Jump on, we’re going up

Hundreds of little wishes... where are they heading?

All those little wishes… where are they heading?

It’s the time of year again, when the whole school starts wandering through the hall with necks craned upwards.

With a lot of involvement from children and teachers, the HSA decorating team has done its Christmas work and the result is heartbreakingly lovely. Hundreds of cut-out cable cars, each dangling a luggage label inscribed with a child’s wish for the world, ascend to an explosion of white balloons in ceiling’s centre. There’s only room for a very small sample of wishes here (below). You could spend ages reading them – in fact, quite a lot of people already have.

It looks amazing now and it’s going to be incredible at our very alpine Winter Wonderland.  Come along at 4:30pm on Friday 4th December (aka tomorrow) and see for yourselves.