Back on track with TPS Weight Loss Club

Don't despair! Come along to TPS Weight Loss Club and get all cleaned up.

Are you eating the cakes or are the cakes eating you?

Happy New Year with all its good intentions.  Because, you know, sometimes dreams do come true…

On Monday 11th January, Tufnell Park School sponsored Weight Loss Club kicks off for a fourth successful year, and runs every Monday for the first half of term. You don’t even have to be at the school to join: everyone in the community is welcome. So if you really want some help making changes to your eating, come along to the Nursery at 8:00pm for a discreet weigh-in. We will never shout out your weight to the room!

The club is supervised by qualified local nutritionist Amber Silverman of Nutrition for Health, who donates her time to help the school. This year, after months of heroic research involving literally kilometers of spiralized courgette, Amber is also able to offer specific advice – including recipes – to support the 5:2 method.

We try to keep our members entertained – and even inspired – with a range of high-quality information, including guest speakers, and emphasize healthy eating and exercise rather than any particular diet product.

You can throw away your badge now.

You can throw away your badge now.

Finally, there’s no charge for the club but it IS a fundraiser for Tufnell Park School HSA and has raised almost £3,000 for school projects since January 2013.

Donate whatever you wish at the club or on Or, if you’re feeling brave, motivate yourself by getting sponsorship for your weight loss from family or friends. It works.