Cygnus sweets and Music treats

Singing! Swinging! Playing the air trumpet! Delphinus have got it all going on.

Sing! Swing! Play the air trumpet! Ms Brereton gets Delphinus studio-ready.

It’s not news that the mobile’s alive with the sound of music, where Ms Brereton takes her classes: that’s a normal part of school life.

But there’s a new purpose to rehearsals these days, as you may have noticed if your children have come home recently singing the hits of bygone eras. Funded by the HSA, Ms Brereton has taken charge of a brand new Music Learning Treat, which will involve the whole school producing a CD of songs from the last 100 years. There’s a CD cover to design, too, and we expect recording to take place sometime in July, just before the end of term. Keep your ears open…

Eating smarties makes you smart (doesn't it?), so we sell a lot at school.

Eating smarties makes you smart, which is why we sell a lot at school. Buy more if it’s not working yet.

More immediately to hand is the Cygnus cake sale, coming THIS FRIDAY.  Please bring cakes and other goodies to sell, as all the cash we make will go direct to the Reception teachers to spend on whatever their classes need. You’re welcome to bring savoury and fruit snacks, too.  Children do like them.