Fun run 9 and 10 June

On your marks, get set for the Tufnell Park annual fabulous fun run on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 June.

Make a note of these dates and times so that you don’t miss your child’s run (Please note the change for Columba class from the previously published time):

Tufnell Park School Fun Run 2016

Thursday 9 June

9:10-9:40         Orion

09:40-10.10     Nursery (am)

10:10-10:40    Aquila

11:05-11:35     Ursa

11:35-12:05    Andromeda

After lunch:

13:30-14:00  Perseus

14:00-14:30  Nursery (pm)

14:30-15:00   Heracles

Friday 10 June 

09:10-9:40   Cygnus CW

9:40-10:10   Cygnus LT

10:10-10:40  Columba

11:05-11:35    Delphinus

11:35-12.05    Draco

And please remember to sponsor the runners via the website:

Here are some photos from last year’s fun run to inspire your training!