Just look how our garden grew!

The kids are back at school… if they can find it.  It’s a low-slung 1950s building behind a lot of foliage.  All the children’s garden work in the summer term paid back in spades over the holidays, with a fantastic display in the planters all around the school.  Make sure you take a detour and have a look. (The school site has a great photo, too…)

We dress them in red so they can't get lost in the leaves.

We dress them in red so they can’t get lost… green could be fatal.

And this is the way we left it in July.

Can you believe this is how it looked in July?

There’s more gardening fun to come this year, thanks to a generous £985.00 grant from the Thames Water Charities Committee (and massive thanks once more to Kim and Andy Ollard for alerting us to that source of funding).

That’s just one of many, many projects our busy HSA has in the pipeline. Please put the HSA Annual General Meeting in your diary, come along and speak up about what you’d like to see happen this year. The meeting is right after school on Friday 9th October, with a creche and refreshments provided. We’re lost in the weeds without you.