“Love Your Lobby” launches with a Learning Treat

Do you love your lobby? In particular, the lobby of Tufnell Park School, constructed in the 1950s and blessed (or otherwise) with additions and subtractions over the years?

It's spacious... but is it inspired?

It’s relatively spacious… but is it inspired?

The corridor from the Juniors' classrooms - mmmmm! What's not to love?

Corridor from the Juniors’ classrooms – what’s not to love?

There’s been a feeling among parents, heartily seconded by the school (particularly our endlessly helpful administrative staff, who shiver by the leaky windows all day), that our lobby could use a spot of refreshment. Not to mention that corridor that leads to the Juniors’ classrooms…

And, if we’re refreshing the way our school buildings look and function, who better to do it than our children?

Of course, there’s precious little money to spend on redecoration and anyway, we’d like to do something a tad more ambitious than just repaint the walls.

Enter our excellent parent body and, in particular, an architect Dad and an artist Mum (not from the same family!), who are giving their time and expertise to lead Design and Art Learning Treats – the lobby and corridor respectively. The process will involve the whole school in re-envisioning how our lobby and corridor could be, led by smaller design teams for each project.

For more details, feast your eyes and imagination with the initial Love Your Lobby project plan. If you can, come to assembly at 10:20am on Monday 26th January, when the project will be presented to the whole school. And look out for PACT folder notices in the term to come: they’ll include consultation letters asking for feedback. Final designs will be presented at the end of term.

How will we afford it?  By doing it ourselves, of course – with, we hope, the help of a team of business volunteers, just as we built the Infants’ Playground last year.  Look out for more news of Give & Gain Day 2015 and block out Friday 15th May in your diary now if you’re able to give us a hand.