Put on ££s for the Weight Loss Club

The Tufnell Park School Weight Loss Club has done it again, with nine participants clocking up a total loss of 29.1kg in just four weeks. That’s a whole lot of healthy eating (and healthy not-eating) in aid of our “Love Your Lobby” project at school.

Oh, don't eat it!  Please don't eat it!

Oh, don’t eat it! Please don’t eat it!

Ah, but look at her now!

Ah, but look at her now…  Tufnell Park School Weight Loss Club works its magic.

To congratulate the participants for their heroic self-control – and to help us buy paint, brushes and materials for this year’s wonderful Give & Gain project – please make your donation at https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/tufnellparkschool6.

Go on.  Think of all the cakes they didn’t eat.