Put your money where your mouth is at Weight Loss Club

See? Healthy food is fun!

See? Healthy food is fun!

The UK is no longer heading for an obesity crisis: we’ve already arrived! If you’re not sure where you stand, take the NHS quiz, How Are You? With luck, you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

… and if not, Tufnell Park School’s annual New Year’s Weight Loss Club begins again on Monday 9th January at 8pm in the Nursery.  Come along and get inspired.  Weight loss can be hard and (let’s face it) dull, so we try to make it interesting with:

Great tips for healthy eating, delicious recipes, decluttering your food cupboard and preparing better food for a fussy family – all from nutritional therapist Amber Silverman, who supervises the club every week.

Authoritative weekly speakers on subjects related to health, weight loss, nutrition and feeding a family. This year, we’ve got:

Finally, remember that all donations made by and to Weight Loss Club members are spent directly on healthy activities for the children at our school: this year, the continuation of gardening lessons with a specialist teacher.  Even if Weight Loss Club is not for you, please donate online via the link below – and help the next generation of children grow up to be fitter adults: