday 24 January 2018

A well-attended meeting on Wed 24 January discussed the following:

World Book Day – Thursday 1 March.

Sarah Levison has kindly agreed to coordinate.  £1 donation to Book Aid International for children to attend school dressed as a literary character. We will also offer a book swap, where parents can drop off books to donate & then choose a book/s at a stall after school. Books will be separated in to 4-7 and 8-11 age ranges.  There will also be a one off workshop where children and parents can make World Book Day costumes.

Sports Relief – Fri 23 March

We are hoping to organise some sports activities rather than having a healthy snacks stall.

Fundraising Update

Rachel reported that she represents the PTA on the school’s Fundraising Committee, which is looking into supporting the school’s fundraising requirements for the new school building. The initial priority, for which no suitable grants are available, is to purchase new screens for use in the classrooms to replace the old interactive white boards currently in use. Two are currently being trialled in Ursa and Andromeda. Each screen costs appx £2,000, and the idea is to install them in the temporary classrooms for the children to use after Easter. The cost for these screens is therefore £16,000 at this stage, a further three screens to be bought for the reception classes when the whole school moves into the new premises after Easter 2019. It was agreed that the PTA would commit to up to £16,000 today towards the purchase of the current screen requirement, and that it will help fundraise for the additional £6,000. Rachel reported that Martin is also looking for £2,000 to pay for additional play organisers to maximise use of the playground when it is reduced in size during the building work. It was agreed that this could probably also be funded, subject to us understanding a little more about exactly what the money would be spent on.

Other funding targets include the library and artworks for the new building, as well as an ongoing project looking into the history of the school for which Leonie will circulate a proposal. The fundraising committee is also looking into introducing a “buy a brick” concept for individual sponsors.

Learning Treats

Mr Scarborough has made clear that he wants suggestions for these to come from the school, but we have not received any suggestions from any staff. The school’s priority seems to be to focus on funding for the new build, and so it may be that after the Sobell Trip, all fundraising will be geared towards and minimising the impacts of the disruption to the school and to pupils, rather than curriculum enhancement.

Any Other Business

Leonie Gombrich reported that Diane is looking to set up a noticeboard in school where the school can help parents who are looking for household items etc. It was agreed that they can have a section of the PTA noticeboard for this, and if she passes a copy to Vicky she can happily add requests to the school Facebook Page.  The PTA thanked all those individuals who helped out with the Winter Wonderland.  Thank you!


PTA Committee Meeting notes – Wed 10 January

  • The Committee met to plan out activities and meeting dates for the rest of the academic year. All future PTA meetings can be found on the School Calendar, Fundraising Friday dates & totals made are on the PTA site.
  • Fundraising Friday on 19 January, to raise funds for outdoor play equipment. Please bring in cakes/healthy snacks.
  • Join us on Wednesday 24 January at 8pm in Tufnell Park Tavern, when we will also be giving a big THANK YOU to everyone who helped make December’s Winter Wonderland such a success; we raised almost £2400 which will go towards activities and Learning Treats for the whole school. We also look forward to hearing your ideas & suggestions for the year ahead.  Everyone is welcome.
  • We are hoping to firm up the date for our whole school trip to the Sobell Centre in the early summer – keep checking for more news on this.
  • Parents/Carers Event – we are aiming to organise something for all parents this term – again, check back for more information.
  • We are looking for a volunteer or two to help coordinate World Book Day on 1 March, and Sports Relief on 23 March.
  • Please get in touch if you are interested.
  • The PTA welcomed Kate Barron, who has kindly agreed to take over from Hannah Codling with responsibility for PTA resources. Thank you Hannah, you will be sorely missed and we wish you all the best in the future!

Open PTA Meeting – Thursday 2 November

Here is a summary of the enthusiastic discussion that took place:

Winter Wonderland Friday 8 December

  • We discussed several great ideas for Winter Wonderland, themes & decorations, all to be revealed soon.
  • The date is confirmed as Friday 8 December from 5-7pm, a slightly later start time to allow us to set up.
  • Stalls will include a repeat of the very popular “Jolly Jars” tombola (Jarbola): please start collecting glass jars to be filled & then sold on the night, let’s be creative.
  • We will be in touch soon via your Class Reps to ask for help running the stalls, and there will be a sign-up sheet in the school reception area soon.
  • We will also be holding our raffle, & have already started gathering prizes. We don’t want to exhaust the goodwill of our local shops and businesses, so we are asking parents to help us by sourcing prizes from further afield – would your employer be able to give us a voucher we could offer? Do you have a skill you would be able to offer – could you spend a couple of hours teaching someone how to do something perhaps?
  • Are you happy to have an estate agent board on your property to sponsor Winter Wonderland? The boards are up for approx. one month. This is a great way for the PTA to raise money as the PTA get approx. £30 per board. Please check with neighbours if you live in a flat etc. If yes, please contact the PTA.

Cinderella Pantomime Trip – Wednesday 6 December.

We hope all the children will attend the Pantomime, please look out for the permission slip in PACT folders soon.  For logistical reasons, we have booked coaches for everyone to get to and from the Hackney Empire, this is costing the PTA an additional £7 a head per child.  We will be asking parents for a voluntary contribution towards the transportation cost.

The Cygnus and nursery classes will have their own Insect Circus puppet show also on Wed 6 December, with the chance to “meet” the puppets afterwards


PTA Committee Meeting – Wednesday 13 September 2017

The main points discussed at last week’s PTA Committee Meeting were:

  • The Circus Summer Fair made around £4300 which is a wonderful result.
  • Future PTA activities – a Shakespeare learning treat for autumn is already in hand & further ideas for an all school event were discussed.
  • The school-wide Sobell outing is still planned, but will probably now take place in 21018, due to the installation of a trampoline park in the centre.
  • The Early Years classes will soon receive high visibility vests to wear on school trips.
  • Several members of the PTA stepped down at the end of last term, we are therefore looking for a new Co-Chair, someone with fund-raising experience, a poster designer and general help with events.
  • The PTA Annual General Meeting will take place on Friday 13 October straight after school, in Andromeda classroom, with child care provided in Cygnus.

Other dates that were confirmed are:

Thursday 5 October – International Evening – 5-7pm

Friday 13 October – PTA AGM

Tuesday 31 October – Halloween Dress up Day

Friday 8 December* – School Christmas Fair

Friday 15 December – Wear something Christmassy

Thursday 1 March – World Book Day

Thurs/Friday 7 & 8 June* – Fun Run

Saturday 7 July* – Summer Fair

*subject to change due to rebuild.