AGM meeting this week!

Parentkind scribble AGM poster template

Dear Parents and Carers,

On Friday 4th October at 3.45pm the PTA will hold our AGM – on school premises. 

This is a great opportunity to find out how we spent the money you raised across 2018/19, what plans we have for 2019/20 and how you can help influence what the PTA does (or doesn’t) do. AGM’s can be quite dry affairs, but we try to make our content as accessible as possible to everyone, whether or not you are active in PTA events currently. 

To sweeten the deal, a creche will be provided for the children, and tea and cakes for the adults. It’s a win-win scenario!

This year we are looking for some additional committee members, so we thought we would get this info out prior to the AGM in order for people to come forward and ask as many questions as they liked. We do hope you will consider joining the team.  

At the moment we could do with some help in the following areas;


Not as scary as it sounds – we PROMISE! We need someone to work alongside our existing co-chair, helping to keep an overview of what is happening in the PTA. We need a people person, with a level head on their shoulders, who enjoys decision making and being part of a team. 

A Comms Commander

In order that as many people as possible can find out about the events organised by the PTA, we need some help tackling our communications offering. We have several routes at the moment which we are working on streamlining, but could do with a dedicated person(s) to run this part. How we communicate with parents and carers is very important to us, and in order to get it right, we need some help.

An Adult Evening Expert

The parents’ social events are going down a treat, building community within the parent/carer group and helping raise money for the school. We need someone (or a pair of someones) to help make the next one happen!The key to this job is coordination. There are always lots of hands on deck for Adult Evenings, but someone needs to oversee who is doing what and to check all bases have been covered.

Class Representatives

We aim to have a Class Rep for each class, that help maintain a Whatsapp group, and send out PTA messages to parents/carers. It would be great if the Class Rep was also able to attend PTA meetings to keep in the know, and help our Comms team out, so our message reaches the widest range of people possible.  We currently have vacancies in Draco, Cygnus and Pegasus (Nursery).

You don’t have to take on one of these roles to get involved – we always welcome new ideas and faces, so PLEASE get stuck in. The PTA can’t exist without help from parents and carers.

See you in the new school hall at 3:45 on October 4th,

Jennie and Charlie

Your PTA Co-chairs