What the HSA Committee talked about…

…on Monday 9th February 2015.

Yum! We just couldn't wait for next International Evening to eat it all again...

Yum! We just couldn’t wait for next International Evening to eat it all again…

Family bingo is definitely going to happen! It’s a fundraising event planned for Thursday 19th March, 5:30-7:30pm (the second-last week of term), and it’s going to be something of a feast too. We know from our International Evenings what delicious fare our school community can cook up, so we’ve put the word out for donations of dishes from around the world to feed bingo night, too. Many families have already responded with an enthusiastic, “Yes, of course!” Please contribute if you can.

As a further celebration of our community and its food, we’re putting together a cook book of recipes from International Evening. The plan is to sell copies at bingo night, so you can run home and recreate the fantastic food you’ve eaten. If you’ve got a recipe and need our form, download it here: Cook Book recipe form – print out and bring to school.

Other events, closer at hand, were high up on the Committee’s agenda. Straight after half term, on Tuesday 24th February, we’ve got a wonderful Learning Treat that’s been dubbed the Big Think. The Philosophy Man is coming to school for the day, working with every class and with teachers, too, to get everybody thinking.

Posters are going up after half term, and look out for the schedule in PACT folders, too.

Posters are going up after half term, and look out for the schedule in PACT folders, too.

Then it’s Bring a Parent / Carer to School week (2nd-6th March), and HSA co-chair Fiona unveiled a week’s worth of related activities: special assemblies on Monday 2nd and Wednesday 4th March (come if you can), plus World Book Day on Thursday 5th.

Children are invited to come dressed as a favourite character and talk about it after school at our “Just-a-Minute Character Challenge” in the hall, where there will also be a cake sale. Parents get their chance to speak, too, at a multi-language poetry session. If your native language is not English and you’d like to take part: let us know.

Both the cake sale and the dress-up day will raise money towards the Rural Libraries Project, providing books for children in Peru. Ms Heery will tell us all about it at assembly on World Book Day.

Other items on the packed agenda were: discussions about the music Learning Treat we hope to provide this year, an update on our Give & Gain projects, some new fundraising opportunities and, yes, a very hopeful look at some fresh options for that whole-school Trip of a Lifetime! It really is going to happen, and there will be news soon.

Next HSA Committee meeting: Tuesday 10th March.