What the HSA Committee talked about…

…on Tuesday 20th October.

Who’s thinking about Christmas already?

Recognize the School Hall? It will be JUST LIKE THIS at Winter Wonderland (maybe).

Recognize the School Hall? With your help, it will look JUST LIKE THIS at Winter Wonderland.

The HSA, of course. And it’s to be an Alpine Christmas this year: discussions for Winter Wonderland – after school on Friday 4th December – have begun, and they involve pine trees, gingerbread, sausages, sledges, and jolly old St Nikolaus, aka Santa, ho ho ho.

Lou (mother of Frieda in Delphinus) and Bev (mother of Jasmine in Orion) have already started organizing and will welcome loads of help and suggestions. Winter Wonderland planning meetings are:

  • Monday 16th November at 8:00pm in the Tufnell Park Tavern (contact us to confirm before you come as evening committee meetings sometimes change)
  • Friday 27th November at 2:00pm in school

Before that, Friday 13th November is a Fundraising Friday for Children in Need. HSA Co-Treasurer, Carolyne, volunteered to lead on this one, and we can expect a reprisal of the super-popular “Head for the Day” competition, plus biscuit and spotty balloon decorating after school… and an old-fashioned cake sale, too.

Learning Treats were also up for discussion. The committee approved £1,500 to spend on an ICT Learning Treat during Internet Safety Week in February, culminating in an ICT fair for parents and a Fundraising Friday for Childline. Ms del Pozo (teacher, Columba Class) will lead for the school. Caroline (mother of Nina in Aquila and Annika in Cygnus) had an exciting additional suggestion for a (free) project based on mobile technology developed by a friend of hers, who would lend the necessary equipment and also take part. Thank you, Caroline – she and Ms del Pozo will take discussions forward.

The HSA usually funds three Learning Treats in a year and is very much guided by the school’s priorities. Gardening & Growing is likely to be the second project, already part-funded with a grant from Thames Water’s Community fund.

Reading for pleasure is the theme of a third probable Learning Treat. Reading and writing are of course core priorities for our school and the HSA is researching writers who might work with all the children to write and create their own printed book, with copies available to read in every classroom. Please get in touch if this inspires you – anyone out there friends with Jacqueline Wilson?


  1.  The HSA still very much needs a Fundraising Friday co-ordinator for the rest of the year. Please consider it if you’re interested in getting more familiar with the school but you don’t have a massive amount of time to commit. It’s the same job as being the cake sale person, really. You’d need to be free for hour or so after school on one Friday each month, plus have time to pop in for a quick advance chat with the fundraiser (teacher or club) a week or two beforehand, to check what they’ve got planned and that it’s all underway.
  2. And co-Chair Mags is still lonely at the top… could you see yourself in a co-Chair role? Occasional availability during the school day (which could be just at drop-off or pick-up) is probably the most important criterion at present – plus, of course, a desire to help the school. You don’t need to know how any of it works (yet), because Mags has plenty of that knowledge to share.
Our kids are so brilliant at running - let's let them run!

Our kids are so brilliant at running – would it help them to do more of it?

Finally… there’s a school in Stirling that’s caused a nationwide stir by implementing a “daily mile” run for all their children, every school day. Several parents have forwarded the suggestion of trying this at our school, where a mile – which sounds long – is just eight laps of the annual Fun Run course. The benefits to children’s health are demonstrable and teachers feel it improves their concentration, too. Fitting it into the school day is another matter but the HSA is certainly keen… watch this space.