About Us


The Tufnell Park School Parent Teachers Association is a parents’ and carers’ group (PTA) that aims to support the school in ways that are useful and fun. Each and every parent is a member of the PTA whether active or passive. We were formerly called Tufnell Park School HSA.

Whether your child has just started at the school or has been with us for several years, new participants are always welcome and always needed.

The PTA Committee

The PTA is run by a committee that’s voted in each Autumn. If you’re interested in being part of it, please come to the Annual General Meeting and raise your hand – no experience needed. (You can download the minutes of the AGM at the bottom of this page.)

The committee meets about once a month, and you can read reports of those meetings here.

We do a lot of other things, too - but yes, we do do cake sales!

We do a lot of other things, too – but yes, we still do cake sales!

When we’re planning an event, such as the Summer Fair or Winter Wonderland, every member of the school is encouraged to join us. Please come and help plan: we literally can’t do it without you!

And if you’ve ever got a question or an idea about anything at all – how things are organised, how to get involved, something you’d like to run yourself – please drop us a line or say “Hello” in the playground.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The PTA’s AGM takes place at the start of each school year, in September or October. This is where the accounts for the previous year are presented, the committee members are voted in and the PTA lays out ideas for the year to come – to be refined in greater detail at Committee and planning meetings.

The AGM is well advertised in the school bulletin, in PACT folder flyers, on the blackboard in the infants’ playground, by text and on this site.  Please come along.

Download the minutes of the AGM Meetings here:

Minutes of the PTA AGM 2018

Minutes of the PTA AGM 2017

Previous years’ minutes are here AGMs (all Word files):

Minutes of the HSA AGM 2016

Minutes of the HSA AGM 2015
Minutes of the HSA AGM 2014
2013 AGM Minutes

HSA AGM 2012 minutes