“Every day in every way…”

Ah, January!  Month of steely resolution and broken dreams…

This Tuesday, 13th January, stop dreaming and take action.  Come to the school Nursery at 8:00pm and sign up for the third annual Tufnell Park School sponsored Weight Loss Club. You’ll get five weeks of motivation and support towards a fitter, healthier lifestyle, with the goal of losing up to 1kg per week and leaving you 4kg (approx. half a stone) lighter by half term.

Had enough yet?

Had enough yet?

Qualified nutritional therapist Amber Silverman donates her time and expertise to the club, so there’s always sensible, health-related food information on hand (note for those who want recipe advice: Amber’s a great cook and not averse to bringing in samples…).

If quinoa and chia seeds aren’t your thing, don’t worry!  This year’s line-up of weekly speakers is looking as tempting than any protein-based snack. We’re very grateful to all of them for coming along for free and helping us to remember why losing weight matters:

Week One, an ex-Tufnell Park parent talks to the group about her impressive sustained weight loss over 18 months since Summer 2013.

Week Two, Dr Andrew Wragg, consultant cardiologist at Barts & The London NHS Trust (described by The Guardian as “the stunning Dr Andrew Wragg, no doubt a distant relative of George Clooney” – not that we care) discusses weight loss, exercise and heart-health.

Week Three, Dr Rebecca O’Connell, Senior Research Officer of the Thomas Coram Research Unit, UCL Institute of Education, explains her team’s findings about family nutrition and its impact on children’s long-term health.

Weeks four and five focus on the psychology of over-eating and practical ways to incorporate exercise into a busy life.

No time to chat?  Just come along, weigh in and go: it’s up to you.

Nervous about coming alone? Bring a friend or relative who’s interested – you don’t have to be at the school to join.

Because – finally – the Weight Loss Club is a sponsored group which aims to raise money.  Make your donation via https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/tufnellparkschool6.  Better still, get others to support you. There’s nothing like it for keeping you on track to meet your weight loss goal.