The votes are in: Whole School Fun Trip coming soon

After all that hard, hard work...

After all that hard, hard work…'s time to celebrate!

…it’s time to celebrate!

Remember last year’s Fun Run?

The children were raising money so that the whole school could go on a trip together to celebrate. By March this year, after a lot of research, and of ideas suggested and rejected for being impractical, not appropriate for all ages or – most usually – simply too expensive, the HSA put together four fully costed options on which the children could vote. They were:

Kew Gardens
The London Eye
Ripley’s “Believe it or Not
The (whole) Sobell Leisure Centre for a day

You can see complete details on what was offered by downloading the briefing document sent to class teachers:

Let the Children Vote_Four Options for the Whole School Fun Trip

By an overwhelming majority, the children went for the Sobell Centre and a day of trampolining, skating, gymnastics and sport – with the London Eye a distant second.  Check your child’s class results here:

Cygnus LT London Eye
Cygnus CW London Eye
Delphinus Sobell Centre
Andromeda Sobell Centre
Ursa Sobell Centre
Aquila Sobell Centre
Draco Sobell Centre
Columba London Eye
Orion Sobell Centre
Perseus Sobell Centre
Heracles Sobell Centre

As one happy pupil put it: “You can do all of the other things any time, if you buy a ticket. But getting the Sobell Centre for the whole school really is just once in a lifetime.”

The trip is scheduled for Monday 18th May – check your child’s PACT folder for details nearer the time.