Guess the Lucky Number – you’ve got just three days!!!

What's in the box? Come along on Friday and see if it's YOUR Lucky Number.

What’s in the box? Come along on Friday and find out if it’s YOUR Lucky Number.

Have you seen the amazing prizes on offer in the lobby of Tufnell Park School?  Restaurant meals, cinema tickets, footballs and keepers’ gloves,  gift vouchers and swimming sessions… Get down there in the next three days and make your guess – at £1 a go, they’re practically giving them away!

It’s all in aid of raising money for our school’s fantastic football teams. The winners will be announced at the Football Fundraising Friday at the end of this week.

Come along at 3:30pm for snacks and games, put in a bid for the signed photo of the Arsenal squad (auction at 4:00pm), and find out if your number came up. With this many prizes, you’re almost bound to win.