What do our children do all day?

Philosophy Man on film... click the link below.

Philosophy Man on film… click the link below.

Well, on some days – such as when they’re having an HSA Learning Treat that’s been nick-named, “The Big Think” – our children think, discuss, and debate the questions that baffled the ancients.  Such as: Is “Planet Taco” the best planet?  Socrates was killed before he could give his answer…

…but heirs to his legacy have been discussing the pros and cons at a school near you.  Thanks to HSA co-chair Fiona, and to the two Tufnell Park parents who donated their professional skills to make a short film of the day, you can get a flavour of why the discussion matters.  Click here to view it!

Of course, this week is also “Bring Your Parent / Carer To School” Week, giving all Tufnell Park families the chance to get closer to the daily business of their children’s education.  In case you need to check your child’s open class times, or any of the parent-friendly assemblies and other activities during the week, you can download the schedule here:

Bring A Parent_Carer To School Week – Full schedule

See you there!  Don’t forget to put your hand up.