Worth their weight in cake

Spare a thought this week for the participants in this year’s Weight Loss Club, who will not be indulging at the Aquila and Heracles cake sale this Friday, 23rd January.  In fact, spare more than a thought: give them some encouragement with a donation at https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/tufnellparkschool6. The money received will go towards this year’s Give & Gain project, which involves the whole school in the re-design and re-decoration of the school lobby and main corridor.

We didn't last long... the first cake sale of 2015 is next Friday.

We didn’t last long… the first cake sale of 2015 is next Friday.

There’s some good news for the Weight Loss Club already. For the third year, the Cecil Rosen Foundation has offered to sponsor the group £5.00 for every kilo lost.  If you missed the first session but you’re still prepared to squeeze your belt to raise funds for our kids, we need your lost kilosCome along this Tuesday (20th Jan) at 8:00pm and join us.  After that, we’ll have to close the club to new participants.

We’re also able to confirm two more Weight Loss Club speakers for our great line-up this year:

Tuesday 3 February, ex-Tufnell Park parent and current girls’ football coach, Naomi Clarke, is coming along to advise on incorporating more movement into your life.  Personal trainer Naomi will talk about how to keep moving even when you’re not in peak physical shape, and demonstrate a 7-minute workout that everyone can do at home daily, no excuses.

Tuesday 10 February, therapist Heidi Cohen will discuss the psychological and emotional factors that can lie behind overeating and make sustained weight loss so hard.

Everyone else, feel free to smother those winter blues in a pile of baked goods at the cake sale on Friday. Cake and biscuit donations are, as always, welcome – indeed, essential.